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Copulation Conversation is a new server (opened Sep 19) dedicated to having fun!
* You’re a gamer? We've got gaming channels!
* You’ve got kinks? We wanna hear about them!
* You’ve got selfies? Share them with us!
* You want nudes? We’ve got you covered
* Into Bots? We’ve got Bots
* Prefer to chat with verified peeps? We’ve got verification
* Need server staff who are down to earth? Ah, you’re outta luck… KIDDING!

The server was created by 3 owners who wanted to create a place that covered a wide range of areas of interest and keep the kids out. We are 18+, and we have a team of vigilant staff who can spot a fake better than an aimbot on Call of Duty. We’re sassy, sexy, kinky, lewd, cheeky and always looking for more fresh meat…err… people to join us! We’ve started our journey, why not share it with us?

Server features:

* 18+
* Sensible, Helpful, Friendly Staff
* Sensible Rules
* Self-Assignable Roles
* General Chat
* Controversial Chat
* Verified Only Areas
* Selfies
* Tease/Nudes (Verified Only)
* LGBT Friendly
* Bot Channels
* Gaming Channels
* Social Media Sharing Channels
* Porn Channels (Verified Only)
* Role Play & Erotic Role Play Channels

Whatever you’re into, you can be sure a warm welcome at Copulation Conversation – we want YOU!
:kiss: Boy's Tears :kiss:
:wink: You can butter my crossiant:wink:
Are you a dom looking for them wholesome subs. Or are you just bored and don't know what to do other than masturbate. Join Boy's Tears!
What we got!
• 𒆙 • E-girls/boys
• 𒆙 • Nsfw
• 𒆙 • Nudes
• 𒆙 • Aesthetically pleasing pics
• 𒆙 • Safe space for doms/subs
• 𒆙 • Kinks for days
• 𒆙 • Self assignable roles
• 𒆙 • People from all over
• 𒆙 • And a super thicc owner

We'll be happy to meet you people! <3

Server Link:
💖 A young 18+ server looking for people of all kinds.

🔞 18+ Verification Required
💙 LGBT friendly and Furries Welcome
💚 Bullying isn't welcome, we have a positive and strong community
💛 Tons of roles to choose from.
🍑🍆 (SFW, NSFW, EXTREME , Voice chats and channels )
💜 Friendly and helpful staff
📚 BDSM library
❗️Soft, Hard and Extreme role playing rooms for those times you're feeling frisky
🎙Voice channels.
💛 Games, Music and Server Currency System
💙 Littles corner.
Enroll in a school where you belong.

Wimbelton High is a safe and welcoming environment ...a harem for those that seek something more form roleplay...true connections between characters and the people behind them as well.

We are a loving, accepting environment to those with characters that are MTF or FTM, and futanari alike.

We have character options between a student or teacher of your choice.

If you wish to join in our fun, you must be over 18 and provide proof. We encourage everyone to remain comfortable.

So, that in mind, come join us and find your new home.

Welcome to Wimbelton Academy
♡ Welcome to 𝔐𝔞𝔧𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔠 𝔓𝔞𝔯𝔞𝔡𝔦𝔰𝔢! ♡


We are a fun 18+ NSFW community with variety of kinks, lewd, bdsm, and pleasures. An amazing place for to chat, voice chat, movie nights, share kinks, and more; not only enjoy both sfw and nsfw, but also make new friends along the way. We welcome each visit and cherish every moment in those that join.


•´¯•» ♡ Wₕₐₜ Wₑ Gₒₜ ₜₒ ₒffₑᵣ ♡ «•´¯•
↳ Open to everyone over the age of 18!!
↳ Verification Needed To Access The Naughty Shadows
↳ Friendly, active, and non-toxic community & experienced staff!
↳ Game Nights / Movie Nights / Events
↳ Over 150+ Self Assignable Roles To Choose From
↳ NSFW Channels
↳ LGBTQ+ friendly!
↳ Various channels such as memes, art, and gaming!
↳ ♡Vc channels♡
↳ Venting Area
↳ & More To Come.


