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Welcome to Little's Empire!
We are a 14+ server, with tons of DDLG, CG/L, and BDSM activities to offer for ALL AGES!
Owner(s): Jasi, Aurora (Rora), and Clairu
Things we offer:
Tons of text and voice channels for everyone to share thoughts, selfies, stories, etc.
Positivity channels to spread positivity and reminding you to take time for self care!
Places to share your drawings, coloring pages, sketches, etc!
Monthly contests, movie/karaoke nights, game sessions, etc.
Friendly and welcoming staff!
NSFW chats and bots
Drama free relationships and conversations!!
This is a place for you to make new friends, relationships, and meet new people!
Remember to be kind and have fun!
11 minutes ago
ALP is simply the best DDLG, CGL, and ageplay community around. It's the official discord of and is simply the coolest place to hang out and discuss all things CGL and DDLG online. We host regular game and movie nights, D&D games, and we even have our own minecraft server!

Our awesome mod team watches over the server 24/7, keeping creeps and predators away while maintaining a comfortable "light touch" approach to moderation, where users don't need to feel like they're walking on eggshells at all times. Our server is shockingly low on drama and thirsty weirdos, and full of awesome people. Everyone is welcome in our server regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, etc.

Warmest Regards,
King Atticus

p.s. I look forward to meeting you!
2 days ago
Welcome to the Dollhouse, we are a DDLG and CG/L community but, we are accepting of almost any kink. We have random game nights and can set up Movie Nights for those interested. So come on in, and see for yourself. This is a 16+ server. SNOW#2060
4 days ago
Hiya and welcome to The Little Hangout <3. We're a brand new server for the caregiver/little community. Don't be alarmed, we welcome everyone! 16+ for SFW channels, but 18+ for NSFW access. Come and be apart of our community. xoxo.
13 days ago
18+ Discord community centered around the ageplay, CG/l, and petplay communities. We have "G" rated sections for purely innocent roleplayers, as well as "General" and "NSFW" sections for kinkier roleplayers. All parts of the server are "opt-in" using roles, meaning you only see the channels that pertain to the roles you choose for yourself. We support all walks of life, and offer support and provide safe spaces for those who need them. Friendly and supportive of all LGBTQ+ members, as well as all (legal) kinks.
18 days ago
Super Friendly Community Oriented 16+ BDSM Discord Server. NSFW Channels for those verified to be 18 or older.

120 days ago
Welcome to the Little Garden. We are a friendly, close-knit server created by 3 friends who wanted to create a fun-loving environment for those who want to meet other people or just goof off (We have games, music, anime, and much more). Here is where you'll find a community of caregivers, littles, and pets. So come on in and have some fun with everyone! We hope you'll come to stay and make fast friends here with us!