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Welcome to E.W.E 🌺
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Welcome on the Erotic World [ERP] server
We are a growing community that’s mostly about roleplaying, gaming, anime and sharing hentai. Everyone is welcome here and we ask everyone to be friendly with one another so the experience is as pleasant as possible for all 🌺

ღೋ Are you looking for Erp and Rp server or NSFW server, well come join this server. Everybody is friendly and active. 🌺 ღೋ

ღೋ This is strictly 18+ server, don’t join if you not 18+ ღೋ

ღೋ E.W.E mean Erotic World Erp. Erotic World Erp. We doesn't have a lore, this is a open world Erp. Alot of member enjoy here in the sever. We have friendly staff and owner. You can do anything in this server. ღೋ
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🌺 Self assigned role
🌺 Hentai
🌺 Erp room
🌺 Many more coming soon.
🌺 Fun Bot
🌺 Event.
🌺 Template
🌺 Active members
🌺 Lounge
🌺 partnership
🌺 Friendly people
🌺 Private Room
🌺 Detail Erp/Rp
🌺 Meme
🌺 Event
🌺 Verification
🌺 18+ server
🌺 Non-toxic Server
🌺 Friendly staff members
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*You stumble towards a red door, bearing a neon light in the shape of a cocktail glass. Suddenly a large man exits and you approach curiously, showing them your form of ID. With a nod of approval you are guided through, the smell of booze and perfume tempting you further inside. You make your way to the luxurious bar, staring at the lustrous strippers entertaining the guests, before turning back to see a friendly face. "What can I get for you?" she smiles.*

**Midnight Bar 18+** Happily tempts you inside!~

This place welcomes everyone, no matter what kink or fantasy you desire~

We are offering:

:cocktail: A safe space
:cocktail: A chill zone for you to de-stress.
:cocktail: Bar themed ERP rooms, Casual and Experienced including free rooms!
:cocktail: Looking for ERP channel.
:cocktail: IRL porn, Hentai, Ecchi~
:cocktail: Unbelievabot custom replies themed on the bar~
:cocktail: React roles!

Will add more as it grows!

**You have to do an introduction**

:cocktail: Now get yourself inside. Let’s get this party going~ :wine_glass:

**We are not Loli/Shota/Cub friendly server.**
♡The Pastel Palace♡
[Summary] Many years after a horrible war the world has begun to rebuild. Seven regions, each with a respective purpose, system, and sin, are all that remain of the world. Inhabitants that are anything but human wander these lands. This takes place after all has been established in the region of Luxuria, also known as Lust.
♡ Small community with friendly members
♡ A safe ERP server that is fairly accepting so long as it's not illegal
♡ LGBTQ+ Friendly staff
♡ Always open to listening to and considering the suggestions of members
♡ All are welcome are if you feel you're being treated wrong do not be afraid to contact the owner.
♡ We seek to be more than a roleplay server but rather an actual community
We at the Region of Luxuria welcome you with open arms!!
Hiya!~ This is a message from Alexandrea, the creator of this wonderful server!~ We’re a work in progress community with a work in progress Ad!~ So please bear with me! Currently this server is small, but with your help, we can manage to make it grow and thrive!~

● We’re a friendly community with little limits on what kind of things you are allowed to include in your ERPs, and don’t worry! Because even if your “likes” aren’t allowed in our community, you can always ask for an ad in our request channels and take it to DMs! Just please make sure to put any of the less than well received kinks you’d like to include inside spoiler text, two of these “||” around the start and end of your sentence, so that people won’t be forced to read anything they may not like to hear! Despite the limits, we don’t tolerate any kink shaming, **however** kinky degradation is allowed if both parties are fine with it!~

● We strive to allow many forms of RP!~ While this server is **mainly** based around ERP, other RPs are totally and completely allowed!~ And we welcum many forms of RP out there!~

● Bots!~ We try to have fun little bots you can mess around with, but please use them in the dedicated channels!

● Organized!~ We are well organized with channels for many specific things, if you have any questions, there’s most likely a channel that will cover them, and if you can’t find any answers on your own, feel free to ask in our dedicated questions channel!~

Thank you for reading this advertisement, and I hope you join, and have lots of fun in District S, Dedicated ERP Server!~
🐉 Hello? You there! Yes, you! Are you interested in rp? Would you like to be in a role play setting with deep lore and diverse settings? Well look no further! Monster Girl Paradise is a great server for that! We have plenty of different rp channels, and an excellent setting. We also have hard working staff that make sure the server is the best it can be. Not quite a fan of role play? No worries! We also have Pokecord and other fun bots! 🐉

🐲 Immersive rp with fun events!

🐲 Monster girls and guys welcome!

🐲 Game bots!

🐲 memes!

🐲 erp and nsfw friendly!

🐲 chill environment with a bunch of cool kids and weirdos alike!

🐉 So what are you waiting for eh??? Come join the Monster Girl Faction!! 🐉
Welcome to Plutia's Playland! This is my little island where anything goes! So it’s the perfect place for all you kinky people to relax and really explore the dirtier, darker sides of your inner selves. Here you can choose to be either a slave, who is free use to anyone in the server. Or you can be a guest, the people who use all the slaves. Whatever you choose to be, I hope you have a wonderful, and very kinky time here.
Greetings! Welcome to Celestial Cosmos. A giantess roleplaying server with a heavy focus on in depth, immersive lore! Our lore has been expertly written by one of the most skilled writers in the GTS community. When you join the server you enter a galaxy with many worlds to explore and roleplay in! Our server is fully staffed with plenty of moderators to ensure that your roleplay experience is as pleasant as possible! Our inclusive server permits uses of all ages, uses will be given access to nsfw channels for nsfw roleplaying upon confirming that they are over 18.

