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We are a racing team on Roblox's Car Crushers 2. Interested in racing? Then come join us! We are fans of racing and love racing with other people! We also accept people who dont race. We consider them as a spectator if they want to watch the race where chaos insues instead of be part of it!
If you're looking for a new, immersive RP server that doesn't just cater to just oc or canon characters, you're in luck! We've got a great plot that stretches all across the world. All Canons are open in this Eyes of Heaven/Steel Ball Run fusion rp! We also have:

👀 Custom Emojis
👽 Great Staff
🤖 Fun Bots
😈 100+ Roles and Channels
📖 Great Template for OC Creation

But wait! What's that in your pocket?!?!?


You find a note in your pocket. Strange! It reads:

If you have seemed to have woken up with this in your pocket, your dress, or at your doorstep, do not fret. This is merely an invitation that I know that you will accept. At xx/xx/2009, 10h00 sharp the Fate’s Gambit will begin. You are invited to participate, though if you do not I’m afraid to say that you will stay in this timeline forever and crease the fabric of the past and severely impact the future. This is an experiment that one of you will be rewarded with.

Dans une contrée lointaine, s'opposent deux royaumes : Lucem, le royaume de la Lumière, et Noctis, le royaume de l'Ombre. Ces deux royaumes sont en guerre perpétuelle, dirigés chacun par une famille royale. Mais tout en haut, au dessus de tous, se trouve la Sorcière, maîtresse de ce monde, elle observe sans intervenir. Accompagnée du conseil, des créatures à part, tout comme elle, mais aussi des Dix Fleurs, une élite d'assassins, et de l'Élite, des juges impartiaux. À eux tous, ils s'occupent des deux royaumes, veillant à ce que la guerre continue encore et toujours sans jamais qu'elle ne faiblisse.
Alors ? Qui voulez vous être ? Soyez les premiers à venir pour que tous vos désirs de personnage soient exaucés ~
Looking for the right car meet? You’ve just struck gold.

Welcome to ZeroSixty! We are a newly formed group with an interest and passion for automobiles.

PC | Based in the U.S.

We host:
- Car Meets
- Drag Races
- Drift Races
- Car Cruises
- Special Team Events
- Suggestions
And more!

Since we are still new, we are trying our best to improve our Discord, policies, and especially the car meets. The staff’s goal is to provide a fantastic experience for all drivers.

We hope to make everyone feel at home and to have fun!

“Whatever you do, just remember to hit the pedal.”

- ZeroSixty
Server for players Live for Speed! Do you want to talk to someone about the game? Or maybe share a replay record? Screenshot? This Discord server is for you! Come and have fun!
*water, earth, fire, air....
Long ago the four drag tribes lived in peace until the fire nation attacked!-*

- **welcome to Avatar: the last drag queen**-

• what we offer is a fun avatar themed community/race where you compete against one another as a tribe!

• *drag arena* is where you can show your stuff in a “drag fight” ( race ) just like any other race but..**beware** your also holding the weight of your tribe so don’t disappoint!

**other than our rush/es**

• we provide to you a community to be apart of, and or a safe space to be free

• a communal chat for everyone and separate chats for each element

• we also plan on rolling out stuff like game nights, drag race episodes etc!
**⚔️ please join us in the arena ⚔️ season 1 casting will start soon**
UDN is a brand new, upcoming, drift focused FiveM Server. We offer a range of races, custom scripts, maps, and more. We hold a wide variety of cars, ranging from JDM, to Euro, to Exotic cars and more. Come join a welcoming, friendly community today and have fun!
This is a nice Discord server about cars, talk with car guys. Play games with them and have fun!
Malati di pista è un gruppo dove si organizzano eventi for fun e campionati con i vari simulatori per pc. Unisciti al nostro discord per maggiori info
Hello! Welcome to the space races, it’s quite obvious what this server is made for your assigned a mission and you competing against other people. The game you’ll need is already in the server with links so you don’t have to find it yourself. I hope you have a fun time and happy travels!
Hello there this is a Xbox F1 2019 E-Racing Team all you have to do is apply and we will accept you and we will allow you to choose what team you want as long as there is a seat for you I
Hope to see you soon enjoy
Update: WE JUST HIT 1,000!!! (in just two months!)

I started a gay raceplay server to fill the void left by the tumblr purge. Here you will find consensual racial submission, domination, and degradation. No matter your race or orientation, all are welcome. Hopefully you can help us grow to 2K!

