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This server is aimed to serve people who are into gaining, feederism, and other related kinks. It specifically caters to those who enjoy the 'unhealthy' aspects of this fetish, but other aspects are accepted and even encouraged.
It's a big bloated server for big bloated fans of bloated fat and blobby things! So please join in and have a blast!
18+ please!!!
like feederism but don't want the creeps, then come here we have a great staff and though we can't promise a 1:1 ratio of men and women i can say you'll enjoy yourself in this community
This server targets those interested in weight gain, stuffing, or getting bigger by any means possible. All people are welcome! We include things like feederism, inflation, vore, and more! Weight gain is not required, but it is accepted and encouraged. This server can get NSFW at points, you must be 18 or older.
Welcome to Chunky Wunkies! We are a server who are all into the chunky things in life, weight gain, inflation, and other stuff. Come take a look!
Welcome to Okara's SSBBW Club!
This is a club that mainly focuses on BBW+ females working for your pleasure! Take in the sights of our enormous girls and perhaps even have a drink or do some lewd deeds~ Everything comes at a price of course, our girls aren't cheap but will show you more love than you could ever hope to receive!
『Welcome to Glutton City!』

『 Welcome newcomers, to the city of Gluttons! This city once had a dispute with allowing Demi-Humans into their land, but now that is all over.. Now, The Humans and Demi-Humans live in a peaceful manner towards each other!~ Anyways, I know that there are very few servers that allow Blob, Slob, and other forms of Weight Gain kinks there, but this server is your gateway to expressing about yourself! Before you go on and explore our wonderful city and It's many friendly faces, please be sure to read our rules!』
Hello! Welcome to the Teen Gaining Hub! A place in which teens, male and female can talk about there gaining progress or love of fat, no matter what you are welcomed!
We're a loving and accepting server with multiple features to give everyone something they enjoy!
-friendly staff!
-troll proof system
-find your friends!
-share your thoughts and love for fat furs!
An RPG Weight again server with dice rolling and turn taking! With a full level system involving weight! An economy system can be used to buy things from stores and weapon smiths! And three elements with elemental weaknesses! We have many bosses, tons of enemies, events, and more! We're constantly getting updated with new things to do, ranging from bosses, restaurants, to fun minigames with great rewards! If you love the game Dungeons and Dragons, this is the server for you! When you join, BE READY to do a bit of reading and make a character! But don't be afraid to ask questions! Come check it out and stay a while!
This is an 18+ kink server centered around fat dragons. We post art and roleplay, so if this is up your alley, consider joining.
Note: You will be kicked if you’re under 18
Another Note: Credit to @trinityfate62 for the server icon
This is an 18+ server where we roleplay and share art. Please join if this is up your alley.
Note: Credit to Kahmari for the art used for the icon.
Welcome to the fatty farm, a budding but well polished server that aims to cater to as many people within the general weight gain kink as possible!

If you're interested in chatting with like-minded people in the community, sharing art, photos, roleplaying, or anything like that, take the plunge and join the farm! We are new but active, and hoping to soon become a paradise for all fat admirers, feedees, feeders, and others that find us! The minimum age to join is 16, but please note that if you are underage NSFW things will be blocked!
Hello ! The Chub Club is a feederism discord.

Daily activity, +100 members, good staff, update every week, ...

This is a kink server revolving around the popular anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion and its movies. We post art, discuss the show and more! So please consider joining up.
We are a chill, nonjudgmental server, and are very open minded. Come to hang out and meet new people, or role-play in almost any environment! Share art or just have a goofy fun time! If you like weight gain, inflation, or expansion of any kind, come expand your horizons!
A server made for expansion-fetishism (fat, hyper, and inflation) lovers to congregate and post images, or chat, about their favorite fetishes.

Use a self-role bot in order to gain access to the channels!
This is a kink server revolving around the Netflix anime, Aggretsuko. We like to post art, discuss the show, and roleplay! So please, consider joining up.
a channel were we appreciate the weight gain/inflation/vore/fat appreciate of the male and female body. minors are allowed under the restriction they dont have acces to the 18+ section. to get acces to the 18+ sections all you need to do need to verify to staff
Furry community who loves fat fetish and inflation. The server is primarily aimed at Canadians but everyone is welcome.

Bellyjoyful is a fictional restaurant invented by xiardoruzo and nosferatu16
Come have your fattest fantasies come true in this server. We have two RPs to join. In Fat Fantasy Resort, we welcome your grandest of dreams. Theo, the host will accomodate and make sure your dreams come true. In the Fat House, come join other gainers as they take a weight gain vacation with one another. Let feeders feed you all vacation long and have fun with other gainers in this rp.
This is a kink server revolving around the popular TV series, Steven Universe. We post art, discuss the show, and roleplay! So please, consider joining up.