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This server is aimed to serve people who are into gaining, feederism, and other related kinks. It specifically caters to those who enjoy the 'unhealthy' aspects of this fetish, but other aspects are accepted and even encouraged.
(13-18 ONLY~!)

Hello! Thank you so much for showing interest in our server. GainerHub is a small server full of feedees, feeders and fat admirers. Whether you're just looking for a place to talk, a friend or a lover, you'll find all sorts of fun in our server!

(We also have a custom Discord bot in our server made specifically for gainers! Check it out!)
This server is for anyone who has a belly fetish! It's a server with a belly fetish. Any type of kink that you have is welcome except scat.
If you want to talk to people with the same fetish then this place is for you!
Also you will go through a verification when joining the server.
A small server, where everyone and anyone is welcome to express their relationship with fat bellies! Furries welcome! If you are expressing any hate, you will be banned!!