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Come and join the **Edabara** high school!
This is a school for very intelligent and “gifted” children, here you’ll be able to create your own character to become one of the many roles listed in the server.

💜-Ability to create your own Clubs
❤️-Mixed double dorm rooms
🧡-Many channels in which you’ll be able to rp from school to city to wilderness
💛-Ability to make fantasy ocs such as demons or succubus
💚-No kinkshaming, all kinks allowed (Except pedophila)
Welcome, to our server, its an 18+ server, the perfect place for roleplay, and make friends, all new ideas are welcome, come over, its a place for fun, fulfill those fantasies you dream of, the server also has its own lore, which you can base your characters on.
The Grerid Dynasty is the name of this roleplay world. 10 nations compete to be the rulers. Fire, Water, Nature, Dark, Light, Thunder, Poison, Beast, Space, and Steel. You may pick one of these nations to join and have up to three characters, you are also added to a private chat exclusively for your nation. Admittedly this server has a lot of channels, planning ahead for if this happens to grow into a larger server.
We hope you enjoy your time on this server!
East Canton, Pennsylvania is hardly talked about these days after the events of the 1960s through the mid to late 2000s. After all everyone died at the hands of a mysterious man known only as Leviathan...known only as the bringer of death.

No one outside of the Leviathan cult know who or what he was but inside the cult? Oh boy. If you had any sexual inclination...a need for a dicking or worse? Then Leviathan's Nest was for you. With a charismatic charming man inviting you to a party and initiating you into a murderous sex cult you lose your mind. Why wouldn't you with so many pretty people?

So if you're looking for an erp that has a literate standard and little to no boundaries on kinks or you have a noncon urge that needs satisfied than this erotic roleplay is for you!
Sun Maiden's Arms is a newly made ERP server 18+ only based on the characters from the game League Of Legends.
Small server with only one person, I hope you will join, we may not have many people, but that can change.
Knights versus Vikings versus Samurai versus Chinese? Quite simple right? Wrong. Warriors of different cultures exist everywhere, each with their own personal codes as a people and as a nation. When new factions begin to join the fray, how will the game shift? No one knows, but we do know, that the world has gotten a whole lot bigger.

Make friends, enemies, and love with four unique factions and 27 classes, and change the game between nations!

Become the Deadliest Warrior you've dreamt yourself to be.
An 18+ prison server with a hidden story about cruel experiments and possibly corruption, shall you risk your life and dig deeper? Or enjoy your stay...
The world has many anomalous people, those with unexplainable powers. They're sent here, some way or another. To Tallow highschool!
We're a small community drawn together by the love of roleplay. We've got friendly staff, a ton of roles, and a great server wide rp!
Welcome to The Void, a fantasy roleplay server, still in its testing stage, We're looking for active members to form this community, hoping to be able to create a fun experience for all those who join. Come over and fulfill those fantasy you dreamed of, Well anyways since you've read till here, hope to see you in The Void.
Welcome to Monster School! This is an 18+ roleplay server based on (as you probably already know) a school for monsters. It is located inside a tiny dimension which is known to randomly take things from other dimensions, occasionally people. Humans here are supposed to be killed or enslaved. While the school protects them, some of the students would prefer to enslave them or keep them as pets.
Welcome to Soccer mom, You can come here and have fun, Talk or chill. There is a meme section, NSFW Place and SFW if your not with that type of shit. The Staff are all respectful and if they are not you can complain to the owner. But we don't like snitches & lastly HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS YOU CAN!
YEAR: 2019

People in the village Tunstall have been catching an extremely old disease from the times of the latin language. The villagers have renamed the disease to the scarlett ignis, since it really is just a worse version of scarlet fever.

YEAR: 2019

The disease has quickly made its way around the world, with scientists everywhere using the oldest tricks in the book that were listed for scarlet fever cures. None of them are working. People with the scarlett ignis are now adopting the name, and spending their final days doing all they want.

YEAR: 2019

The villagers have managed to contain the disease. It has now been found out that the main culprits are people aged 10-17. The village have created a school-like place for the kids to attend, but with less strict teachers and more laid back subjects.

YEAR: 2019

The facility, now known as the Tunstall Facility, is now accepting applicants from all over the earth. However, Tunstall have to do a thorough background check on children aged 16-17 for reasons they refuse to disclose. It houses as many people as possible, and a school schedule has been leaked to the public.
You want to RP/ERP? Are you tired of those servers that you're not allowed to swear or say a racial slur? Well you're in the greatest place for your dirty desires!

We currently are low on members... but It will slowly grow by the time-!

Features include:

-Personal, Role-access rooms


-NSFW channels (Including those Fetish-Related)

-Cute/Custom Cosmetic roles

-Multiple Characters

-A small art section

-Nice and nontoxic people

-An attempt to keep out lurkers(lol)
this is a erp server, where no character is needed, just join and erp, we are trying to grow, and you could help us. Join, verify, and read the rules, get a couple roles, and start. You can request dm, or in server type erp, you can request any rp style or just try to find someone to just erp with
A server made especially for Role-Play and Erotic Role-Play whether or not you want it in Direct Messages or in public. Feel free to join and invite friends to this server considering it's not focused on one type of Role-play. There are no age requirements. Have fun and ask questions if you have any at all!
-The Owner
A lawless city with a mansion you can stay at and literally do whatever the fuck you want— I don’t care.

• No rules
• Self assignable role’s
• Easy character template & submission approval
• Limitless RP
An LGBTQIA+ friendly erotic roleplay server for furries. 18+ only.
Offensive/Racial slurs will never be allowed in any form.
The server will provide you, the participant, with a private category where you will be able to interact with me and my own characters alone, as well as group channels open to all participants.
Pornographic content of Children/Loli/Shota is not allowed in any form, period.
Roleplayers with characters of any gender/sexuality/species are always welcome to join in the smut and dirty talk.
I may also provide private channels for roleplay between me and 2 other participants upon request.
A spa and resort where you are able to indulge yourself in your carnal desires without the fear of being judged or caught. If you don't have anybody with you, you are able to find other customers or our staff would be happy to help as well when they are not busy.
"Everyone from absolutely everywhere, no matter who they are, what they are, or even if they are fictional or real, have all been brought into one, singular universe. And this universe has something unusual about it: all of the new inhabitants of this universe are now finding themselves incredibly horny, and are now lusting for sex. This should be... absolutely interesting."

This is a new server, but looking to build up a friendly community! Some of the things the server includes are:
-Channels for ERPing.
-Your character can be whatever or whoever you want it to be. From anywhere, and from any fictional work. Seriously.
-Open to member feedback!
-Bots for your amusement!

Be warned though, this server is 18+.
Welcome to the Ardor District, a city of Lustful Fighters. A place where the humans and the supernatural coexist to create the city’s greatest. A place where things like lust powers and lustful traditions exist. Join the fun in the Ardor District! In this city, people strive to become the city’s best heroes, whether it’s by good or evil terms.
The Solar Flare (aka Coronal Mass Ejection) is a roleplay (with optional erotic roleplay) server and we're all here to have fun

We have:
-Roleplay Channels
-Erotic Roleplay Channels
-NSFW Channels
-Friendly (if not kicked/banned) members
-Mostly laid-back staff team
-Ranking system (no donation required, you just have to rp)
-Private channels by request
-Themes created by request