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This is a server for females only.

Don’t join if you’re not willing to prove you are a female. 18+

I need a good girl who likes being called pet names such as babygirl, kitten, princess, but, at the same time loves being called the exact opposite(whore, fucktoy, slut, etc.) A girl who loves being treated roughly and degraded, put in their place and loves it. A girl who smiles and gets wet when a man wants her. Someone who loves being treated as a possession and a toy but at the same time knowing they’re cared for.
Hi, I'm looking for some obedient female slaves only to be mine so degrade and humiliate if this fits you join today. Top slaves get rewards must be okay with pics/videos. DMs open.

Need to verify.


Join today Slave.
This is about the fall of two great empires one known as lust and the other known as love, they haven't always seen eye to eye due to there differences. They've always been near war but manged to not end up in it but one day a war will happen...
Hello~~ \( ̄︶ ̄*\)) Welcome to your new home!
Would u like a master and be owned? A proper dom? Degraded but cared?
Maybe you'll like it with me!😶Earn your rewards, treats and master's affection you deserve :3 Join and Read to know more. Honestly- It's okay to leave after, if it doesn't seem like your tea >.<
Me: Age 19~ Canada. Dominant (experienced, and i've done my research) Super understanding ^-^
🍩>Design our space together! Add our rooms. Make it as cute to aesthetic u want! (All personal 1 on 1)
🍩>Multi-scenarios/storylines/kinks up to you. Immersive roleplays.
🍩>For pets, slaves, LG, any of your fantasies could come alive!
🍩>Respect ur limits + goal is to make you COMFY
🍩>Sometimes wholesome😋sometimes not so much
🍩>Tasks could be given~ (IRL)
🍩>For you, who's wishing to be owned and loved.
🍩>We can just hangout too <3

🍯Fyi~ you'll need to answer questions before we can do anything to know you better :)) After, be patient - gotta set up our space :D

I'll write this description better later~ Server will become better, *only* cuz you are in it!

Bot count: 7
Humans: 13
Atena's Kingdom [Only 18+]
Hello and welcome to the Atena's Kingdom! Here we provide a bot-restricted area so you don't have to face any DDOs or scams! Also, our server is still new yet so we are looking for more members and staff as well! We need more active member so I hope you guys join and stay long~ We gotta start somewhere right?
We currently have:
- A user verify system
- A few self-assign roles
- A good lore story to read if you are bored
- A few bots
- A few horny people

Hope to see you there~
For many years, the war between the creatures of Earth has been brewing with no end in sight. Tired of witnessing all of the fighting, one stray angel sacrificed herself to create a protected island far out in the middle of the ocean. She called this island the Isle of Lust. From the outside, the Isle of Lust appears to be fairly normal place where residents peacefully live out their day to day life. However, the isle has a secret that only the residents know.

Slavery runs rampant on the Isle of Lust. Masters are considered first-class citizens and must be respected. Unowned slaves are expected to obey any Master, but an owned slave is protected by their Master and only required to obey them unless otherwise stated. Masters are discouraged from touching another Master's salve without permission. As punishment for slaves, Masters can send them to the stocks located in the town square where they become a free use slave for the town.

Welcome to the Isle of Lust. Will you be a respected Master or a lowly slave?


- Verification to keep out raiders and spammers
- Optional ID verification to gain access to spicier channels
- A server shop for things such as color roles, private channels, and useable items
- Detailed character template to let everyone get to know your character
- Auctions twice a week
- A drama-free environment
- No kinkshaming
- Fun bots and server emotes
- Planned server events
- Server rewards
- 28 server color roles

Invite links:
CURRENTLY WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING *1* MASTER TO JOIN THE OWNER. This is purly to build up sluts in the server, but dont worry, we will accept more masters in the future.

Hello, welcome to Master's Calling. A new 18+ irl bdsm slave community (pardon for the run on name, you get the idea of what this server is). We are strictly maledom and femsub.

This server is for any slut that wishes to finally be owned and serve a master. In this server you will be at the command of a master. This is a mainly IRL server, and you will be asked to send pics and videos (respecting your limits of course). You are expected to follow our orders and please the masters.

We do have erp options, but this is very minor.
This server is for female sluts looking for a Dom to submit to. Your master will care for you. Become his property/pet or cum dumpster.18+ server for IRL or ERP. NSFW Server: Females only. Males will be banned.
Welcome to The Red Roster!
You are here to serve and obey, or enjoy a person of your chosing however we do have some rules Everyone has to follow to keep everyone having fun and being safe. We an Erotic Roleplay and General Polynamorous community. Her to share in not only our perversions but other things we love. All are accepted, we have based out theme off the famous Red Rooster Las Vegas Swing Club. So if you are looking for a community to let your freak flag fly! We are your team!

