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Come join my sparkly new 18+ kink server Daddies Dollhouse, whilst being mainly ddlg themed there is something for every kink in this dollhouse~

*:✼✿The Living Room - For general chatter ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Hallway - To check out artwork and selfie portraits ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Play Area - For littles and Caregivers to chill ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Basement - For your deepest desires ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Bedroom - To peak at members own lewd photos ✿✼:*゚

*・゚:*゚:*:✼✿ aaaaaaand so much more! ✿✼:*゚:*・゚・*

So come along and play in Daddies Dollhouse ~
43 minutes ago
💋We're an 18+ adult social server with artistic and NSFW facets. We pride ourselves in our easy-going and pleasant voice chat routine.
2 hours ago
A brand new NSFW filled with kinks, colours, and bundles of fun! All are welcome to orange juice.~
4 hours ago
Welcome to Devilish Saints. Where you can be both innocent and devilish at the same time. We are a new NSFW 18+ lewd server. We have members own content, giveaways, tons of lewd chats, and fun bots. Come join us and have a Devilish and innocent time!
4 hours ago
A new DDLG/BDSM/Kink server that will hopefully be lots of fun to people! Must be 16+ to join! There's an NSFW channel for all your lewd desires, pokecord bot so you can catch pokemons, and so much more!
11 hours ago
We are a new 18+ Discord community about everything kink-related. We have both SFW and NSFW channels, voice chat, bots, music, events and a warm and welcoming community.
15 hours ago
Hello! Welcome to Kink Sanctuary! 💖

We are a new 16+ BDSM community, that focuses on making a drama free, and fun filled community for like minded individuals!

What do we offer?:
- Active and interactive staff
- Many bots with games and such, as well as a bot channel to spam them and such
- A selfies Channel
- NSFW for people who verify they are 18+
- and much more guaranteed as we grow as a community.
1 days ago
(WARNING: Literally Pervert Hell.)
A roleplay community for many fetishes, most being taboo by most people (Deviantart Fetishes.) There are kind staff, good bots, amazing roleplayers, and more to be added in the future.
The fetishes at the moment are
•Bodily Functions
•Body Parts
1 days ago
In this great, peaceful Land lies the Kingdom of Inflatopia, where the Balloon citizens thrive under the New King and fellow Royals who rule fair and justly. Here, you can expect lots of Inflation to be going on, 24/7! Well, most of the time anyways. We are Furry focused, too! Not your thing? What a shame! You might be missing out.
1 days ago
A small community grown discord focussed on kink and photography! Feel free to join and discuss it. Maybe even arrange some photoshoots together.
2 days ago
we are a new community gaming/dating server looking to build a community and friendships/relationships. We are a 13+ server that is looking for active and fun members. All are welcome including LGBTQ+. Come have fun and make new friends or maybe even find that special someone💘
2 days ago
Welcome to the Dollhouse, we are a DDLG and CG/L community but, we are accepting of almost any kink. We have random game nights and can set up Movie Nights for those interested. So come on in, and see for yourself. This is a 16+ server. SNOW#2060
3 days ago
The Playground is an all ages CG/L server!
Here you can make new friends, roleplay, share art and images, play with bots, and more!
4 days ago
This is a kinky Texan community for kinksters of all stripes and types.
8 days ago
Welcome to The Dynamics Playroom, we are a 18+ BDSM server. We are accepting to all within BDSM, and to those with all sorts of fetishes and kinks. We do not shame members within our community for being different. We encourage education, positivity, safe, sane and consensual activities, behavior and practices within our server.
13 days ago
18+ server dedicated to letting you fulfill your kinkiest desires!
21 days ago
This server is for Heathens by Heathens! We look to build community, as well as to offer a place for learning and discussion! From the newly curious to the learned Norseman, you're welcome here!

That being said, we noticed that while looking through the various BDSM related discord servers (and IRC before that), there is a startling lack of places that heathens can congregate and talk with like-minded individuals in or out of the lifestyle.
23 days ago
Just a place for anyone who has interests in bdsm related stuff to meet and have a chat
25 days ago
DDlg/ BDSM Kink Space! Come join a fun, like minded community where you're free to be whoever your little heart would have you be. Come play video games with us, and EVEN COME JOIN US IN A DND SESSION! We have weekly campaigns running! Make new friends to watch movies, and explore your kinky side! W
27 days ago
18+ABDL Server with a focus on art and NSFW content and chatting. We are always looking for new members. We're solidly focused and oriented towards the lewd/diaper fetish side of things though there are SFW boards and discussion channels are kept SFW.

370+ members with few rules and a lowkey attitude.
34 days ago
This is a friendly DDLG and CG/L server to meet new people and make new friends with in our kink community
37 days ago
This is a Kink and Nudist Haven, It has alot of NSFW channels and even a NSFW bot. It's a brand new server for 16+ but adult content is 18+, Can't wait to see you on there..... Come quickly
54 days ago