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Somente aceitamos membros +18, todos passam por uma verificação antes de ter o servidor liberado por completo!
Nós somos um novo servidor centrado em volta do BDSM e todas as coisas pra se fazer a respeito do mesmo.
Temos canais dedicado a certas coisas e também canais informativos, para ajudar pessoas que são nova no meio BDSM/DDLG e também muitos cargos pra poder mostar de tudo que você gosta no bdsm!
Realmente esperamos que você nos escolha e que venha fazer parte dessa comunidade que estamos criando!
Make friends and have fun we have bots and games we are brand new 2/1/19 we were made so please join and add to our group and share with friends our head Domme is really pretty and loves to share her lewds in group we ID so no jailbait is around ☺ we have kink in general always willing to add channels we also have a Harry Potter Nursery and other Harry Potter chats we have selfie areas and money
Missturbia is Discords friendliest hypnoserver, connecting subjects with hypnotists from all over the world. Make friends and melt your mind with us!

Very active voice chat, friendly admin team and a warm welcome awaits 😊

18+ only.
welcome to kinky dungeon! an 18+ server where everyone can have lots of fun.... ;) feel free to join!
Kinks 'R' Us! Is a fun and welcoming community of strictly 18+ Kinksters and Roleplayers. We accept all genders, kinks, identities, etc in our server! We also have a very bustling community full of fun and interesting people to talk to, hell we even have a kinky Minecraft server! Check us out and stay kinky!

Reminder - We are STRICTLY 18+
Welcome to T E E N+

Must Be | 18+ | To Join!

🍑 Nudes and Tease Channels for everyone! 🍆

😈 A variety of porn channels to choose from! 🤤

👪 A chill community open to those looking to make friends and hang out! 👪

🤖 Fun bots, Self Roles, and Voice Chats! 🎤

😂 SFW channels to enjoy including Selfies, Memes, and more🤳

🎉 Giveaways and Events join in! 🎁

💋 Plenty of boys/girls to chat and have fun with!💪

We just started and growing fast! Join now and cum again later.... 😏💦
Welcome to Satan's Playpen!
We are an 18+ BDSM / CGL server that offers tons of fun activities, channels and more!

We have:
✯Tons of themed channels
✯Movie and game nights
✯Voice chats
✯Devoted staff
✯Question of the day ping
✯Self care ping
✯Fun conversations

And much much more! Please consider joining us if these pique your interests!
An 18+ server focused on bringing the kinky and non-kinky together!
We have: movie nights, roles, girls/boys only chat, and even a place for nerds!
An 18+ BDSM Discord that aims to safely educate those interested in kink. We hold unique weekly educational kink and fetish events (chosen by the community). From inexperienced to veteran BDSM practitioners, all are welcome here. We would love to have you.

Beyond education, we have NSFW (lewd) channels, gaming, a big music culture, and other forms of media and entertainment. We have something for everyone!
The Knotty Room is a NSFW BDSM channel to explore, socialize, and be a part of a growing, mature community. We offer a lot of different rooms to chat in for different fetishes, game and movie nights, and host a lot of good conversation, as well as kinky convo as well.

~We have a verification system so you can feel comfortable posting you NSFW content, ensuring all users are 18+~

~We take maturity as an important part of our community~

~We have people from around the globe so there are always people active all times of day and night~

~Server Admins are some of the best people you can meet~

~React roles allow you to really define who you are~

~Lots of content based channels where you can express yourself from writing to pictures to memes~

Come Join The Knotty Room for an amazing kinky experience.
(Warning: You need a verified phone on your discord account to join. Send a message to get full access to the server)
And no minors, please!
Gacha's Hotspot is a small, general kink community mostly centered around inflation and vore, but most kinks are tolerable. We're pretty chill, don't expect a bunch of conversation but feel free to chime in! You're always welcome to.
No security check, no hierarchy-- just be you, and don't be a stranger!

..but be careful. i could press this ban button at any time..
DISCORD’S PREMIER BDSM COMMUNITY! All kinksters welcome! We are an 18+ community focused on fostering lasting kink partnerships and hot play in a safe environment, education, and a sense of supportive community. We welcome kinksters of all stripes and feature special events for DDlg, M/s, D/s, Petplay, and more.

A friendly Kink and Hypnosis server with an active Voice chat. Come join in :)
Welcome to BDSM Basement. A server that hosts the following: Ddlg, Cgl, Slaves, Hypnotism, Petplay, and more.
Over 100 self assignable roles to describe yourself with.
Advice columns, looking for sections, roleplay, and more.
Welcome to Behave

⛧ We are a BDSM kink server, with a variety of roles, channels, lewds and more! ⛧

☾ This server is 18+ only!☽

༓ We have over 130+ custom roles and looking to add more for your enjoyment! ༓

Everyone 18+ is welcome, we're sure we have something that will fit your taste!

We are currently looking for partners and staff!

Come, Behave
Welcome to Escape Haven. A server that hosts the following: Ddlg, Cgl, Slaves, Petplay, and more.
We have self assignable roles to describe yourself with.
NSFW content, advice columns, hentai, interactive games, and more.
18+ ONLY! A BDSM and Kink Server for those to seek, and learn about the BDSM lifestyle. Friendly and inviting. Welcome to all BDSM walks of life. M/s, D/s, DDlg, MDlg, DDlb, MDlb, etc
A small, community-focused server with an emphasis on adult kink content.

To satisfy Discord Terms of Service, we require proof of identification as a legal adult (18+) to access our locked NSFW areas. You will not be able to participate in adult content such as discussion, education, giveaways, or pornography without verifying with server staff. This process can be done at your leisure.

Please Note:
We do not require identification to access our SFW channels. However, due to the nature of our server, we reserve the right to remove anyone who appears to be a minor. This is done to protect the integrity of the server and those members involved in it.
Midnight Munch is a close-knit, fun kink community that isn't just based around hooking up or dating.

We welcome experienced kinksters and newbies alike. What's important is that you gel with the existing community and make some friends!

If you enjoy asking questions, taking part in daily kink discussions, joining us for regular voice chats, or playing silly games while we have a laugh about how we're all secretly socially inept perverts, then Midnight Munch could be the place for you. Drop by and say hi!
Welcome to Safe Travels!

We are a NEW 13+ server that is open for those non-kink and kink! We have amazing, active staff and lots of roles (including color roles) to I drift yourself with!

What we also have;
☆ Fun bots to enjoy
☆ Active and enjoyable members
☆ A safe and non-toxic community
☆ Channels for everyone!
A place for everyone to meet and trade nudes or have dirty chats.
💕 Welcome to Little Fauna's Palace!! 💕

We are a small, but growing community server dedicated to all things kinky. 🤪Whether you are a Dom, Sub, Switch, or even (vanilla/nonkinky) everyone is welcome to join! We offer a plethora of chats dedicated to selfies, memes, bot games, chatting, and etc. You'll also have plenty of unique roles to pick from!

The server age limit is 16+ for regular access but with proof of 18+ getting you access to the nsfw channels. Meaning we'll need an ID to verify your birthday. If you don't want access to the nsfw you are more than welcome to enjoy everything else!
>>Our Bots<<
•Cards Against Humanity/ Uno
•Dank Memer
•Marriage Bot
We are a server dedicated to making a community for female dominants and the submissives that love them. This server is not for begging for a dominant.

Come join us, but remember the golden words: Yes Mistress