Permanent link:
Race-Karts Xtreme or (RKX) is still a work in progress but it will soon be a go-karting game that you can play/work at! Racers start your engines!

Make sure to join our ROBLOX group too!!/about
GTA V | Race championship for Supercars and F1 cars

The championship consists of 7-10 races with 7-10 different tracks spread across Los Santos. There are 20 drivers in each race and 10 different teams. Each team has 2 drivers. By finishing as high as possible you collect points that ultimately determine the final score for the driver championship and the constructors championship.

Just like in real life we do a qualification for the race. During the race itself we first do a formation lap and only start in round 2 after the bombs have gone off. The safety car can be deployed in the event of an accident. After the races, the points are calculated and adjusted in the rankings. We also have a few simple rules that can be found in the discord server. If you don't behave you can be punished with a:

- Time penalty
- Grid penalty
- Race disqualification

Further information about the championship can be found in the discord server. If you like clean racing and a championship of it .. then I would definitely take a look at our discord :smile:
Nous sommes en l'an 3035 dans un monde alternatife ou toutes les races cohabite et sont répartie en 3 categories. Les races superieurs types: dragon, demon, ange ect. Les races dit normales: fée, ent, elfes ect et les races inferieures: humains, mort vivant ect. Jusqu'au jour ou le President decida avec ses ministres de tester l'hybridation. Rompant ainsi l'equilibre ajoutant deux nouvelle groupes de race dans le trio préexistant. Les Hybrides de race normal ou inferieurs et les Hybrides de races superieurs. Bien sur le president decida de s'hybrider aussi a son tour. Après de nombreux événements le président Akira Black va rencontrer différent président afin de repousser de nombreux danger. Participer aux évents régulier. Choisissez votre race. Menez votre vie dans le respect des dieux. Le mot d'ordre ici et le respect et la liberté. Nouer des liens et des relations avec les personnages des autres joueurs prier votre dieu et faite des missions si vous le souhaitez. Bref en sommes amusez vous
We are a small server trying to grow. We are anti censorship so you can say what you want as long as it isn’t spam and your extreme nsfw stays in nsfw channels. We are open to anyone to join we love opposing view points as what’s the fun in talking to a bunch of people who believe what you already believe. Hope to see ya here
Welcome To The Pro Street Car Club Discord, We Are A Car Related Group And Here You Can Text/Call/Play With All The Club Members. We are a growing community of car enthusiasts looking to grow our channels and create a better community for people to join and play in.
The MUS NASCAR Cup Series is an offline NASCAR racing league made for NASCAR fans across all NASCAR games/simulations. Drive on any game you'd like, on your own time, and compete with others while doing so.

To participate, you can use any NASCAR game/simulator you’d like on any gaming device, as long as it has the correct tracks. You will race against AI in your own private game on settings determined by the server owner, Godbout, and you will have a whole week to complete a race on your own time, without having to attend any specific events at a specific time. Once you have completed a race, you must take a screenshot of your final results and post it in the Race Screenshots channel to verify that you actually did the race and aren’t lying about your results. Your results will be compared to the results of all other participating drivers and the final race results will be organized by compiling all individual driver results. There will be 1 race per week, and result submissions for each race will open at 12:00 AM EST each Monday and close at 11:59 PM EST each Saturday. Result submissions for a race will not be accepted any earlier or later than these dates and times. Final race results will be announced on Sundays. Ties in a race will be broken by a coin flip. The winner of a race will earn 40 points, with second place earning 39, third place 38, and so on until the last place. However, during playoff races, the winner will earn 400 points, with second place earning 300 points, third place earning 200 points, fourth place earning 37 points, and so on from fourth back under normal scoring. Each season will start and end at Daytona, with the first race being the Daytona 500, and the last race is the Dusk to Dawn Clash at Daytona. The final race of the season will be the only race in the season where all drivers drive at the same time and are expected to attend specific race events. The Dusk to Dawn Clash at Daytona will be a 12 hour long overnight race at Daytona starting at 6:00 PM EST and ending at 6:00 AM EST.
Place To Come And Pick Your Crew Are You A Blood, Crip Or The Hustlers You Choose How You gone Live In This World
CloudRacing EU is the race sim community in Europe!

Our goal is to connect people from the EU for the best race sim experience!
We will create and host weekly events and leagues in different games, such as;
Project Cars 2, iRacing, F1 2019, Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Not feeling like to race but an easy ride? Join us on Euro Truck Simulator 2!

On our own website we will keep a leaderboard for the leagues and events so you can access your stats through the site or discord.