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This is a fat server for those who enjoy just chatting and stuff, it's also for those who enjoy pokemon as well (no kink shaming!)
If you like fats and Oh then Join the Fat KH server We have almost everything you want just be wary of Nsfw stuff
Welcome to Large Land! A Weight Gain server based all around Weight Gain including some Inflation as well! We have an active staff team along with friendly people within the server as well! Hope you enjoy our server!
Vieno High is a 'Special' School, in which kids that parents think they are suitable are sent too, the characters that you guys will be playing as will either need to be a new student or student just starting they need to be 15-18. Fat kids are everywhere but the new transfers can either be chubby or skinny, as your journey continues teachers will hand out snacks and lunches will be giant, romance, drama and even horror will be included!
Welcome to the KKK! and no,not the ACTUALLY KKK!
It stands for Krabby Krab Kult.
Play games,meet new people and have fun!
Kinky furry oriented server surrounding mostly inflation and fats. Theres several sfw and nsfw rooms as well as roleplay channels if that interests you. I hope to make it a relatively chill and open community for other furs with similar interests to come together and just overall have a good time.
a channel were we appreciate the weight gain/inflation/vore/fat appreciate of the male body. minors are allowed under the restriction they dont have acces to the 18+ section. to get acces to the 18+ sections you do need to verify to staff
Welcome to fatasstrophe! A discord server for those who possess a love for all things round!~