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This is a fat pokemon server for fatty pokemon fans...y'know that 20% of the pokemon community...anyway join us as we journey as much as we can with as much weight as we have!

Be aware you must have a pokemon or furry character to join as to not make you look suspicious!
NSFW warning too!
We are a great friendly close community we are all admirers or gainer (you have to have a verified email to join)
A dating server for fat people and fat admirers!
Weight Gain fetish central! We offer full features of other discord servers in an organized format, join today!
Just a place to chat, chill, role play, and share your gaining progress or tips!
If you like fats and Oh then Join the Fat KH server We have almost everything you want just be wary of Nsfw stuff
Gainamania is a rp oriented weight gain competition server! In short:
roleplaying + game mechanics + weight gain = Gainamania!

The competition includes a bot specifically programmed for the "game".

Please join if you wish to be a competitor (gain) or a manager (feed)!
Vieno High is a 'Special' School, in which kids that parents think they are suitable are sent too, the characters that you guys will be playing as will either need to be a new student or student just starting they need to be 15-18. Fat kids are everywhere but the new transfers can either be chubby or skinny, as your journey continues teachers will hand out snacks and lunches will be giant, romance, drama and even horror will be included!
Welcome to the KKK! and no,not the ACTUALLY KKK!
It stands for Krabby Krab Kult.
Play games,meet new people and have fun!
Thicc Girls Hub is a server for big girls and their admirers.

Make friends, date, hookup and more!
a channel were we appreciate the weight gain/inflation/vore/fat appreciate of the male body. minors are allowed under the restriction they dont have acces to the 18+ section. to get acces to the 18+ sections you do need to verify to staff
This server is aimed to serve people who are into gaining, feederism, and other related kinks. It specifically caters to those who enjoy the 'unhealthy' aspects of this fetish, but other aspects are accepted and even encouraged.
FeederismHQ is a discord server for feedee, feeder, bloater, inflater & encourager.

Our community is active and friendly, it is supervised by a competent staff. Our goal is to unify feederism through a server discord. The server is often updated.
The Furred Den is a recently created Furry Server, in which everyone will find his place!

We have:
- General Channels, for people who don't like fetishes
- Channels for specific fetishes (Weight Gain, Vore Inflation)
- RP Channels
- Dozens of roles to customize your profile with and look appealing to others!

... and much more! Furries and scalies, both normal and with the weirdest fetishes, you are welcome!
Just a server to share and post photos of fatties that you find atractive