♡ Hope You Consider Joining Us, You WONT Regret It! ♡
The Inferno is a new and growing 18+ community looking for members. We are a friendly and inclusive community where you’re free to be yourself (as long as you follow the rules). If you are looking for dating servers, you’re in luck here because we have a section that is just for meeting new people that are also in search for a date or something casual. We also have rp and erp channels where you can let your creativity loose either 1-on-1 or in a group. There will be server events such as game nights and movie nights as well as other interactive things for members to join. Our server also has NSFW media available for viewing and posting; however, it is only available for those who verify. That being said, we do have a verified section for self content and chatting as well.
Hello, and welcome to The Red Light District, your safe haven of all things kink, BDSM, and erotic roleplay. We are a brand new, inviting server that is just waiting for you to move in. Here is just some of what we offer:

🖤 ▪︎ Channels for porn!
❤ ▪︎ 18+ Verified Tag!
🖤 ▪︎ Community channels like selfies, food pics, animals, and more!
❤ ▪︎ 5+ public roleplay rooms to start an open invitation and show off your writing skills!
🖤 ▪︎ Acceptance to any and all gender identities, sexualities, religions, political views, race, etc!
❤ ▪︎ A cheerful, helpful staff that will get you settled in!
🖤 ▪︎ Request rooms for roleplay, nudes, VCs, and porn!
❤ ▪︎As well as so much more!

Come on in and give The Red Light District a try, we promise you won't be disappointed. ;)

❤ ▪︎ Red looks good on you. ▪︎ ❤
𝐡𝐢!! 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 ✧・゚: 𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 :・゚✧
hiya! we are a small but very active and growing server! joining little universe will bring you lots of fun! we have super nice staff and active members! selfies, headspaces, NSFW chats, and things for gaming! we also have a venting channel for support and babysitters for those who don't have a CG :) WE HAVE A PACI GIVEAWAY GOING ON THIS MONTH!!!
♡this server is 16+ ONLY 16-22!!
♡self-assigned roles!
♡littles and doms welcomed
♡NSFW channels, require verification to be in
♡headspace channels for littles, pets, and doms
♡LGBTQ friendly!
♡active members and staff
♡fun voice chats and music bot!
♡movie nights and storytime!
♡giveaways every month!
A new server.
A server for all ages to have some fun ;)
Looking for males and females, any religion, race, sexuality, kinks etc. All is allowed.
Find your true love or just masterbate with each other or send and trade nudes.
Bienvenue dans l’univers du fantasmes , un serveur basé sur le RP , les fantasmes et le NSFW...
N’hesitez pas a venir faire un tour , vous verez par vous meme.
Le serveur n’est pas encore fini ou continue d'être améliorer...
welcome to 𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗸𝘆 𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘇 !!

- ages 16-21
- colourful roles
- self assignable roles
- voice chat
- boobbot
- friendly environment
Hello from 🅿🅴🆃🅿🅻🅰🆈 +18

This server is about clearly petplay, nsfw, erp we are just starting out and i hope this server can grow big
Every type of person is allowed
Lgbtq friendly
Join this server... Check it out
Have fun and have a great day today
-*Lewd City, one of the lone marks of the country that one can share their fetishes without judgement. Making (economy) money just by being there, sharing what one loves, and talking to others, passing up this chance would be crazy!*-

Lewd city has a mix between roleplaying and porn. Separated and optional to do either. We have plenty to offer to anyone that wishes to join.

[Verification]: Automated anti raiding/nuking/trolling verification to get in the city for an enjoyable time.
[Various Kinks]: We have many to choose from, and requesting is almost instantly accepted.
[Nice Community]: Verification that block bots, our community is nice and supportive.
[No Kink shame]: We believe your fetish is welcome here. (Except pedophilia)
[Plenty of RP]: Enjoy roleplaying? We will even give you your own channel if active!
[Economy]: Make money posting, and use it in roleplaying channels, or rob someone :laughing:
[Active Staff]: We're very rarely away from our devices. We will respond to help quickly.
[PORN/HENTAI]: We have plenty of hentai and bots to help you get what gets *YOU* going.

