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✧・゚: ✧・゚:  ON YOUR KNEES (18+)  :・゚✧:・゚✧

୨୧ ♡ OYK is an 18+ BDSM/Kink server made to bring like-minded people together and enjoy each other's company whilst learning and accepting one another! ♡ ୨୧

୨୧ Rooms unlock for those who age verify
୨୧ 100% body positive
୨୧ Question of the day
୨୧ Porn Sharing
୨୧ Hall of fame
୨୧ Nudes from server members
୨୧ Mental health chat
୨୧ DD/LG area of the server
୨୧ Kink inclusive
୨୧ Gaming, music, movies, art share, photography chats, memes and fitness channels

୨୧ Swing by, say hello and join us for fun games and events and get yo kink on! ୨୧
↠ρяιναтє ∂υиgєσи↞

*16+ Only*

This was a private server now turned public, we are an new, active community looking to bring like minded people together. This discord emphasizes on accepting each other and talking to other people that have similar interests.

↠ωнαт ωє σffєя↞
⇰Active, kind staff
⇰Self assignable roles for both color and traits.
⇰Multitude of Channels
⇰Seeking Channels
⇰We do partner
⇰Anti-raidable system
⇰Active VC's and server events

We hope to see you there! 💞
BDSM (18+)

Welcome to our server!!!

🕯 We are a small BDSM and kink community that seeks to bring the greater joy in creating a server for all your kinky needs.

🔞 We are strictly 18+ and offer a variety of NSFW and SFW channels. 🔞

🕯 We also have a verification system in place for NSFW (meaning all underage folks will be kicked out or banned from the server)

🕯 And we have a very friendly and helpful staff on hand.
Hello 🌸

Welcome to little sunsets! We are a 14-25 year old server.
This is a server where you can come hangout and meet people with similar interests
We are a small server that hopes to grow
We offer:

-fun bots
-dating channels
-self assigned roles

And much more to come! 🌸 All are welcome
Hey, Welcome to Young Bratz! Here we have a friendly 15+ environment with a group of people that just want to talk and have fun. This is a bdsm community that accept each other no matter what (no kink shaming). This is also safe place for people to make new friends and be themselves. Currently, we have just made the server and still in the middle of setting up. We hope to see you in the discord and hopefully get to know you!

What we offer:
♡ Self assigned roles
♡ Multiple Channels
♡ Active, even though we are a brand new server
♡15+ are all welcomed!
♡Nsfw chat for those verified over 18+
♡ A safe community for those who want to be themselves
♡ Gaming, art, anime channels and more