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At Her Feet is a growing adult {18+} community focused on female-led relationships in a BDSM context. We are a very friendly community made mostly to chat, make friends, play games, watch movies and have fun with any other kind of events that are hosted in the server. Age verification is required to access server.

Features 👀 include,

🖥 Experienced Staff
🛡 Raid-Free
🖱 Self-Assignable and Custom Roles
🙊 Memes
🤳 Selfie Channels

🎧 Music Bots and Events
🍿 Movie Nights
🎮 Gaming Buddies
👥 Partnerships
❓ Q & A’s

💪 Server Health & Fitness Channel
⛓ BDSM Informationals
💋 Many NSFW Femdom/Kink Channels
👅 Lewd Voice Channel
😎 Verification Only Channels

Come hang out!
We are a new ~18+~ kink server, but will be growing quickly! All manner of talk is encouraged. From silly conversations with friends to deep discussions about dildos! Come join us make a great community of like-minded friends!
We're a friendly community that's present to help people get to know GFD and nurture their GFD & RR kinks
Do you want to have somewhere you can share stories, images or seek advice at? Maybe you just want to hang out or game?
Well, this is the place!
A fun 18+ community of kinksters based mainly on BDSM and DDLG, great place to hang out and make friends or get your kink on with RP rooms chat rooms and a kingdom area just for the Littles! Whether you're an experienced dom or sub, or just curious and wanting to learn about the lifestyle, come join us!! Slide on up to the bar and get your FREAKY TIKI on 😁
18+ only server for Masters and Slaves to meet, socialize and share. Find your online or IRL power exchange relationship here (D/s as well). A detailed roles system will let you easily create a profile. Earn social reputation points from other members. Age verification is required to gain access to certain sections of the server. Fun community. Friendly people. Come on in.
Are you ready for a community of like-minded kinksters? Just curious about what the lifestyle has to offer? Are you just a gamer who wants to hang with other kinky gamers? Join Ties That Bind, an 18+ server dedicated to being for its members and BY its members. ||Weekly events | Karaoke | Music bots | Contests | Discussion | Community||
Welcome to the sacrificing a pot, a gaming/bdsm server with some added flavor. 18+
A new server for littles and bigs. It has (optional) verification for access to NSFW and is typically SFW. Bring your friends if you want! This playground has no maximum limit on those in it. WE HAVE POKECORD!!
18+ discord server for autists and dumdums
Welcome to The Dynamics Playroom, we are a 18+ BDSM server. We are accepting to all within BDSM, and to those with all sorts of fetishes and kinks. We do not shame members within our community for being different. We encourage education, positivity, safe, sane and consensual activities, behavior and practices within our server.
Looking for a chill place to hang out and RP, chat, game or play with bots? Look no further than The Hearth. Featuring several bots including Pokecord and Tatsumaki, we also cater to NSFW discussions. An inclusive community looking to grow!
R O P E B U R N™
❓What is Ropeburn? ❓
🌙Ropeburn is a 16+ friendly and ~adorably~ organized DDLG/CGL community! We are a community of gamers, nerds, art lovers, etc., and we love to engage in conversation and fun with just about anyone and anything!
We will be hosting weekly discussion boards, movie/game nights with games from Jackbox to LoL and much, much more!

To access the NSFW area, you must verify that you are over 18.


🌙What does Ropeburn have to offer? 🌙
💗 Organized Channels and Categories! 📔✍️
💗 Friendly, Hardworking and Diligent Staff Panel! 👩‍🌾👨‍🎓😻
💗 A safe and valued community with a thorough age check! 🔐
💗Self-assignable roles! 👧👶
💗Matchmaking services! 💏
💗Gaming chit-chat groups! 🎮
💗 Engaging weekly discussion boards! 📌

🌙We're small right now, but join and stay engaged, & invite friends so that our little community can continue to grow! Come to our server & join the fun! 🌙
(* ^-^)人(^-^ *)

┗━━━━━━━━━━━━ ☆ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛
Pastel Dungeon of Desires is a BDSM server for everyone!
Now with our own CG/L & AB/DL Minecraft Server.
We are an SFW 18+ server with optional NSFW channels. We have a safe and easy verification process so we fill your Darkest Desires.

With roles and channels for all CGL, ABDL, Pet Play community members. This is a very friendly, drama free server. Our mod team is watching over the server to help keep it safe from all the creeps.

Darkest Regard,
The Dungeon Goddess
Welcome to Nebula's Nightclub, the cutest place on this side of the galaxy! We have many different fun things to do in our server, including mini-games, custom name colors, many roles, and virtual pets! Chat with people and maybe even meet you dom/sub! our server is 16+. No nsfw age restriction, an attentive staff, and lots of fun people.
Spice Rack is a community-based NSFW server. We do events in voice chat and on video in We verify active members to keep orginal content posters safe
A new DDLG/BDSM/Kink server that will hopefully be lots of fun to people! Must be 16+ to join! There's an NSFW channel for all your lewd desires, pokecord bot so you can catch pokemons, and so much more!
Welcome to Blood Moon, an up and coming 18+ BDSM community.

We're a tight knit group looking for like minded individuals to grow our community with.

We offer various normal channels like: (not verification needed)
+Roles (easy reactions)
+Introductions (simple yet kinda needed)
+General Chat
+Trivia and games

A NSFW section: (Verification Needed)
-NSFW General
- NSFW Media
-Advice/Ranting/Venting corner

A Kink Section: (Verification Required)
_BDSM General
_Little Space
_Pet Play

And a dedicated dating/relationship section (also for verified people).
Verification is recommended and very safe/easy to do, but optional (although you will be missing on most of the channels). Feel free to ask the admins or mods for questions!!! Their DM’s are always open, but be friendly and polite.
We hope you like it here and enjoy a close, friendly yet kinky community!!!

(Ps. If you're 17 or less, please don't join. We don't accept minors due to the somewhat explicit content of this server and the laws stated in the USA and Discord)
Findom Fellowship is a discord server for Financial Domination.
It has LOTR-inspired channel/category names.
This server requires verification from both FinDommes and Finsubs.
This is a safe, fun and productive place for those who share the findom kink to meet friends and their potential domme or sub.
Dragon Lair is a unique CG/L and roleplaying server! With a focus on CG/L and BSDM communities, we are also a dedicated monstergirl roleplay server! Custom races, tags, and roleplay channels! New to the community? Want to roleplay as a slime, dragon, ghost, or anything in between? This is the server for you! We are a brand new server, so all members will contribute to the development of this server! We also have NSFW channels for the lewdsters, gaming, memes, and anime! There's something for everyone :3 enter the Lair!
Hello! Welcome to The Little's Queendom
We are a server based around CG/L, DDLG but anyone over 13 is welcome! Our goal here is to open up peoples minds to CGL, & DDLG and anyone who's willing t to help others be more accepting of themselves! The Queen Hopes you enjoy your stay!

We are new, and starting out.

-Movie Nights
-Tons of fun roles to choose from
-Open community
-Fun events
Sanctuary is a server for pagans, witches, practitioners of alternative spiritual systems, and interesting people of all kinds. We strive for a safe, democratic, and hate and drama free environment. We are constantly growing and improving, and we welcome you to join us on our journey as a server.
Zero-G Spot is a space themed kink community server focused on helping like-minded people to cum come together. We strive to create a friendly, fun & customizable environment for all who join us.
We are a pure and simple erp server (P.S: We recently established a class system for just normal rp if erp isnt your thing). We offer a friendly environment for all your erp needs and the process for joining is simple. We believe in that the students's needs come first. So sign up now! We will be sure to welcome you with open arms