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Welcome to the World of Gluttony. A kink role-playing group. It's currently new and looking for roleplayers who want a place to relax and roleplay.

We offer a nice server where you can connect with like-minded people who share your interest. Some kinks we offer are: Feederism, Giantess, Inflation, Pregnancy, Soft Vore and Weight Gain. Everyone is welcome here, but you must be 18+ to enter.

We also have ways for artist and writers to post they're work and put themselves out there. So feel free to come by!
Here’s a roleplay server based on expansion on many levels. We are a growing server, looking for new members. So join us if you want a great time! It embraces people of every sexuality. However it is 18+ and your characters have to be 18+ as well. It has TupperBox the bot, and it allows you to play as multiple characters, having their name and picture while also maintaining your profile. When you enter, read #info and #rules. Enjoy!

Inflation Labs is a place of science. It usually shows up in regular advertisement, boasting the fact that it will give you extra cash once you participate. But not to the knowledge of the desperate patron, it’s a place of inflation. The scientists are currently testing a new technology. Nanobots. Once upon signing and entry, you can’t leave. Now you gotta avoid inflating too much, otherwise you’ll lose yourself. You’d become a constantly lustful and horny shell, hellbent on the acceleration of everyone else’s Inflation. And you best not behave unless you want to be one of these lost minds. However it is possible to escape, but extremely difficult. I sure wouldn’t try it. Come on in!
Welcome to Okara's SSBBW Club!
This is a club that mainly focuses on BBW+ females working for your pleasure! Take in the sights of our enormous girls and perhaps even have a drink or do some lewd deeds~ Everything comes at a price of course, our girls aren't cheap but will show you more love than you could ever hope to receive!
Welcome to the other weird side of weight gain. Slobbiness! The mess, the smells, the uncleanliness! Furs and scalies, be it feeders, feedees, admirers or tapping into your weird side, we hope you enjoy your stay! (NSFW)
This server targets those interested in weight gain, stuffing, or getting bigger by any means possible. All people are welcome! We include things like feederism, inflation, vore, and more! Weight gain is not required, but it is accepted and encouraged. This server can get NSFW at points, you must be 18 or older.
Hello ! The Chub Club is a feederism discord.

Daily activity, +100 members, good staff, update every week, ...

This a server for TEENS ONLY (18 and under) based around weight gain, inflation, and many other fetishs. You can share art, rp, and hang out. Come join!
It's a big bloated server for big bloated fans of bloated fat and blobby things! So please join in and have a blast!
18+ please!!!
A haven of peace for BBWs, BHMs, FAs and anyone else, except it is made of caramel. Be one of the first to join our community! ♥

Languages: #1 EN #2 FR
Open to everyone.
NSFW content can be avoided.
Basic rules, be respectful.
You like expansion, inflation, weight gain and hyper? Well, this server is definitely for you, then!~
An RPG Weight again server with dice rolling and turn taking! With a full level system involving weight! An economy system can be used to buy things from stores and weapon smiths! And three elements with elemental weaknesses! If you love the game Dungeons and Dragons, this is the server for you!
A feederism server for ages 14-17, free of any explicit or NSFW content. Meet other people and talk about your gain without worry of creepy adults seeing your messages. LGBT+ friendly.
Hello there. SRK is a roleplay server for weight gain and vore of course. Feel free to join us for normal roleplay or for our SRK roleplay where you roleplay with other people.
Come have your fattest fantasies come true in this server. We have two RPs to join. In Fat Fantasy Resort, we welcome your grandest of dreams. Theo, the host will accomodate and make sure your dreams come true. In the Fat House, come join other gainers as they take a weight gain vacation with one another. Let feeders feed you all vacation long and have fun with other gainers in this rp.
A server for belly appreciators! Furries and Humans alike welcomed, and appreciated. We are a small server, and hoping to gain some traction!
Welcome to Fattoon! A server of chubby Inklings and Octolings! If you have other species of Sea animals to turn into Inklings, go ahead!

Welcome to Inkopolis. We have all your coolest squidos here! We have your normal battles and hang out! But we have a new feature! Weight Gain battles! Regular and extreme versions. The more you shoot the opponent with ink, the fatter they get! Until eventually, SPLAT! So come on in and join us! We’ll have an amazing time!
a channel were we appreciate the weight gain/inflation/vore/fat appreciate of the male body (female guests are welcomed!) minors are allowed under the restriction they dont have acces to the 18+ section. to get acces to the 18+ sections all you need to do need to verify to staff
Enter the heavenly mansion of Bella, The Goddess of Gluttony. Play with her other guests and gorge yourself on the limitless amounts of food. Play nicely, and you may become one of her chosen...
Add a review to help us out! A server for people into weight gaining, anyone welcome. If ur looking for something more, mabey something a little dirtier, this is the place! Have fun!
We are a great friendly close community we are all admirers or gainers (you have to have a verified email to join) the white profile pic is to keep the server hidden from people looking over your shoulder