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Welcome to BDSM relationships 💕! We are a non judgmental environment, that includes LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 friendly! We have group chats for the kink/life style you choose to be apart of! We are 16+, meaning anyone can choose to over that age! Anyone who is over 18, please be mindful to those who are younger then you and not of age. We also have a suggestion box! Please join and be kind!
✏️ℓιттℓє'ѕ fυи

*16+ ONLY*

We are a 100% new revamped SFW server that strives to bring like minded people together. This is a community to chill in and make friends who accept you for you. Toxicity and bullying is NOT tolerated in this server. We have a staff team to ensure that none of that happens in this server. Join and say hi, we’d love to have you.

ιиѕι∂є тнє ѕєяνєя:
-multiple channels to talk/chat in
-understanding staff
-people who support each other
-multitude of roles
-anti-raid system
-server events
Shhhh Hidden far away amongst the islands lies a special little bdsm/ddlg community full of dominants and submissives and wildlings we call littles!! You may run into a vanilla now and then but don’t worry we keep them caged 😂

Do you dare enter the secret tiki family? Here are some of the things you may find deep within the jungle...

- FRIENDS to chat with!! We welcome all sorts of likeminded kinksters who enjoy the bdsm/ ddlg lifestyle or newbies just wanting to learn
- Chat rooms
- Roleplay areas
- Music
- Fun bots and gaming
- Movie nights
- weekly/monthly contests
- NSFW chats and media
- Pokemon!!
- FRIENDS did we mention cool friends? 😁

So what are you waiting for?? Head on over to the bar and GET YOUR FREAKY TIKI ON !!!
Imvu based market but all are welcome, find your kink match here you can seek whatever your into. We have fun channels too and to ones
BDSM (18+)

Welcome to our server!!!

🕯 We are a small BDSM and kink community that seeks to bring the greater joy in creating a server for all your kinky needs.

🔞 We are strictly 18+ and offer a variety of NSFW and SFW channels. 🔞

🕯 We also have a verification system in place for NSFW (meaning all underage folks will be kicked out or banned from the server)

🕯 And we have a very friendly and helpful staff on hand.
Welcome, you'll find your slave or dominant (depends on your preferences) on this server. We've just started this server so there's not much going on yet, but feel free to join :3

We have:
-nsfw and sfw channels
Hello 🌸

Welcome to little sunsets! We are a 14-25 year old server.
This is a server where you can come hangout and meet people with similar interests
We are a small server that hopes to grow
We offer:

-fun bots
-dating channels
-self assigned roles

And much more to come! 🌸 All are welcome
Hey, Welcome to Young Bratz! Here we have a friendly 15+ environment with a group of people that just want to talk and have fun. This is a bdsm community that accept each other no matter what (no kink shaming). This is also safe place for people to make new friends and be themselves. Currently, we have just made the server and still in the middle of setting up. We hope to see you in the discord and hopefully get to know you!

What we offer:
♡ Self assigned roles
♡ Multiple Channels
♡ Active, even though we are a brand new server
♡15+ are all welcomed!
♡Nsfw chat for those verified over 18+
♡ A safe community for those who want to be themselves
♡ Gaming, art, anime channels and more