So if any of this sounds like something you'd enjoy, give us a try!
A fun and entertaining NSFW server where singles and couples can have fun and meet-up, all 18 to 30 year old are welcome to have fun and enjoy~

If you want to play games with adults instead of screaming kids, or just some have some adult conversation, sharing kinks and experiences, this is the right place.

Come and join our server~
Hey there! You, yes you!

DDLG Empire is a new DDLG community.--(We are SFW)--

We would love for your to come and give us a look~

What we offer:
#= All positions E.G. Daddy, Sub, Switch and mistress
#= Partnerships
#= Self Assignable roles
#= Wide Variety of VC's
#= Little Section
#= 18+ NSFW Section
#= A full proof system to help you find your partner in crime

If any of this interests you please come take a look~ You wont regret it.
Our friendly Mods ensure a lovely calm and safe space to be yourself.
--(LGBTQ+)-- Friendly
Ein Ort für Menschen aller Art um ihre sexuelle Lüste und Fetische auszuleben.

🍓Verlässliche Ü18 Partnersuche
🏯 Intensiver Chat über alle mögliche sexuelle Präferenzen
🌶 NSFW Inhalte von Pornodarsteller und Mitgliedern
🔞 Gatekeeping + starke Moderation für eine angenehme Community
💋 Roleplay, Dirtytalk, Caption Creator und duzende zukünftige Projekte/Events.

Join Lewd Heaven.

*Active staff.
*Monthly Nitro Giveaways.
*Safe place for everyone.
*Tight community.
*NSFW section.
*SFW section.
*Fast growing.
*Accepting people.
*And much MUCH more.

Just a happy family that we'd love you to be part off !
𝑹𝒆𝒅 𝑹𝒐𝒐𝒎 ❥

╭────────•About Us•────────╮
Welcome to Red Room, a welcoming adult community with constant NSFW/SFW content and
chatting with people across the world.

For anyone +18, everyone is welcome to enjoy the comfort and privacy of our server as we do a speedy and secure age verification process before allowing access.

That means you’re safe to be yourself

Come visit and share your experiences with us! We have many channels ranging from advice and venting to food and music.

╭────────•We Offer•────────╮

- Meet new people with different personalities and experiences!

- A variety of channels including art, food, music, and many more!

- Member profiles to make getting to know each other easier and find common interests!

- Server games to play and bring our members together!

- Music and Voice channels to listen and chat with friends!

crossed_swords Admins to protect the server from toxicity!

closed_lock_with_key Vaulted channels for those who are age verified and are comfortable to post as they please!
Welcome to FeetPlace, the ULTIMATE feet server! Here we have:

•An awesome, Active Community!

•Model Opportunities!

•Amazing Owner and admins!

•Rooms to brag about your feet!

•An organized, great server!

•Fair, good Justice!

We hope you join our server!
Welcome to Hypno | Doll House 18+
We are here to provide a safe and welcoming community where all Hypnotists, Subjects, Vanillas, anyone of that lifestyle can come together and talk. Feel free to share your expierences!

We offer the following:

A whole bunch of Hypnosis Information
Friendly staff members, always looking out for one another.
Partnerships, and games for our gamers.
A whole bunch of roles, and soon to be colour roles.
An LGBTQ+ friendly community.
Custom VCs you can make and allow anyone to join! A CNC role for those who want to get down frisky with anyone out there.

So please! Take a chance to join in and help make our server a better place.
🌹 Kitten Play 🌹

Kitten Play is a 17+ BDSM server.
We are new, and looking for staff.

We have:
🌹 Self Roles
🌹 Color Roles
🌹 WIP BDSM Roles
And bots!

Our main goal is to connect others.
Maybe you'll find someone with the same interests.