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Join for some pmd based fun! We have a new town that's in need of some more apprentices and rescue teams! Hurry now so you can make your very own team!
Hey you.

Yea you. I’m talking to you.

Do you like Pokémon?

How about *Pokémon* but with a dark and mature plot line? 👀👀

Sprinkle in some nice thick lore and a full storyline, and you got yourself one heck of a good time.

Jokes aside, though, we are in need of new members. We are slowly building ourselves back up after a small hiatus and we are now ready to roll.

We are a small but growing role play server with an overarching plot centered in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon archetype with a fresh new gruesome taste.
Expect death, drama, mysteries, and despair as we slowly delve into the secrets of the region of Rajin.

Our little community is formed by friendly, experienced role-players who thrive to create memorable and creative stories. With multiple OOC channels for those who wish to mingle among the other members and many more role-play channels, you’ll never find yourself without things to do. For those who prefer role playing with a set end-goal we have what we call **Chapters**, **Side plots**, and many more special events that explore the lore of this region and slowly lead into an overarching story whose direction is heavily influenced by character interactions.

We are always happy to hear suggestions and improve your experience in the server as well as we constantly seek to grow! We absolutely love letting others get involved with the server and rp.

So what do you say?

We’d love to have you join us!

~Recap of a few things our server offers~

⚜️| A full overarching storyline
⚜️| Subversive Lore
⚜️| A helpful and friendly team of mods
⚜️| A working economy system so characters can buy and sell goods.
⚜️| Active chatting and rp rooms
⚜️| All roleplayers are welcome, including newbies
⚜️| We have a music bot and more to play with!
⚜️| A summary of the current storyline to get you up to date
⚜️| Currently accepting partnerships
⚜️| Always open for improvements and growth
Welcome to Craggy Coast! We're an unofficial pokémon discord server were we chat about competitive battling, breeding, trading and about the up coming pokémon games, movies, and more!
The entire world was lost to the Renegade One, Giratina.
Nothing remains, but the debris of what once was, and the dark purple sky to remind everybody of who’s got them by the necks.

Alone, afraid, lost…join the club.

For the region of Nishiri, however, things seem different. Hope fills the air, as Pokemon of a stronger breed in heart, mind, and body stand up and rally to take control back from the Master of Distortion. Will you join the fight, or help rebuild? Will you lead the battle to Giratina’s domain, or will you help save what’s left of the dying lands?
It’s all up to you and the Pokemon you will meet on your journey through hope, despair, and so much more. Explore desolate yet rich environments and learn about the past of Nishiri through ruins of old, and Pokemon who survived the Universal Collapse.


Welcome to Skies Beyond: Sundown!
Originally under the name Skies Beyond, the server got it’s first fresh coat of paint in November 2018, when I (Zephriem) took over as Server owner. Since then, the server’s had it’s fair share of crazy twists and turns, but one thing stays the absolute same: Skies Beyond is the most ambitious Pokemon RP server you will ever see! From it’s own creative storytelling to it’s basics as an RP server, you won’t see anything like it anywhere else!

-Plenty of helpful and open staff members!
-1:1 F/M ratio! Yay Equality!
-Darker storylines, but still accepting of every RP style!
-Streamlined Bio system!
-Constantly changing world and server to better fit the wants and needs of the memberbase!

So please consider giving us a look! If you have any questions or would like to contact the owner about any concerns, please send a friend request to @Zephriem#3787
Thank you!
In a northern region of the world, a little past its midpoint, surrounded by tall cliffs and a beautiful mountain background, Vinderton Shore, a small town in the middle of nowhere, exists. A highly popular touristic destination due to its amazing beach and comfortable environment, Vinderton is also the home of the third most successful Explorers Guild: the Wind Tamers.

Will you be the successful explorer the Guild needs?

Drama, romance, action, and many plot twists await! Join now!
We have:
- One of the best staff teams around
- GMs that will ensure everyone has fun
- Plethora of events and deep NPCs to keep you on your toes
- A simple, straightforward application system
- A fully functional Combat System
- And more!
The Discord Rescuers' Guild is a new casual PMDiscord-oriented community where you can accept guild challenges, battle other guild members, rp, share art, and more.

Our server features self-assigned roles, a pokemon news bulletin, and more.
Hello! Are you into a game series known as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? I am too! If you would like to check out a server where you can chill with other Adventurers, then please come to Aura's Server! We have

-Fun server events
-Staff and Moderators
-Roleplay rooms
-Fun games to play with fellow members
-Giveaways! (coming soon)
-A wonderful community!

Please enjoy your stay!
Last night had been just another night. You might have gone out clubbing. Stayed up too late watching horror comics. Went to bed early to get ready for work the next day. In the end it didn't matter because that part of your life is now over. This morning, you wake up to find yourself as a pokemon. In need of answers your directed to the Melody Rescue Guild. Headed by a mysterious dragonair, she promises you answers if you join her guild. Maybe some day, you can even return back home.

Pokemon rescuers is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP Server. We use a battle system based of the Main line of games that although seems complicated, is very easy to pic up. Come join a group just starting as we explore and in-depth plot as well deal with in character drama. The sever is lgbt friendly and rated teen.
Join the Pokémon mystery dungeon role play! Here you can chat, hangout and create Pokémon characters to role play. We also have pokecord, pmdiscord, and monstacord.
A fun Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP server with Dungeons and Dragons elements! Explore a mysterious world, and uncover dark secrets! Join today!