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Welcomeeeee to Care-A-Lot Castle! where everyone is a caring little ball of joy around here! We are a 15+ SFW server dedicated to: (DDLG,CGL,PETPLAY,ETC). We hope you have fun up here! IF YOU AREN'T INTERESTED YET, CHECK BELOW
Down below are some of the beary fun services we offer!

┊❥・゚PLENTY of partnerships!

┊❥・゚Over 120+ roles to choose from! Oh wowzers!

┊❥・゚Very caring and active staff members for all of your needs!

┊❥・゚Daily fun pings for all of our little babes!

┊❥・゚Venting, debate, confession, and even more!

┊❥・゚We even have a little section to brag about our partners!

┊❥・゚Headspace chats!

┊❥・゚ Daily active VC's!

┊❥・゚ and even more!


Welcome to the opening of *Dreampuffs Bakery* our sweet sugary little server, where everyday is a treat so good you could just eat! **17+**! Our server is dedicated to the (DDLG, CGL, PETPLAY, ETC) community. We also welcome people who aren't kinksters! **STILL NOT INTERESTED?**

Down below are the services we offer!

✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿

🍬 ┊♡・゚ We partner with just about everyone! 🍰
🍭 ┊♡・゚ Over **100** roles to choose from! Wow! 🍰
🍬 ┊♡・゚ Very caring, friendly and fun staff members at your call. 🍰
🍭 ┊♡・゚ Fun everyday pings like Daily Horoscopes, QOTD, Chores! 🍰
🍬 ┊♡・゚ We are COMPLETELY **SFW** for the safety of everyone! 🍰
🍭 ┊♡・゚ Gamenights, movienights, and sleepovers! 🍰
🍬 ┊♡・゚ Seeking channels for all of our stuck lovers! 🍰
🍭 ┊♡・゚Gaming, compliment, and even an unpopular opinion channel! 🍰
🍬 ┊♡・゚ Fun VC'S to chill in and make new friends! 🍰
🍭 ┊♡・゚ and even more! 🍰

✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿


*Pings:* @everyone @here <@&563968579112927252> 🍰
This a server for all your kinky needs that discord allows, we got pet play, bdsm, public and many more things and even better yet based off of an Amusement park. This is a 18+ server

Hey find your big dommie, your new little subby or something even kinkier see ya soon~!! <3

(ERP follows a ski lodge in the mountains)
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  A DDLG/PETPLAY SERVER!  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Looking for active members 16+
We accept all people including LGBTQ, BDSM, DDLG, & PetPlay!
We have searching sheets and introduction pages for newcomers to find pets/owners.

Egirls and eboys ♡
。˚・・゚:*✧。* Little Space Babies *。✧*:・゚・˚。
:✨: ⇢ 100% SFW CG/L / Pet Play Community for everyone!
:🍄: ⇢ A safe place for littles, pets, caregivers and Doms/Owners!
:✨: ⇢ 50+ Custom roles for you to choose from!
:🍄: ⇢ We've got events such as story time, Preschool and movie nights!
:✨: ⇢ Pingable babysitter and Owner roles!
:🍄: ⇢ Multiple fun bots to interact with!
:✨: ⇢ Fun interactive and accepting community for all!
«────── « ⋅ʚ✾ɞ⋅ » ──────»
For now this is a simple group, custom roles available, come and chill if you want, everyone and anyone welcome.
Hewwo Everyone. We invite you to ^^ Little Cuties ^^ !!

This is a server for those between the ages of 15 and 20. Here you are free to embrace your little and pet side without any judgement.

We have:
♡A Friendly Staff Team
♡ Server Events
♡ NSFW Channels
♡ Self Assignable Roles
♡ Tons of Channels
♡ Unique bots
♡ And more!
18+ petplay themed server focused on EVERYTHING lewd!

The Basics:
✧ Clean and very well automated
✧ Self-toggled categories/channels
✧ Custom role buffet
✧ Nearly 100 optional roles
✧ 100 free colour roles to toggle at any time
✧ Dynamic hierarchy based on currency
✧ Custom NSFW themed gambling games
✧ Self created bot introductions
✧ link integrated your intro
✧ All selfies shielded by ID 18+ verification
✧ All chat posts deleted after 24hrs
✧ All posts/info deleted upon leaving
✧ Roleplay classifieds
✧ Minimal staff, no bullies
✧ Custom bot check keeps out advert bots

The Galleries:
✧ Real porn, hentai, furry, and member nudes
✧ Toy collection gallery
✧ Self promotional channel to sell nudes etc
✧ Private automated DM slideshows
We are an 18+ kink friendly server.

