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a nice safe place as well for everyone to make fwiends n meet a daddy or lil 🖤
were smol and im still making some edits but were super friendly

14 and up server, we have spots for looking for relationships, mental health helps, and im taking suggestions on how i can make it a better place
💕Welcome to Dandelion Meadow!.

*we are a new server just starting and and doing our best to grow! Please join us on our journey at making new friends and creating fun experiences*

✿Over 40+ roles to chose from!

✿Fun bots to interact with like Miki and Slav bot!!

✿Gaming hub. Meet people with similar gaming interests as well as lifestyle interests.

✿Friendly hand picked staff that everyone can get along with!

✿We are open to suggestions and making the server a better place!!
♡Wittwe Big World♡ is a new fun and friendly cgl server! We have many things to offer, such as;
•event channels
•a safe place for all littles, switches, doms and vanillas
•over 100 self assignable roles !!
•venting and advice channels.
•music bots!
•bots for fun activities you can play with your friends
•media channels

We hope you join this safe place soon and have a wonderful time here at ♡Wittwe Big World♡
~✯ᴍᴏᴏɴ ᴘᴀʟᴇᴛᴛᴇ✯~
This is a server for 13+ people into Cg/L and AgeRe and similar interests, this server is completely SFW. We accept anyone and everyone of all kinds, so please join. Everyone is like family here!

~What we have:~
➢ Self assignable roles
➢ Friendly and active staff
➢ A welcoming community
➢ An event team for planning events
➢ Partnerships
➢ We also take into account ideas that members have as it can add to our server and get our members more involved with the server
night angels is a safe space for littles and caregivers to have fun and interact with others! This server is 14+
feel free to join us! ♡
┍━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┑
♡ night angels ♡
┕━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┙
✦ Don’t be afraid, we don’t bite! only grr! ✦
Here at night angels we make sure to do our best to ensure a comfortable, fair, and safe space for all.
night angels is a 14+ cg/l server

✧cute role names!✧
✧verification system for less chances of raids!✧
✧fun vc events!✧
✧Color roles✧
✧ A safe nontoxic community ✧

♡ night angels is a fairly new server that is looking for fun new friends to join! ♡
❃.✮:▹enjoy our server! ◃:✮.❃

A safe space for littles, caregivers, and many others! 17+ only!
Welcome to ♡Sfw Pastel Daycare♡! We are a friendly CG/L server. Our goal is to have a safe space for everyone. My name is Raven and I'm a owner on this server. I run it alongside Kawaii & Spooky the other owners. If you have any questions or need help don't be afraid to dm us or one of the staff.
❥Fun chats
❥Catfish protection
❥Special Events
❥Safe Spaces
❥Helpful Staff
❥Cool Roles
Stuffies Love
🍭🍭🍭Grand Opening 🍭🍭🍭
Hewwos! We are a 13+ CGL server that would love to have you we are relatively new, but we have lots of stuff to do. We are looking for staff as well.

-No everyone pings
-gamebots ♨️
-staff that will listen to you.👂
-self roles👀
-friendly peeps🎉
-very careful with bans and such ^.^ large scale punishing.🏏

At least stop on by and check us out we’re only a click away ^.^
An 16+ Adult Baby/Diaper Lover/DDLG community that is quite big, looking to bring lils all into one place to share similar interests and ideas. Come chat, role-play, act like a baby or show us that pretty drawing you did so we can hang it on the fridge. Littles, Potty Trainers, Daddies, Mommies, Caretakers all are welcome.
⋆。˚⋆ 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝓉𝓊𝒻𝒻𝒾𝑒 𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔𝒹𝑜𝓂 ⋆ ˚。⋆

You’re invited to live in the castle in the stuffie kingdom!! We are a medieval castle themed SFW cgl/ddlg server and we offer you:

ʚ ♡ ɞ 100+ self assignable roles and custom roles for anyone!! *・゚✧
ʚ ♡ ɞ Lots of fun and cute bots *・゚✧
ʚ ♡ ɞ Headspace chats *・゚✧
ʚ ♡ ɞ Stuffie of the week competition!! *・゚✧
ʚ ♡ ɞ Lots of events and competitions *・゚✧
ʚ ♡ ɞ Adorable emotes :3 *・゚✧
ʚ ♡ ɞ Personality based chats eg artists *・゚✧
ʚ ♡ ɞ Friendly and accepting community that is of course completely LGBTQ+ safe *・゚✧

We hope to see you soon!!!
~ Signed, King and Princess of stuffies ♡
✏️ℓιттℓє'ѕ fυи

*16+ ONLY*

We are a 100% new revamped SFW server that strives to bring like minded people together. This is a community to chill in and make friends who accept you for you. Toxicity and bullying is NOT tolerated in this server. We have a staff team to ensure that none of that happens in this server. Join and say hi, we’d love to have you.

