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heya! we are a server for everyone we have NSFW, Fandoms, Obsessions, Kinks
If you're looking for a friendly community that will accept you under any condition, whether
you are from the LGBTQ community or only looking for a chat,this is the place for you.
As you may notice, the server revolves around hentai, however you can still meet people,
make possible new friends, and maybe even a lover.
Talk about anything, from your kinks to your favorite T.V Shows, your life experiences
or how you feel in life. Everyone should feel welcome and have a nice stay.
If you enjoy the server and the people that are within, please feel free to recommend
the server to your friends and invite them to the community, we love having new people with us!
Feel free to contact the admins for any issue concerning the server, and we hope you have a great time!
Cheers! <3
We have roles for everyone, including the kink-less!
Role themes! Currently Royalty
Our goal is 100 members by the end of February!
Community of weirdos that like devious stuff and rainbow socks. We have a badge system that allows you to select interest-based channels to join and share and communicate in, of which there is a very wide variety. We mostly keep it cool and SFW.

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Leather and Lace is a BDSM server mainly focused on creating a community and discussing BDSM. Of course we also play games and have memes to look at in between the excitement.
A gay server full of people into all kinds of things with roles that make things clear welcome all who wish to join a non judgemental open environment you can enjoy things from roleplaying, exchanging nudes, dating or sharing porn etc
please join this new server iT will help us alot
Welcome to All Kinks Safe Place!
We welcome everyone, big or small! We don't judge people or judge anyone about their gender or sexuality or kink! This is a safe place.
We welcome all (eg Ddlg, Ddlb, Mdlg, Mdlb, pets, owners, slaves, master/mistresses, brats, brat tamper, vanilla ect)
This is a safe place for all!
We have many channels and fun stuff to do
This is server is opening for all. Looking for a relationship or just too meet new friends.
We would love to have you!
(Ages 12-18+)
We are a server that holds the necessary channels for you to enjoy and quality staff that keeps the fun and trouble away along with a great self-formed NSFW Community.

Our server has many great features and active members to befriend. We hope you come join and stick around.

What we have to offer:
A great fun & fulfilling community
Leveling System
Support for our girls and guys
Female Complaints Channel
HUGE NSFW section
Much more !
A server will everything and more. What more? ``NSFW ``
There is a sfw area for ages 13-17, however Verified 18+ members will get the full experience if this server.

- Colorful level roles
- Many bots to use for games, music, ect.
- Daily votes
- Drawing competitions
+ more!

- NSFW Bots
- NSFW Daily Votes
- NSFW Drawing Competitions
- NSFW Chats with lots of kink topics
- NSFW Male/Female/Being Selfies
- And soooo much more!
This is a server where you can do many lewd things
Gay stuff
Regular stuff
And even furry stuff
I hope to see you there!
Welcome to " The Red Light District. "

Here, you can find like-minded people who just want to let loose and let out their inner freak! Within the server, we offer multiple roleplay rooms for your roleplaying pleasure, and offer the ability to meet and make friends, and possibly even more! Some of the various roles we offer are as follows:


We want all who enter to know that we wish for you to have fun and relax while respecting boundaries of other members.

Come play.
A safe space of Littles and Daddys, Doms and Subs, Pets/brats and tamers to hang out and feel safe from the big mean people who insult them.
The First Deathknight Teron Gorefiend invites you to a thrilling server featuring the kinks you never wanted but got anyways. we're here for a good time not a long time. some come join us while arthas steals our cupcakes.
Estamos so a começar mas este server é para fans de bdsm ou pessoal kinky que sejam de portugal e o objetivo é ajudar as pessoas a encontrarem o seu parceiro ou apenas pra falar
Just a fun little server welcome to everyone no matter the kink!
This server is for everyone who is 18 and over. Share your love of BSDM kinks, get to know one another, make friends and just chill and relax.
This is a safe place for all kinks and fetishes (including ddlg/cgl and bdsm). From drawings, to NSFW, to movie nights, we have it all. Come join our little wonderland were you can meet and hookup with people just like you! This is a place for you to make new friends, relationships, and meet new people! ADMINS AND MODS NEEDED. 14+
if you join Boop-A-Doop squad YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
you WILL have lots of fun, we WILL accept you
the server may be small now but if you join it will grow
and there is a nsfw section in the server
if you want to view the nsfw content you will need to ask the bot for the role
but if you dont want to go there that is ok there are lots of other things to do
This is a safe place to make friends and talk about the stuff that should stay in your bedroom.

~This is an 18+ server so please respect that~
~ bullying will be and automatic ban~
~No gore~
~Respect the mods~
~If you would like a role don't be afraid to ask~
~No posting pictures of other people without consent~
~If you are muted ask yourself why~
~If you have any questions just ask a mod or the owner~
~We hope you have lots of fun~
Peach✦Box is an 18+ CG/L and DD/LG related server that is welcoming and caring! We celebrate birthdays, have a little space provided, plenty of NSFW rooms (accessible by a role) and so much more! Head over to Peach✦Box and help it grow!
A new, fun server for anyone into DDLG, and BDSM to meet like-minded people! Must be at least 15+ to join.