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We're a growing DDLG/CGL community focused on providing a comfortable space for people to explore these unique lifestyles. The atmosphere here is extremely friendly and welcoming, and we have regular events such as weekly D&D games, movie nights, contests, etc. The entire server is designated as a "NSFW" zone, meaning discussions of adult topics happen regularly. For more blatent NSFW content, channels have been provided, and these can be easily hidden using an optional "No NSFW" role.

Feel free to join and look around!

Tons of love,
19 days ago
Community 55
18+ Discord community centered around the ageplay, CG/l, and petplay communities. We have "G" rated sections for purely innocent roleplayers, as well as "General" and "NSFW" sections for kinkier roleplayers. All parts of the server are "opt-in" using roles, meaning you only see the channels that pertain to the roles you choose for yourself. We support all walks of life, and offer support and provide safe spaces for those who need them. Friendly and supportive of all LGBTQ+ members, as well as all (legal) kinks.
43 days ago