“Your sexual organs need to be satisfied, like everything else. If you don’t get (sex) occasionally, or have an orgasm, you’re gonna have a nervous breakdown, Just because you have a strange (sexual encounter) every now and then, doesn’t mean you don’t love your wife.” -Mike Borchers
----- 18+ Roleplay 💕
----- Age Verification System✨
----- Friendly Community 🌺
----- Active Staff 🍑
----- A Lot of Biters 🙈


Nefaria, a once prosperous and bustling city, full of people, creatures and humanoids with dreams and hopes. That is until war ravaged it and slowly turned it into what it is now. A no man's land in name only. Those who live there now, are those who want to hide away from society and enjoy their lives, doing as they please but the city wasn't without order. The city had figures of authority who controlled it. They made sure that the people living there were always safe from the war going on outside the gates, only letting in those who wanted to enjoy themselves within the city. The city soon ended up with the moniker "City of Sins", and a hierarchy was created by those in power. Masters and Slaves were the two ranks given to those who wanted to live. The city became a place for sex, booze and entertainment. Travellers who couldn't help but give in to their cardinal sins flooded the city, happily accepting their roles as masters and slaves, as long as it meant that they could indulge in the main reason they ended up there, Lust.
Looking for Female and/or FtM sub slaves to serve me with their mind and body.
This server is NOT ERP, it is IRL/ONLINE.
Join our Coven of Vampires & other dark creatures 🦇 4 Voice channels 🦇 18+ **Exclusive** name colors 🦇 30+ Roleplay rooms 🦇 70+ Roles 🦇 100+ games & commands 🦇 5 Exclusive main chats! 🦇 Level UP the more you're active to unlock exclusive channels, roles, and name colors! 🦇 Discord Nitro? When you boost our server, you get our exclusive perks instantly!
Hello all we are a master or mistress/slave server and as of right now we are in need of dominant people for own our current surplus of slaves ,So if your a dom looking for a slave this is the place to go . submissive people are still welcome but we're are still in need of more doms than subs
Join if you’re a horny girl. Daddy is ready to make sure we both get what we want ;)
◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇
We are an 18+ community only.

Join us for our lore related event that just started!

Welcome to Mythical Ways. A world of endless possibilities wherein all forms of creature live in harmony.
Ever thought of playing an angel character? or a dragon? or have a race you invented? here's the place for you!

Underneath the calm and the peace, is a history of a broken world scarred by war. Some hundred of thousands of years ago, wars raged within this world, stopped only by a dragon. More recently, slavery was abolished.... or so it seems on the surface.

In the underground world, an organization is rising. A ring of slavery is slowly growing, controlled carefully, they are enslaving more boldly as the days pass, threatening the peace and possibly aiming at shattering all these calm days - by forcing slavery back into mainstream and forcing the anti-slavery laws to be overturned.

Which side will you join?

◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇

Through rp'ing you can gain in server currency, using this you can upgrade your powers or even buy a character slot that allows you to play as a Demi God. We also have a whole second rp section for those who wish to play in a medieval setting, many character slots are unique to this setting and must also be bought.

A quest system is available to earn in server currency too. Come join our community to develop your original characters and to make friends with our members.

We currently have available staff positions and we're taking partners. We're also in need of more masters, mistresses and slaves.

◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇
An open imperial harem based role play discord looking for new members to play with! Accepting any and all, come and work your way up the imperial hierarchy, and maybe get a chance to build a harem of your own!
18+ server
Master searching for obedient slaves. You must be okay with sending pictures.
(irl only)
Hope to see you there!

【The Breeding Den】
Welcome to the den! We are an open and friendly Discord server where you can chat but also let loose.

The themes of the server are breeding and female submission. Generally bulls are big males that create a natural size and strength difference between them and the cattle. They assert their dominance over the much weaker and smaller females in a primitive way in order to breed them. The females then take the seed in and relieve the males of sexual urges while being submissive towards them.

【We Offer】
✦ Easy-going rules
✦ Optional verification system
✦ A rating system for both cattle and bulls
✦ RP channels
✦ No OC required to RP
✦ Open suggestion system
✦ Reporting system via tickets
✦ Support/Question channels via tickets
✦ Tons of roles, emotes, hentai and memes
*⋆ 🎀 𝑀𝒶𝓈𝓉𝑒𝓇'𝓈 𝐿𝓊𝓈𝒸𝒾🍪𝓊𝓈 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝑒𝓂 🎀 ⋆*

Hello, there!~
Incase this server was able to catch your attention among the thousands others out there, I'd say you're in luck.
This server is meant to be a harem/hangout server available only for females between the ages 18-30, there is a separate sfw channel for all the girls who dont want to be involved too much in the kinky side of things, but I advise you to be on alert, for this server is heavily involved with nsfw or sexual themes. My last server was deleted on 300 members a month back, but here I am again, starting a new one yet again. This harem is specifically meant for females in need of having their sexual desires and fantasies be satisfied by a man (that would be me-) who's skill set can provide you with immense pleasure. I offer you my very powerful and detailed form of writing that has made several women before cum and quiver uncontrollably from our mild interactions. I guarantee you never ending affection and lustful advances, given that you are a female who is a semi-literate or advanced-literate roleplayer who'd be down for sharing a few nudes here and there ;3
That is all for now.. I shall be waiting for you at the gates of my server, (If I'm not there I'm probably asleep- do maintain patience though, for I cannot be online all the while.) I hope to meet you all soon, until then.. Toodles!~
Join this server if you are:
1. A girl!
2. You are interested in a master that tells you what to do.
or 3. You want to trade nudes (only f with m)

No guys!
An organized community for Halo part of a multigaming organization of 1700+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
Do you ever wanna be absolutely owned? Do you want a man to put you in your place, have someone to completely dedicate yourself to? Well you’re in luck, join my server and you’ll have the best master ever, females only
If you are in this server you serve the master. You do whatever I wish with complete obedience. You are my property. That means pictures and videos btw. No roleplay here.
Only females, no trans
Don't join unless you are female and will follow these rules. Males will be banned
18+ of course
Im looking for girls who search a master to have some fun.. so if your not a girl or not want to have irl dares (with pic and nudes) don't join else I will be happy to be your master