This is a place for all dominants and submissives to meet others, ask questions and share stories, pictures and music.
We have a safe space for all littles and pets to be themselves and maybe even roleplay with others.

We have plenty of fun bots including Pokecord and once we have more members will be offering competitions and much more fun activities.

We offer a place for all musicians to post their music and advertise, a place for gamers to allow others to know when they are streaming and a place for artists to share their work.

We do not tolerate bullying, discrimination or kink shaming. We are an English speaking server.
A server for people involved in CGLRE, CGL, petplay etc.
Amazing for making new friends who you can relate to.
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Henlo! Welcome to Dreamland 16+ ! We are a laidback dreamy aesthetic server for those in the CG/L, BDSM, and Petplay etc community! We also welcome people who aren’t into the community as long as they aren’t toxic because we want everyone here to be able to make friends with similar interests to theirs!! ♡

This is NOT a dating/hookup server
a slowly growing server that aims do share knowledge about pet play and to make friends within the community.

This server is safe for those who are underage (we have a 18+ tag that can be verified for those wanting NSFW media and topics) or only interested in the non-sexual side of petplay, those who are LGBTQ+, masters and pets, all kinds of petplay, and those only wondering what petplay is about.
💌Welcome to our play time! 💌

This is an accepting server for all types of communities💕

There are:
{DDLG Channels}
{Pictures channels for art, selfies, and more}
{Channels for pets}
{Roleplay Channels}
{Friendly Staff}
{Venting/Advice Channels)
And much more!
⁕❋❁Pastel Daycare❁❋⁕
Hello my name is Raysion and I'm a co owner on this server. I run it along side Avery the owner. We are a friendly little kink server. Our goal is to have a safe space for everyone. We are 16+ so sorry kiddos this server isn't for you! We offer many things on this server like:
❥Fun chats
❥Catfish protection
❥Special Events
❥Safe Spaces
❥Helpful Staff
❥Cool Roles
A server for those who want to learn about BDSM or simply meet others in the community. Verification is required upon joining for the safety of our members. The server is 16+ but all explicit pornographic content is locked under an 18+ role. The 18+ role requires age verification. All curious, beginner, and experienced kinksters are welcome. We are currently holding a contest for a cash prize!
We are an 18+ Kink Server. We are an ABDL/CGL/Petplay/Kink/BDSM chat server for littles and Bigs! We have truth or dare, a Minecraft server, gaming and roleplay chats and more.
"The Little Corner" is an 18+ only, ageplay, petplay, and BDSM safezone. This server is NSFW, however, our main channels are SFW for those that just want to talk or have no interest in "kinky" activities. Our server is still incomplete, but if you wish to still check us out feel free.
We are a brand new Pet Play & CGL geared server that welcomes other topics of BDSM, quickly growing into a small community of like-minded kinksters. We offer a multitude of roles for users to complete a 'profile' in other for other users to find their common interests, future partners, or playmates.

We ARE an 18+ server.
Welcome to our server! We're a very small server, so please be patient. We are a SFW server (there are kink roles, but you may not do NSFW RP or post NSFW content) Everyone is welcome here! We hope you enjoy your stay! ^^
Hello! This is a new server for all things petplay, as well as ddlg if you want (though it isn't the main focus)
There are rooms for different communities, finding relationships, sfw and nsfw content, roleplay, etc. so your experience is completely customized based on your requested roles! It's a new server so there are some quirks still being worked out, but all are welcome. If you're looking for a community tailored to you, join us! We hope to become a large, active community.

-must be 18 or over!
Une communauté francaise de petplay et de roleplay sur Discord
anyone and everyone is welcome, just started and hope too meet new friends. feel free to join and have a chat.
Die RaumFürBDSM Community bietet eine Vielzahl an Features und Angeboten und obwohl ich ein Freund des vielen Schreibens bin: Hier eine Aufzählung für all euch Faule ^^

-Hunderte Blog–Einträge zu den Verschiedensten Bereichen, Themen, Fragen und Aspekte rund um BDSM
-Empfehlungen und Tipps
-Persönliche Antworten und Hilfe bei Fragen
-Einen Discord mit einer freundlichen Gemeinschaft
-Kleine Events wie CSGO Tournaments oder talk) Abende
-Viel Kommunikation zwischen einer Vielzahl an Mitgliedern
-Community Treffen
-Whatsapp Gruppen
-Amino, Instagram(hmm), Facebook
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