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:heart: Welcome to ♡ The Love Hospice ♡. We are a hospital themed, kink dedicated server! (DDLG, CGL, PET-PLAY, BDSM.) Our server is for ages 16+ and up, sorry youngins! We don't need jailbait, aka anything illegal happening. Down below are some of the services we offer, come on in and let us patch you up! ♡

♡ Over 50+ roles to choose from! cool right? ♡

♡ We have wings dedicated to our SFW and NSFW babies! Included with media such as pictures and more! ♡

♡ We have a special media room filled with channels for pictures of even your food, send me some mac and cheese pics. ♡

♡ Gasp, a cardio (heart) wing just for our lost honey bee's looking for love, and even a PDA section to talk about your partner! ♡

♡ Submissives and Dominants have their own little categories of fun stuff as well. ♡

♡ Last but not least, we plan to have fun game nights, movie nights, stories and more! ♡

♡ More services offered inside, so join and look around! ♡
18+ server focused on EVERYTHING lewd, including hentai, porn, furry, member lewds, etc, but the theme is petplay. Home of Red Light, our custom bot. 2k+ members and growing fast!
A cute sfw (16+) discord server for those into Petplay and ddlg. (18+) verification for nsfw channels!
banter amongst friends · active voice · purge inactive users

self promotion
We're an 18+, LGBTQ+ community that caters to the CG/l and Petplay communities! We offer a variety of chatting areas for those interested in ageplay, petplay, ABDL, and any other kink. We encourage education, discussion, roleplay, and a supportive environment.
Welcome to our server! We're a very small server, so please be patient. We are a SFW server (there are kink roles, but you may not do NSFW RP or post NSFW content) Everyone is welcome here! We hope you enjoy your stay! ^^
a slowly growing server that aims do share knowledge about pet play and to make friends within the community.

This server is safe for those who are underage (we have a 18+ tag that can be verified for those wanting NSFW media and topics) or only interested in the non-sexual side of petplay, those who are LGBTQ+, masters and pets, all kinds of petplay, and those only wondering what petplay is about.

We are a brand new Petplay server! We offer a friendly environment, though there aren't many of us yet. We are 18+ ONLY, but that does NOT mean we are exclusively NSFW at all times.
Hi everyone! ~☁️💖Lullaby Kingdom💖☁️~ is a new server focused around ddlg and petplay! You must be 16+ to join, and 18+ to have access to the NSFW channels. There are self assignable roles and colours.
Improvements will happen as time goes on, because im still learning about making servers and stuff! Enjoy your stay💕✨
♡ welcome to dreamer's palace! a new small but active cgl server made to talk and just have people to talk to and interact with. ♡

♡ not many restrictions and very open staff.
♡ events!
♡ support channels for homework help, gender dysphoria, vent, ranting, etc.
♡ fun bots to play with!
♡ partnerships.
♡ meme channels.
♡ and more!
Pastel Dungeon of Desires is a BDSM server for everyone!
Now with our own CG/L & AB/DL Minecraft Server.
We are an SFW 18+ server with optional NSFW channels. We have a safe and easy verification process so we fill your Darkest Desires.

With roles and channels for all CGL, ABDL, Pet Play community members. This is a very friendly, drama free server. Our mod team is watching over the server to help keep it safe from all the creeps.

Darkest Regard,
The Dungeon Goddess
Welcome to:
Paddles, Plushies, Pets
Here we offer:
~Self assignable roles, such as colors, ping options, and kink specific roles that unlock more of the server
~A channel directory so you know what the heck is going on!!
~Bots for your entertainment!
~And much, much more!
We are 15+, but we may make exceptions. It all depends on the situation. We tried to keep things short and simple, so you didn't have to read a lot. So long story short; we are going to try and become a safe place for each and every one of you! Come to join us today, as we hope to become like a second family!
A server for people involved in CGLRE, CGL, petplay etc.
Amazing for making new friends who you can relate to.
Hi there!, We are a new Discord ERP server which mainly focuses on the BDSM aspect of roleplay but everyone is welcome!, We are very accepting so if you think you will be left out you are completely wrong!, Come and say hi ^w^
✧༺༻∞ Welcome to LittleOne's Realm ∞༺༻✧

We are a general chatting server based around BDSM, but anyone over 16 or even vanilla is welcome! Our goal here is to open up peoples minds to BDSM, & to help others be more accepting of themselves and make friends! We hope you enjoy your stay!
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
What we offer:
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
Self assignable roles
Open spots for new staff
Lots of voice chat channels
Relationship channels for singles and taken
Optional channels like: QOTD, Anime, Art, Gaming, Advice, Movies, Sports, Chef, Writers, Musicians, Makeup talk, Homework help, :hearts: Social media accounts.
Pokemon channels and bot room fun !
Venting and sfw roleplay.
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
For those who love to be eaten or bred by a feral dragon. Or both~ Ein is the dragon in mention, naturally~
A BDSM, DDlg, and Vanilla friendly place. Anyone is welcome, it is NSFW. Be yourself and make new friends that share the same interests as you! This is a very accepting server, so don't be afraid to join <3 This is also a gaming friendly server. League, Overwatch, steam, etc. Everything is welcome.
This is a server for people into bdsm who just want a safe place to hangout and chat
"The Little Corner" is an 18+ only, ageplay, petplay, and BDSM safezone. This server is NSFW, however, our main channels are SFW for those that just want to talk or have no interest in "kinky" activities. Our server is still incomplete, but if you wish to still check us out feel free.
Do you want to join a server with lots of activities and fun? Do you want to join a server where you have group movie nights and can order discord food to have it delivered to you by a waiter? Do you want to join a server with tons of different, unique features? Then Treasured Love (18+) is for you! This server has a strict rule set to prevent members from breaking them so the server stays as friendly and nice as possible. It also has it's own gaming, movie, and kink sections, along with monthly events to get everyone involved! Simply hit that join button and interact with other discord members who have the same tastes and kinks as you!
Hello! This is a new server for all things petplay, as well as ddlg if you want (though it isn't the main focus)
There are rooms for different communities, finding relationships, sfw and nsfw content, roleplay, etc. so your experience is completely customized based on your requested roles! It's a new server so there are some quirks still being worked out, but all are welcome. If you're looking for a community tailored to you, join us! We hope to become a large, active community.

-must be 18 or over!
💓 Cgl Safeplace 💓

🌸 A 14+ server for all cgl and bdsm lovers! 🌸
a server for people into petplay to talk and hang out in a chill environment.
If you plan on leaving after joining do not bother joining as you will be black listed meaning that you will be denied entry to channels till you have been in the server for 24 hours.
~ Welcome to Play Palace! <3 ~
This is a 14+ BDSM server which welcomes people of all kinks! This is a safe place to talk about any and all kinks with absolutely no judgement. You can meet new people, make relationships (friendly or loving), or just chill and hang out.
Things We Offer:
~Self Assignable Roles!!
~ We have tons of text and voice channels for all of your needs.
~ Places to spam, post pictures, and vent!
~ !!NSFW channels and bots for those that are verified 18+
~Fun bots with different chat games and independent games such as tic-tac-toe, or hangman!
~!!Do not be afraid to speak your mind, talk about certain kinks, etc. We are completely open to anything! Just remember to have fun!