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Hey,hey okay that's a bit of weird server. As you can see from name, it's a "extreme" server so when you're joining except everything, don't come to us with kinkshaming. The server depends on D/s and public "roleplay". The server owner actually created that server to find someone that might abuse her. So come on, try your chance. And for the ones that wants to be abused, you're welcome as well, so just come on, click that thing and already start abusing/getting abused. Don't get us wrong from name, we also accept vanilla ones at here so yeah. Try us.
A brand-spanking-new Roleplay server set in the make-believe kingdom of Ubbin falls, a snowy and mountainous environment. The server has much to offer, so we beg of you, come join in the fun, no matter how you RP! ^,^
Welcome to the (hopefully) most hardcore and kinky ERP server on Discord. We allow pretty much every kink and sexual act you can think of, including non-con, which is an element that is always active on our server. However, just because people can come in and have their way with other members doesn't mean they can do whatever they want whenever, we do have rules for you all to follow after all so that everyone can have a good time while they use and abuse others to their hearts content. We are also an LGBT and Furry friendly community, and always on the lookout for active and kinky people, no matter how odd your interests may be to others.
Sur ce serveur, même le plus extrême de tes fétiches ne sera pas pointé du doigt. Nous sommes une communauté d'échange et de partage sur tout ce qui attrait aux tendances et déviances sexuelles, sans jamais être portés sur la honte.
Another new furry porn server. Light rules and chill. (Also looking for mods)