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Camp is more than just some summer camp where people send their teens to get rid of them. This is a place were they collect those anomalous, under the disguise of a camp. They control them here because of the way they are anomalous usually has something to do with *coughs* sexual affairs.
We are an erotic role-playing community, centered around our own lore
- Wide arrange of members and areas to suit any need
-Supportive community
-Casual NSFW discussion/sharing of porn/hentai
-Staff that'll try their best to listen for advice
-Leveling system
We'd love for you to join, so why wait? We hope to see you in Midaranapolis and make our group even better!~
Hello this server was made recently and I'd love for you to join!

-Its a erotic roleplay server so of course you can sexually roleplay with people
Hello! This is Nameless, a random ERP server which was made with the intent of roleplaying, except with some more action. A lot of action. Special. Stuff. If you're interested in casual, semi-casual, whatever kind of RP then just come on into this server because it's super fun. Sort of. Anyways, enjoy your time here if you end up even seeing or reading this. Our team put a decent amount of effort into the server and just want to have some fun. So please, bring in the fun and go on a run. I like rhyming casually.
Welcome to Monster School! This is an 18+ roleplay server based on (as you probably already know) a school for monsters. It is located inside a tiny dimension which is known to randomly take things from other dimensions, occasionally people. Humans here are supposed to be killed or enslaved. While the school protects them, some of the students would prefer to enslave them or keep them as pets.
Just a fun and casual RP and ERP sever run by Rhealyn! Please feel free to join and enjoy yourself to your hearts content!
I welcome you all to the... Rather degenerative Mayhem Mansion~! We are a mansion based ERP and regular RP server for all sorts of roleplayers but are not for the easily offended.
(literacy encouraged)
The lore is that it is a lawless mansion and city.

We have some beautiful maids to serve you...~
The theme is rather obscurely lewd, so I’ll spare those details for you to read in the about-us section upon joining.

This is one of the only NSFW/ERP servers with absolutely barely to no limitations or rules when it comes to roleplay and content. 💕
All kinks are allowed here.
(yes even the ones society may frown upon)

Though the channels are all marked NSFW, RP doesn’t all have to be erotic, it can be a mixture, or whatever you desire.

What is offerered:
♡ 20+ RP location channels
♡ 10 OOC (out of character) channels, for chat, talking about anime & games or whatever you enjoy along with image posting for hentai, ecchi, art etc.
♡ Almost instant RP approval.
♡ Self assignable roles if you want to express yourself.
♡ Fun and interactive bots.

Since this is a new server and we only have a few people I am still setting a lot up and I’m searching for active trial moderators (maids/butlers) to be on my staff team due to being all by myself. Also accepting (active) partnerships to help kickoff my server and balance off of each other, just DM me.
You want to RP/ERP? Are you tired of those servers that you're not allowed to swear or say a racial slur? Well you're in the greatest place for your dirty desires!

We currently are low on members... but It will slowly grow by the time-!

Features include:

-Personal, Role-access rooms


-NSFW channels (Including those Fetish-Related)

-Cute/Custom Cosmetic roles

-Multiple Characters

-A small art section

-Nice and nontoxic people

-An attempt to keep out lurkers(lol)
We're a small community drawn together by the love of roleplay. We've got friendly staff, a ton of roles, and a great server wide rp!
A discord server for World of Warcraft players to meet and do Warcraft based ERP. ERP chatrooms not avaible yet, but will be there soon. ATM it's mostly a ERP dating site where ERPers can talk and meet up in DMs or in game!
A spa and resort where you are able to indulge yourself in your carnal desires without the fear of being judged or caught. If you don't have anybody with you, you are able to find other customers or our staff would be happy to help as well when they are not busy.
"Everyone from absolutely everywhere, no matter who they are, what they are, or even if they are fictional or real, have all been brought into one, singular universe. And this universe has something unusual about it: all of the new inhabitants of this universe are now finding themselves incredibly horny, and are now lusting for sex. This should be... absolutely interesting."

This is a new server, but looking to build up a friendly community! Some of the things the server includes are:
-Channels for ERPing.
-Your character can be whatever or whoever you want it to be. From anywhere, and from any fictional work. Seriously.
-Open to member feedback!
-Bots for your amusement!

Be warned though, this server is 18+.
Hey, you're an ERPer correct? Then why the heck aren't you in this server? Enough with the old and over-rated erp servers and join this one. Completely unique and organized, if you ask me.. your real erp story begins here:

Welcome, you are a slave in the Slave Master's House. Your sole purpose is to pleasure your master at all times. As a slave, you're given the honor of living in one of the most powerful houses in the world, your master's desires, lust and body is your only goal. Satisfy or punishment.
Welcome to the Ardor District, a city of Lustful Fighters. A place where the humans and the supernatural coexist to create the city’s greatest. A place where things like lust powers and lustful traditions exist. Join the fun in the Ardor District! In this city, people strive to become the city’s best heroes, whether it’s by good or evil terms.
Ever wanted to soak in a hotspring surrounded by cherry blossoms and have a little fun~?
This server is for you if you want that.
We are still starting out and would Love to have new people join.
The Solar Flare (aka Coronal Mass Ejection) is a roleplay (with optional erotic roleplay) server and we're all here to have fun

We have:
-Roleplay Channels
-Erotic Roleplay Channels
-NSFW Channels
-Friendly (if not kicked/banned) members
-Mostly laid-back staff team
-Ranking system (no donation required, you just have to rp)
-Private channels by request
-Themes created by request