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Welcome to Illumia, this recently discovered continent is bursting at the seems with monster girls, led by the mysterious Monster Girl Queen. Most monsters seem to have some penchant towards eating the humans who have come to try to make a new life in this country, though there are those who protect them as well of course.
Do you have a belly fetish? Like to chat with others about bellies? Well we’ve got just the place for you! ^°^

~You will go through verification upon entering the server.~
Welcome to Club Desire!

A night club of dancers, some hungry, others for the pleasure of the hungry, all for the entertainment of the guests.

We just started our fine establishment, so feel free to come in and have a drink at our bar or a dance with our dancers.

We try to take any suggestion for improvement into account, so be sure to let us know, if you have any issues~
You've just moved to a town in a new place. It seems the neighbors are quite hungry, and some want to be fed on...
Welcome to Vore States! A Vore server for all your Vorey needs! This server has changed to a SFW/NSFW server, This is still mainly a SFW server though! and we allow Role playing. Hope you become apart of the community! :3
Furry server for fun with nice fluffs.
Prefers mature, civil & active types.
170+ members, medium activity.
Non-furry profiles not allowed.

Furry server for general fun hanging out, chatting, sharing art or more with nice & mature fluffs.
Good fluffs are encouraged to stay, bad or immature ones are removed to keep the place tidy.
170+ members, moderate activity, averages a thousand messages daily.
Channels for general talking, image sharing, artworks, music, VC & RP are available.
Contents for Poke-Furs, Fat-Furs & kinks such as Hyper or Vore are also supported.
Members are expected to stay furry, non-furry profiles are not allowed.
Welcome to Rin's Family server! Here you will be able to interact with others and have fun with the many activities provided!
News: Looking for more preds to maintain our ratio! We’ve had an influx of prey recently.

Purposes: vore roleplay/socializing/gaming/other lewd activities.

Our most coveted rule is maintaining the peace and respecting others so that all feel welcome, safe, and happy within our server. If you decide to join be sure to say hello to everyone!

Must be 18+ to join. You’ll find more information on our policies in #rules and #regulations once you join.
Do you ever just want to curl up in a nice, warm belly?
If you do, then this server could be for you!
+Friendly staff!
+NSFW channels!
+Minecraft server dedicated to Voretopia!
Our staff members try to take the time to listen and understand any issues with the server, so we'll constantly improve!
make friends be free from in real life people judge you because you like vore there's no kink shaming nor bullying in this server everyone is here to have fun and a good time with one another
The original Macro Vore community! Come join! RP! Talk! Hangout!
Vore Valley is a mainly roleplay based server for vore lovers who would wish to roleplay and find themselves a nice prey to feed on, or possibly a place to feed yourself to the hungriest predator on the server. We hope you enjoy your stay!
This server is a great place for people who like vore as well as just chatting with others, furries are welcome as well as many other things the staff is friendly and does not judge since some of them are furries themselves. This is a 16+ server but If a fun rp experience is what u want voreplay is for u
The vore Arena where you fight for glory, honor, and a meal, come and join us and our server
Welcome to vore galore! we are a very friendly community, well we aren't that very big but we hope to get bigger! come join us, also this isn't just a vore server you can do any type of RP you like!
Interested in vore but not the furry fandom? Join this server for all your human and humanoid vore needs!
Welcome to Fur Haven! Where furs and non-furs alike can come together and chat! This place is brand new, so it would be nice to have some company.
A vore & Furry discord with fun activities and members. LGBTQ & Fur friendly 🐾😊 (raiders and trolls be gone)

Sfw & Nsfw Rp
👥Mod Bots
🔞 NSFW content Role based access
sfw content (default)
Roleplay , image sharing , videos , video games
🔨 Global blacklist

🔒Locked channels per roles
simple verification - anti bot , read rules , and confirm the subject to the Admin or owner
Vore : Cv , Av , Ov , Ub , Sv etc
Ov is the default access anything above that will need nsfw role

We welcome pokemons, anthros , ferals , Wyverns, bronies you name it

now keep in mind that due to advertising servers and services having trolls join and cause trouble there is role based access what this means is what you see when you join is only a tiny bit of the server , if you need help just ask
This server is for people who are fans of vore who would like to relax, chat, and even rp. We also have other activities and fetish.
Fetish- Weight gain, Hyper, Cock, Belly expansion, Giantess, Vanilla, and much more.
You've been chosen to come to the temple of the demonic God of sorrow and betrayal. You've been hauled though the dark forest to the castle like temple where you'll have to survive the torture of the giants and giantesses who call this temple home.

A brand new vore rp chat that takes place inside the collosal goddess Kara, all are food for the goddess, but it's not a barren fleshy pit, there are thriving cities built up inside the goddess for all to live in
(Age limit 18+) join our newly opened vore role play server. one thing to note is we are a size diffence server so macro micro mostly. once you set your roles you'll be sent into a respectful community of role players and vore lovers.

Troll will be banned
we'll always do our best to listen to everyone here so whether you want to find new people to have fun with or just want to talk to, hop in =^w^=
A place to make rp families, or join one, as dysfunctional as you may like and with vore and unbirth etc on the side at the same time