ιиѕι∂є тнє ѕєяνєя:
-multiple channels to talk/chat in
-understanding staff
-people who support each other
-multitude of roles
-anti-raid system
-server events
Hello! OwO gang is a server for 13+ and anyone is welcome! It’s a very small server now but we are expanding. The server contains bots that that you can mess around and have fun with aswell as the member inside of it! Can’t wait to see you there!
A friendly and non-judgemental safeplace for all littles! Come and say hello and make some new friends!

This is a strictly SFW server in compliance with the Discord Terms Of Service, so ages 13+ only.
—× Entwined Hearts;
a 18+ community for all those Caregiver & Little peeps out there!

We offer:
—× 💘 Some really cute emotes.~
—× 💘 Looking for channels and roles.~
—× 💘 Regular events!~
—× 💘 Indiviual or Couple role shop! (VERY COLORFUL!)
—× 💘 A server adoption system to show off your Caregiver/Little!! <3 <3
—× 💘 You have online-children? Post in our family tree channel! ^-^
—× 💘 Sooooo many channels! >w<
—× 💘 Really friendly staff and community, that’s open for any suggestions and partnerships! ♥

Join us now!! *Awaits you with pompoms*
Hi hi babies welcome to ☁young kiddos☁ this is a server with an age limit of 14-26 uwu

We have tons of things for you to explore in this server!
We have headspace channels, main chats, voice chats, vent chats and so much more ♡

We have tons of roles n many fun things including a preschool section for the little ones where we have a stuffies show-n-tell n even some homework ♡

We are currently looking for staff aka moderators etc because right now it's just me (the owner) and my friend (the co-owner) we are also looking for baby-sitters for the babies and kiddo-sitters for the preschoolers

I hope you guys enjoy your stay at this cozy server ♡
An Academy of Magic where all the students are diapered. This is an ABDL, 16+ Roleplay server.

When you join head to #Self-roles and get yourself a role. After 5 minutes in the server you will have acess to all areas.

(This is not a fetish server)
。゚•┈୨♡ Welcome to Temporary ! ♡୧┈•゚。
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳❥We're a very new 13+ server for all those into CGL, Pet-Play, or anything else!!

✨We provide care and nurture for all lost littles!
✨We have plenty doms/daddies/subs/littles for you to meet!
✨Looking for a potential partner? This is the place for you!
✨Enjoy a nice and relaxed time at TEMPORARY!
✨Meet new people!
✨Have fun!
✨And of course we have all types of roles!
✨Selfies and introductions!
✨This server is LGBT friendly!

✨Come join us today!✨
Strictly 18+ Small server looking for littles and daddy's/mommy's to join and have some fun. A chill place to meet new people. Hope you like it =^-^= <3

A little server for people of 16+, it is a friendly caring server for all being a caregiver or a little of any gender and sexuality.
┍━━━━━━━━»•» «•«━┑
A Pixies Castle
┕━»•» «•«━━━━━━━━┙

CG/L, DDLG, BDSM Safe Server!
What Do We Offer For You?

─────────ೋღ ღೋ─────────
『••✎••』Completely Non-Toxic Server! Friendly Members, Kind & Caring Staff!
─────────ೋღ ღೋ─────────
『••✎••』50+ Self Assignable Roles! 20+ Colour Roles!
─────────ೋღ ღೋ─────────
『••✎••』We Accept Partnerships From Any, As Long As It Isn’t Toxic!
─────────ೋღ ღೋ─────────
『••✎••』15-24 Age Limit
─────────ೋღ ღೋ─────────
『••✎••』Soft Pixie/Faerie Aesthetic, Along With Cute Emojis!
─────────ೋღ ღೋ─────────
『••✎••』LGBTQ+ Friendly!!
─────────ೋღ ღೋ─────────
『••✎••』And More!!

Come Join The Fun!
hello cutie!! welcome to our server! we are a server dedicated to the ddlg lifestyle community.
our server is for 14+ and up! We are a SFW server!

Little One's Playground provides:

୨୧ 。˚⋆┋ Over 40+ roles of choosing including colors!:sparkles:

୨୧ 。˚⋆┋ active and welcoming staff team! Staff apps always open!

୨୧ 。˚⋆┋ cute cute cute emotes! Often adds suggestions!

୨୧ 。˚⋆┋ headspace chats for everyone, including vents support and matchmaking!~
Welcome to CGL Safe Space! We're so glad you've stumbled upon our server. We are just starting out but we aim to be a safe space for everyone. This server is 15+!!

✿ Self Assignable Roles
✿ Bots to play with
✿ Great people
✿ 100% SFW. Absolutely no NSFW content is allowed
Athena's Safe Space is a DDLG/CGL server that focuses on a close community and treating everyone equally in our safe little haven. We have many activities and would love for more people to join our little group and give as ideas and suggestions on making it a enjoyable and fun as possible. We hope you will join our little community and become our friends :) <3