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Wholesome Vore is a server for people who like the cute and cuddly side of vore! Meet a supportive group of individuals who like to partake in voracious activities resulting in wholesome outcomes.
Welcome visitor~!

If you are looking for a new master or perhaps a pet to play with then this place is for you! Both pets and masters can do all sorts of kinky stuff here. ;3

If you join then make sure to read the server rules, make a character and select your roles. Most kinks are allowed here but the main focus is vore.
You must be 18+ to join the server.

Do you have a belly fetish? Like to chat with others about bellies? Well we’ve got just the place for you! ^°^

~You will go through verification upon entering the server.~
This server is mainly about vore, though we have a few other fetishes such as mpreg, age regression and sometimes even guro
Welcome to The Belly of The Beast! We are a SFW vore server, for anyone 13+! Pretty self explanitory! More rules will be listed inside the server. Interested? Why don’tcha give it a shot?
Ward 24. A repurposed psychiatric facility to contain and cater to the most sexual degenerate of people. Think of it as a clinical sex dungeon, filled with public files of all the patients and staff involved with this little project. So come, get your screening, we're sure you'll fit right in~
Featuring the following
• A steadily growing community.
• Wide assortment of roles
• Channels dedicated to those with darker tastes in terms of roleplay.
• Active user base! Folks are receptive to conversation and there's always staff online.
• Not an SCP server.
With a near 20 member milestone, we are growing vore server, centering ourselves to it (You will need to claim vore roles in out bot commands channel to have access to them). With our server growing we hope to have an official description here, as well as an icon unique to our server. If your interested in this, then this is the server for you! Come join us and have some fun, with vore! (We also offer an option to not do vore and still enjoy the server, so don't worry about not wanting to do it).
Hello welcome to our lustful vore server where you will either be predator or prey to any of are hungry furries that love vore like you there is a king and queen of the server you must follow the rules if you’d like to stay there and not be eaten alive for good so join if you like and enjoy your stay at Voralicious Lust.
Vore Valley is a mainly roleplay based server for vore lovers who would wish to roleplay and find themselves a nice prey to feed on, or possibly a place to feed yourself to the hungriest predator on the server. We have media/art channels along with commissions/commissioning and even a Minecraft server we just recently opened! hope you enjoy your stay!
Ah yes, another discord server made by me, NightBee. Anyways, this one, unlike The CyberWorld, is a judge free 'fetishtopia' where you can be yourself for once. While there's nsfw, there's a bunch of sfw channels for y'all. The staff here are friendly and, once we get this place big, there will be a bunch of new things to do!

Here you can:

•Share art
•Express your love for certain fetishes
•Make friends
•Have fun with Pokécord
And much more!

But there are restrictions, which are stated in the rules.

If you're under 18, or under 13, please act mature enough to stay. While any age is allowed(up from 12), you shouldn't break any rules-

I don't know what age has to do with anything-

Also there's a bunch of custom roles, and still more to come!

Currently hiring staff members(NetSaviours) to help out!

If you have any concerns, contact the staff or server owner(me/NightBee).
This server is for people who are fans of vore who would just like to relax, chat around with each other, and even rp in our rp rooms. We also have other activities and fetish other than vore.
Fetish list: Weight gain, Hyper, Cock, Belly expansion, Giantess, Vanilla, and much more. We wish for you to be active in the server, it’s ok if your Shy. We make sure to make everyone feel welcome.
Now when you enter you will be asked some questions so that you can be verified into the server. Make sure to read the rules as well and have fun~!
This server is 18+ ONLY, if you're Underage you'll be banned until you turn 18.

🎨We are a fetish share community of artists, writers, ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, concept sharing, and roleplayers. PROMOTING YOUR ART HERE is 100% acceptable especially if you are looking for COMMISSIONS. Sometimes there are even FREE ART sketching streams.

💋There is no kinkshaming~
However, we do not allow loli/shota hentai, child abuse, animal abuse, or real gore as those are absolutely against discord's policy.

🎭We have public roleplaying rooms on the server so you can read, share, and enjoy. There are also rp request rooms for finding a partner or requesting rping in dms.
Welcome to this new server, it's apleasure to receive you here, we hope you enjoy your stay and eat- uhh... MEET new friends!
Hey psst, do you want to go somewhere to have fun in complete discretion? Do you like to eat or be eaten? Do you like to have your belly full or to fill a belly? Do you like to have someone in your womb or to be in one? Then I have the perfect place for you, a Thicc Lounge, hidden to everyone's eyes but mine, and if you wish to come, it won't be invisible to you too, in here you can have as much fun as you want as long as you respect others. So what are you waiting for? We just need one thing, and this thing is you. :yum:
Interested in vore but not the furry fandom? Join this server for all your human and humanoid vore needs!
Are you looking for a place to indulge and unload your darkest, most twisted, and fucked-up fantasies? Well do we have a server for you!

Taystie Park! The no-limits Amusement Park of your wildest dreams! Any kink, any age, all casual, all debaucherous, all the time! The focus is kinky bad ends, specifically VORE, SNUFF, and TRANSFORMATIONS of all shapes and sizes!

That being said, tamer and more vanilla kinks are more then welcome too! Check out the link for more information on this open-ended and freeform setting, and if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on Discord at Salisha#9473
Welcome to Le Lewd, a roleplay discord catering the furry community. We mainly specialize in vore and lewd RP, but no matter what your preference is, we're sure there'll be something here to please you. Welcome, to Le Lewd.
Welcome To The Capital!

We are a fetish roleplay server that encourages both fetish exploration, friendship, warmness, a non-toxic and drama free environment, and a place where people can indulge in their fetishes comfortably.

The server is 18+, no minors allowed, and also contains a big lore to appeal to those that like to indulge in true character development and story building.

We can't wait to see you~
Hello there, and welcome to the school of vore~ we are a very new 18+ roleplay server set in a school where the most trouble you can get in for vore is eating in class~, there is more outside the school, you can be in the city and live out some very lewd situations~ plus, more than just vore is allowed here, you can roleplay any kink you wanna with other people, whether it be transformation, inflation, or testicular castration, or one of the many others, it has a place~