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Update: WE JUST HIT 2.5K!!!

I started a gay raceplay server to fill the void left by the tumblr purge. Here you will find consensual racial submission, domination, and degradation. No matter your race or orientation, all are welcome. Hopefully you can help us grow to 3K!

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This server is dedicated to adults who share the combination of kink of Xenophilia and BDSM: also called Raceplay. If you're not familiar for the concept of raceplay, is about sexual appetite for people of different ethnicity. Yes, we PLAY FICTIONAL racism but within the term of BDSM (safe, sane, consensual).
Basis for actual racism is xenophobia (be apart, to not get close to people of other ethnic group) and is NOT tolerated within this community.
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Come one come all! We are building the largest kink/nudes/porn server on discord! What are goal is, is too host a safe place where users can be as freaky and edgy as possible. The edge of the internet for minds alike! Laid back most kinkest server on discord 🤫
♠ Jack of spades : a gay or bi men who only dates black men. it's the bi/gay version of a queen of spades.

♠ Currently the biggest server focused in the black superiority kink (race play) only for bi/gay men and sissies, our community has more than 3000 users who love to share their fantasies, nudes, favorite porn and talk.

♠ The Jacks of Spades server is a server for non-black boys who want to serve black men and black men who would like to be served.

♠ After choosing your role in our roles channel, you'll be able to see the channels for various kinks we have in the server, ranging from BNWO, BDSM and chastity to humiliation, hypnosis, petplay and many more.

♠ Thanks to our anti-raid bots and our moderators, trolls of any kind are an extremely rare occurence here, so feel free to relax while you browse our channels without the worry that you might see disturbing imagery or an @ next to the word Everyone 15 times in a roll.

♠ If you love gay interracial porn, want a place where you can get a sub to use or if you love the idea of serving a black master, be sure to check us out.
- We are open to everyone 🌎🌍🌏
- You get roles (you get to decide)☝️
- You can look at other peoples edits👀
- You can request edits 🙋‍♂️
- You can take part in our specials 🙌
- Discussions of any type 🗣(political/historical/sexual)
- Edited porn 🎬(captions/raceplay/nationplay/faithplay/and more)
Wir sind ein neuer Server für alle Freunde des Raceplay die gerne auf deutsch chatten. Alle Subs und Doms aller Art sind willkommen.