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Be welcome to the Absol Meadow. An adult only Pokemon community to hang out and have discussion, we can host some roleplay and NSFW content and we have self assignable reaction roles. The doors are open for anyone
🎀This server is focused on the relationship aspects of BDSM.🎀
🎀The BDSM world is a relationship, based on trust and love. A special bond that owners and ownees share. It takes an immense amount of trust to allow an owner the power to exert control and domination over the ownee.🎀
🎀Does this sound like something you're a part of? Doms and Subs, Daddies and Littles, do you have what it takes? Let’s find out what happens when subs take over!!🎀
Are you wanting to find a place to belong? A place where everyone talks and can be a family, well Masters of the Universe is the place for you. It is an 18+ server and has a strict way of verifying. Please join us we will be waiting for you.
A server welcomed to only adults 18+ and older. NSFW access will involve nudity and sexual acts in nature, so be cautioned. Drug Talk is for talk of recreational drugs which is also NSFW. Channels dedicated to Neurodivergent people and POC are open to those who request it.