So what are you waiting for? Come to Celestial Cosmos and see for yourself!
Come and join the **Edabara** high school!
This is a school for very intelligent and “gifted” children, here you’ll be able to create your own character to become one of the many roles listed in the server.

💜-Ability to create your own Clubs
❤️-Mixed double dorm rooms
🧡-Many channels in which you’ll be able to rp from school to city to wilderness
💛-Ability to make fantasy ocs such as demons or succubus
💚-No kinkshaming, all kinks allowed (Except pedophila)
An 18+ ERP server for those who are interested in hyper and growth kinks, we have multiple picture channels and public roleplay, though we are mostly based around DM roleplays. (Currently looking for staff members!)
This is a somewhat haven for most roleplayers.
I hope that you enjoy this server.
Were a growing community where, at least at this present moment,
everyone keeps leaving, or just doesn't join.
So come along on this adventure! ^ ^

Please Note: This server is still under way, and its kinda hard to revamp at the present moment.
Welcome to Trenton College! We are glad to see you could make attendance today. We will start by going over a few things. Here we boast the smallest rules list for any college in the entire country! What does that mean? Well, you can do many untraditional things, including but not limited to bringing whatever you want to school, having unmonitored dorms, and even having intercourse! However, with power comes responsibilty. Use it wisely.

*Many Channels
*Hentai sharing
*And more!
The World of For Honor is a dark and grim place, plagued by war. The greatest warriors known to man, locked in an eternal struggle for dominance. Who will you join?
- Serve and protect with the noble Knights of the Iron Legion.
- Raid and pillage with the ferocious Vikings of the Warborn Clans
- Train and meditate with the reclusive samurai of the Dawn Empire.
- Achieve victory for the Emperor with the imperials warriors of the Wu Lin dynasty.
- Serve your rightful sultan and vanquish the unbelievers with the zealous warriors of the Ghazi sultanate

Make friends, enemies, and love with four unique factions and 27 classes, and change the game between nations! More factions to be added soon with the growing server members!
You want to RP/ERP? Are you tired of those servers that you're not allowed to swear or say a racial slur? Well you're in the greatest place for your dirty desires!

We currently are low on members... but It will slowly grow by the time-!

Features include:

-Personal, Role-access rooms


-NSFW channels (Including those Fetish-Related)

-Cute/Custom Cosmetic roles

-Multiple Characters

-A small art section

-Nice and nontoxic people

-An attempt to keep out lurkers(lol)
Welcome to the Terrace House: Spring Day Role-play server. This roleplay is based upon the TV Series, Terrace House, where 6 strangers (3 females and 3 males) all live together under one roof. Each member comes from different parts of Japan and different job occupations, the members will each get to know and date each other. All that is prepared for them is a beautiful home and 2 cars. There is no script and everything shall flow with no restriction. Members are expected to continue their lives throughout their stay. Once a member leaves, a new one is expected to come within 1-2 days.

This RP takes place in Karuizawa, a town near Nagano, Tokyo. There are many places to visit there such as bars, restaurants, recreational buildings, and tourist spots. The member’s work places are also created and former members may even cross paths with the newer members if their jobs just happen to be the same.
a server with roleplay and erotic roleplay or rp and erp for your hearts desire we also have powers (like elements and stuff) and we have friendly staff so join now!
This is Shiros Neko House. A roleplay server where you can roleplay. And chat if you want. This server is for everyone. Not to say that people won't try and be mean but that's not my fault. So please come and join this server.
Está é uma cidade de localização desconhecida, onde apenas seres poderosos podem ir.. Um lugar muito frio e com águas termais..
The Inventory is an erotic role play server using the program Kisekae as our Avatars for our RP's. Don't know how to use Kisekae? No problem! We have plenty of models up for public use that you may use! Come and see favorites from different games, manga, anime, and OC's as they all come together to talk, build relationships and most importantly what they do behind closed doors.

We are a welcoming community consisting of people from various parts of the world. Feel free to stop by as we are more than welcoming to help you improve your own RP, show off your skills in Kisekae and give you some lovely lewds.

If this is something you'd like to experience, I encourage you try and play first. It'll show you how we do things and what Kisekae is capable of. (The game is you vs other people from Tv/Manga/anime/etc playing strip Poker)
Here is the lore
Once upon a time a village existed the village was happy and peaceful everyone followed the rules and everyone did everything as they were told it was peaceful no one was hungry no one was tired and everyone felt happy, sadly all good things have to come to an end. one day a small girl decided she didn't like the way this world worked so she went past the lines as she walked things became darker and darker and she heard whispers eventually she became terrified but it was too late she had ruined the perfect way this village ran she had broken the line between demons and monsters and everything evil to the once happy humans very soon they were all dead the town had been massacred. Now many years later people seemed to begin appearing here as if they were meant to destroy the evil and escape the monsters it seems some of us began forming slight if any powers almost magical powers this is where you begin, have a fun time...
Hope it catches your eye and you enjoy
Hello welcome to the dolls house!
This manor house is a place for all things doll fetishism, doll crafting and dollification!
If you identify as a doll, or want to own one, feel free to drop in and get acquainted. We run an open community, that has acceptance for others and believes in putting our members at the core of what we do.
Fantasia is a small humble fantasy roleplay server loosely based on the annual pixiv fantasia art contest.
We offer a variety of channels to play in in whatever way you desire, enjoy your stay.