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=== Welcome to New World Island, Citizen. ===

In the world of Syn, technology advances at rates almost too incredible to be true. While sapient robots mingle with their fellow human citizens, and cybernetic enhancements are more than just the norm, a select, but vocal few are beginning to sense something's not quite right. Society seems almost too utopian, especially on the exclusive New World Island. Will you join them in discovering what's behind the scenes? Or will you become complacent, and fall prey to a nefarious plan?

=== Choose your friends & foes. ===

In Cybe[R]evolution, even the most innocent civilian has enemies. When creating a character, you may choose to have them be a member of 1 out of 5 rebel groups: The paranoid Seekers of Transparency, the wrathful Origin Uprising, the transhumanist Tech Connection, the environmental Keepers of Gaia, and the freedom fighters of N.E.O.

Every action your character makes will have permanent effects on the player-driven plot. Will you fight for the rights of your fellow citizens? Or fight for yourself, and only yourself?

=== Keep your friends close, and your lovers closer. ===

As Cybe[R]evolution is a 18+ Discord (age verification via D.O.B is required, in accordance with Discord's ToS), ERP is accepted. However, as we are a plot-centric server, it isn't the main focus, and is supplementary to the plot. So please, join for the rebellion, stay for the hot android babes. Or vice-versa. ;)

=== Other Features ===
- Musicbots
- Ranking system
- In-world events and festivals
- Developed world + lore
- Adults' Corner
- Artist & gaming channels
- LGBTQIA2S+ friendly
- A chance to become a part of Cybe[R]evolution's history in the making!

=== We'd be glad to have you here, Citizen. ===
Here at Nova, spacebound we are aiming to make a brand new community and safe place for adults to become themselves.

♡ Friendly staff.
♡ Events.
♡ Partnerships
♡ Community
♡ Roleplay
♡ Dating
Welcome to Sellers Lounge

We are an exclusive server for content creators to sell their content. We hope to ensure your safety as an adult content creator.

- A wonderful staff team
- Excellent verification process
- Loads of content for you to purchase and enjoy
- Interactive sellers
- And much more!

This is a brand new server and we are hoping to expand it as much as we can and make it better as we grow as a community.
💗 Once Upon A Naughty Time... 💗

🌸 Our server is an 18+ Verified Roleplay server dedicated to BDSM in an RP context within a medieval fantasy kingdom. From the town to the dungeons, the inner city to the outskirts and forests, you can come in, explore, and discover yourself and the environment! (For those not quite ready to jump into the RP aspect, or still learning about roleplay, we have plenty of general chats, games, and friendly comraderie, as well as several bots and SFW/NSFW chats for your enjoyment.) 🌸

🌺 Come and explore the Kingdom! 🌺

💗 Many roleplay rooms
💗 Relaxed Staff
💗 Many fun bots
💗 People who are like minded
💗 Looking for partnerships

🌺 Join the fun and enjoy everything we have to offer! We can’t wait to meet you! 🌺
A server welcomed to only adults 18+ and older. NSFW access will involve nudity and sexual acts in nature, so be cautioned. Drug Talk is for talk of recreational drugs which is also NSFW. Channels dedicated to Neurodivergent people and POC are open to those who request it.
Are you wanting to find a place to belong? A place where everyone talks and can be a family, well Masters of the Universe is the place for you. It is an 18+ server and has a strict way of verifying. Please join us we will be waiting for you.
Welcome too UNAS Xbox One RP(United Nations Armed Services) We are a Military Role Playing community for GTA 5. If you have any questions, DM at Hardwick_33#4337.