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Friendly server for Orbits to talk about LOONA and any other group the members like! Growing collection of emotes, bots and activities!
We are a server for cucks bulls and whores.
Feel free to stop by and have fun.
End goal is for some wild shit to start and some drama to go down you know some real hype shit.Tell that bitch cassandra who keeps telling you fuck off her brown rice to square up in the Arena where the person with best kindling to fuel the flames under there opponent wins basically whoever roasts eachother better wins.

Or if you're looking for a more civilized way to settle your differences look no further than the court where the defendant will be given a lawyer of their choosing and date where the defendant the prosecutor and the defense lawyer will face off in a battle of minds either the judge or jury will choose who the punishment or if there will be one at all.

The Gulag if the defendant is found guilty he/she will be sent to Gulag (its just a ban) where they will feel the wrath of a thousand rams for time that span from 1 hour to 1 month depending on the crime.
in this server we talk about doctor who all of the time we allow anyone to join you can tell anyone about your discord server and we talk about anything
a roleplay server based on the BBC television series called the doctor who, there will be roles from the series plus a few extra, it is semi oc friendly.
we have friendly staff and we welcome new people experienced and noobs to the series. we welcome people from all walks of life, sexuality, religion and beliefs, we accept all.
we dearly hope to see you soon ~
Feet For Everyone is a community that caters to your foot fetish needs. Active Administrators. Archive areas with mixed image folders, looking to gain more High Quality Content. Join today!
Welcome, welcome, all Merlin/Mordred and BBC fans to the ultimate Merdred shipping server. Get roles, post art, find fic recs and fanvids, play with bots, roleplay and more!
A server where Orbits can join and love our girls from Loona!
We share theories, our creations and geek out about their music :3
This server is all inclusive <3
A server just for Doctor Who fans!! Chat about our favorite Doctors, Companions, Villans, ect. Don't be scared to join! Let's be friends~
Cuckold Amateur Content. BBC domination. Turk Cuckold videos, pictures and gifs. Big black cock and Queen of Spades. Couples and marriages. Wifes and husbands. Lovers and Bulls.