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I'd like to introduce you to Guts & Glory, an RP set on an island known as Litus Island. The setting is a hybrid medieval era, where factions fight for power while Giants overlook such petty squabbles from afar.

This is a literate roleplay, all who come are expected to be such, though in the grand scheme of things growth and improvement can always be focused on. This server is also 18+, due to the mature themes that will be featured on the server.

This server is generally Male-focused, but females are allowed, furries and humans of any kind are allowed, dragons, serpents and beasts all have a place here in Guts & Glory.

Vore, Giants, Giantess' and Domineer/slave activity are all a secondary focus to the plot of the roleplay itself, so if such things bother you this server may not be for you. While such things are not the central focus, they are still key elements to how the world itself works and functions.

This server was built by a couple outcasts, who could find no place to call home, no place to spread their wings and soar, invariably this server exists for outcasts, those who've been neglected, forgotten, overlooked, this server will take you in and treat you as an equal.
For vore roleplay, socializing, gaming, and other lewd activities.

Welcome to Voraculous! We are a fairly new and growing vore server seeking to improve the quality of roleplay and writing by matching roleplayers with those that have a similar writing ability and offering advice. Make sure to check our rules and regulations in their respective channels once you join. Our most coveted rule is maintaining the peace and respecting others so that all feel welcome, safe, and happy within our server. Regulations will offer a short explanation on how to acquire each role, and the acquisition of any role allows you to become a 'verified' member, providing you with far more access in the server. We also offer a few voice channels for those looking to try out voice rps. Must be 18+ to join.
Do you have a belly fetish? Well we’ve got just the place for you!
Furry server for the best fluffs only.
Prefers mature, civil & active members.
170+ fluffs, very active every day.
Non-furry profile images are insta-banned.

Searching for more high quality fluffs to take care of here! Got over 170 so far.

Only the good members are kept though, non-furries, unpleasant or inactive ones are going to be removed.

Very active medium sized server averaging several thousand total messages most days lately.

Channels for general talking, images, artwork, music, VC & RP are all available.

SFW content is available upon joining, NSFW content is allowed for mature aged members later.

Supports: Friendly fluffs, Pokéfurs, SFW or NSFW art, RP or ERP, most fetishes/kinks such as Fat-Furs, Hyper & Vore.

Denies: Non-furries, advertizing, immaturity, shitposting, depression, memers, bots.
A new, Pokemon based Vore Server for all to enjoy. We keep things mature here and also put a strong rule on keeping roleplay and general chatter separate to keep things clean without too much clutter. Keep in mind it IS an 18+ server and you will be removed if you are found to be underage. We also occasionally play games.
Sometime in the near future a nuclear war was unleashed and several nukes have been dropped in multiple places in the world,turning the planet into a wasteland,however some people survived the war but most of the survivors we're mutated from the radiation,do you have what it takes to survive in this dead land
The lab is a place where scientists get to do experiments on their large selection of test subjects,alot of fucked up shit happens there,would you be a test subject who has to suffer the pain of these experiments for the rest of their life or try to escape and become a free man,become a scientist and construct different experiments on the poor helpless subjects,or a security unit to make sure everything is right and no subjects escape (my grammar is shit,but cut me some slack)
Hello vore fans, i bring you "vore kingdom!"
you can be a monster girl and fight with a dragon queen (she only has dragon parts), or be a magical human and fight with the king,
the monster girls can only have A cups to H cupps, anything higer and your not a partner gets denied
benifits of being a partner:
royal personal guard,
your own quaters in what ever faction you choose!,
a special role!
you will also be atomatically added to any voting polls we have!
-ccreator of vore kingdom
A vore discord with fun activities and members
⛑👮‍♀️🕵️‍♂️👩‍✈️ jobs
👥Mod Bots
🔞 NSFW content Role based access
sfw content (default)
Roleplay , image sharing , videos , video games
🔨 Global blacklist
📰 server Test Trial is available if you request it
🔒Locked channels per roles
simple verification - anti bot , read rules , and confirm the subject to the Admin or owner
Vore : Cv , Av , Ov , Ub , Sv etc
Ov is the default access anything above that will need nsfw role

now keep in mind that due to advertising servers and services having trolls join and cause trouble there is role based access what this means is what you see when you join is only a tiny bit of the server if you are legit you will actually read the rules and complete the instructions the bot sends you
'Just a nice, small vore roleplay server. SFW only! Feel free to join!
yeah... its kind of self explanatory
its a vore server
but i hope you give it a chance
everyone i have met so far who likes vore has been nice
i hope you can add to that list of people ^w^
hey there
like monster girls? we have you covered!
like vore as well? WE ARE GOING TO BE GOOD PALS!
unfortunatly we are new!
no furries! And Anthros! (people with animal parts don't count i know)
we will have more in the future AND LOVE FEED BACK!
Eris City is a world of neon lights and gang violence. This server is furry-only, and is themed around the night life of a city, and a violent feud between gangs.

18+, includes violence, drugs, and sex. May include rape, gore/vore, and jaywalking.
The Taiga Isle is a server for people who love to roleplay, chat, and hangout. The server is also friendly for those under 18. You don't have to like vore to join! We also provide a role for people who don't like vore. Socialize, meet new people, and have fun! W The server may be small but with the help with you guys you can help it grow! We are looking towards to meeting you guys, so come join the fun! Also while you're at it, take a look at our official website! -
A Good growing vore server where you can Roleplay with other people and put your art
A nice and friendly erp server for you to explore in a monster girl world! Join humans, nekos, demi-humans, and monster girls alike, fighting against the terrors of the Nether Realm and other monsters. But of course, you've got time to have sex too.
Welcome to Illumia, this recently discovered continent is bursting at the seems with monster girls, led by the mysterious Monster Girl Queen. Most monsters seem to have some penchant towards eating the humans who have come to try to make a new life in this country, though there are those who protect them as well of course.
This is the central server of the giantess server collection. This is a roleplay server with a dark, slightly futuristic theme. We are welcoming to people of all kinds.
This is a giantess roleplay server with a theme of the wild west. We encourage the use of other fetishes here to and have ways of accommodating people that are not interested in lewd or nsfw roleplay. Enjoy!
This is a roleplay server with a giantess and hotel theme. It also has a large sub theme of vore. We welcome people of all kinds and hope you enjoy your stay here.
This server has a giantess and school theme. The server is heavily based on roleplay and contains elements of magic, machines and fetish based roleplays throughout.