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whoooooosh plop. You've landed in Michelle's universe! It's quite cozy here, why not come on in and get comfortable? Open to any and all kinks, so long as they're kept in the right channels.
News: Accepting all once more! New features and changes to the server will be implemented sometime in April.

Purposes: vore roleplay/socializing/gaming/other lewd activities.

Our most coveted rule is maintaining the peace and respecting others so that all feel welcome, safe, and happy within our server. If you decide to join be sure to say hello to everyone!

Must be 18+ to join. You’ll find more information on our policies in #rules and #regulations once you join.
A vore & Furry discord with fun activities and members. LGBTQ & Fur friendly 🐾😊 (raiders and trolls be gone)

Sfw & Nsfw Rp
👥Mod Bots
🔞 NSFW content Role based access
sfw content (default)
Roleplay , image sharing , videos , video games
🔨 Global blacklist

🔒Locked channels per roles
simple verification - anti bot , read rules , and confirm the subject to the Admin or owner
Vore : Cv , Av , Ov , Ub , Sv etc
Ov is the default access anything above that will need nsfw role

We welcome pokemons, anthros , ferals , Wyverns, bronies you name it

now keep in mind that due to advertising servers and services having trolls join and cause trouble there is role based access what this means is what you see when you join is only a tiny bit of the server , if you need help just ask
Do you have a belly fetish? Well we’ve got just the place for you!
yeah... its kind of self explanatory
its a vore server
but i hope you give it a chance
everyone i have met so far who likes vore has been nice
i hope you can add to that list of people ^w^
A server based around the creations of Tumblr and DeviantArt user @Expellingsecrets,
Hemenoids, which are a race of bipedal asexual hermaphrodites that are native to a planet known as Bioplane-2 which has accidentally been linked to earth via a wormhole malfunction in a slightly dystopian future.
They are an open species and are free to use and create as long as you let me know so I can love em! ~ES
Hello Prey's and Pred's, if you've been looking for a place where you can make polite and relaxed rp then this is the place for you
(The name is from my old Amino)
a nsfw vore rp chat with a small comunity, allowing more flexibility and better "customer care" , any kind of vore is allowed and custom rooms can be created for the rps, like private rooms where only the concerned rpers can type or hidden rooms.
Furry server for general fun hanging out, chatting, sharing art or RP with other fluffs.
Good fluffs are encouraged to stay around, but bad ones are removed to keep the place tidy.
180+ members, moderately consistent activity, averages over a thousand messages each day.
Channels for general talking, image sharing, artwork, music, VC & RPs are all available.
SFW content is free on joining, NSFW content is earned later by playing nice & active.
Poké-Furs, SFW/NSFW art, RP & kinks such as Fat-Furs, Hyper or Vore are all welcome.
Members are expected to stay furry while present, non-furry profile images are never allowed.
welcome to an island vacation! our maids wish to cater to your every need, and then some.
they wish to care for you, fuck you, swallow you, and be swallowed by you!

We welcome most extreme fetishes here, we focus on Vore but are willing to adapt to cater to a variety of fetishes! no kinkshaming.
Sometime in the near future a nuclear war was unleashed and several nukes have been dropped in multiple places in the world,turning the planet into a wasteland,however some people survived the war but most of the survivors we're mutated from the radiation,do you have what it takes to survive in this dead land
The lab is a place where scientists get to do experiments on their large selection of test subjects,alot of fucked up shit happens there,would you be a test subject who has to suffer the pain of these experiments for the rest of their life or try to escape and become a free man,become a scientist and construct different experiments on the poor helpless subjects,or a security unit to make sure everything is right and no subjects escape (my grammar is shit,but cut me some slack)
A giantess and vore focused server taking place within the body of an immense goddess, explore her depths and try to live within June!
Predators, prey and spectators welcome to Kobold Island. Please respect each other's preferences and enjoy your stay.

Our server features a vast collection of preference tags so you can quickly find people who share your interests.

A bot is currently under construction with the purpose of converting Kobold Isle into an open world text-based RPG.

This server is a semi-serious RP server with some planned story content.
This server is for people who are fans of vore who would like to relax, chat, and even rp. We also have other activities and fetish.
NSFW Furry Vore server for:
- Roleplaying
- Posting Media, Vore Media, and Memes
- Artists and Writers
- Commission Requests and Posting Art/Stories
- Voice Chat
it's a starting server where you roleplay your way.
hope too

the roleplay is
dom sub
and more are comming
Hey you! Join this super dope inflation Discord Server.
Need members and staff to help start this server
Voreplay is a server primarily for people who enjoy vore to get together and chat as well as roleplay, but anyone can join. We have a helpful team of admins, and bots to have fun with. Whether you're a tasty snack or looking for one, this server would be happy to have you join we are a 16+ server
It's been a long plane ride here. The scent of beaches and lust fill the air as you've finally arrived to the Island of Isolation. The place is clean, quaint, and all natural. Preds and preys will love this isolated resort.
Hey! Stop scrolling! Are you a furry? Do you you like vore? Do you like anime or ddlc? Do you have other fetishes? This place is for you! There is also nsfw sections! So what are you waiting for? Join!
Not long ago, A place has existed where living beings become either the hunter... Or the hunted! The predators roam around from one place to another where as the prey has to either hide, try to befriend the enemy... or become their next meal. The thing that the prey must fear is what happens in the unpopulated spots, rumours says that no one has made it out alive out of this place, or have been stuck there ever since they were gone.
Hello! Enough of the story! This is a vore server that is quite new and is looking for people to roleplay. We will try our best to host monthly events and keep the rp's unique and fun. There will be bots that will make you a little bit more entertained. You have to be 15+ so that you could join the server, if you are caught, you will be asked to leave, unless your mindset is enough to act like an adult. If you are above the age of 17+ you can get a NSFW pass that will grant you to the more "Fun" channels, if you are caught that you are under the age of 17, you will get a big fat warning, that may result in a kick. There are rules here too, so please try to follow them.
Hope that you will enjoy your stay here! :)