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Chonksters is a body expansion server for 16-20 year olds
We aim to offer a satisfying experience with;
- A healthy, inviting atmosphere
- An active administrative team
- Lots of chub and inflation content
- Assignable roles and custom cosmetic role requests

Why not check us out?
🍔Welcome to Munch Time! We're an 18+ variety server based around a single thing... food! Our main attractions are our unique group roleplay events, our chat and community focus, and our friendly, welcoming, professional staff.

It doesn't matter if you're a foodie, are into food play, like plussize girls, enjoy weight gain, or have a crippling food addiction and it's only getting worse over time oh god please help. Either way, this server welcomes you with open, flabby arms! And we're excited to have you here!
Ⓕⓤⓡⓡⓨ Ⓚⓘⓝⓖⓓⓞⓜ
A place to help express your inner furry.
It has a friendly staff, a welcoming server, and so much more
Welcome to OBM: The Official Obese Monkey Community!

This server is dedicated to worshiping our god, obese monkey and discussing all issues OBM in our society.

Why should you join?
- Talk about our rightful lord and savoir
- Freedom, you can say a lot of stuff in this server with minimal punishments
- Gods like uncle fat!
- 35 Fun Bots! Including Pepe, Epic RPG, Boobie Bot, blargbot, Moto Moto, Akinator, Wrongbotlol, Dad Bot, Mom bot, Corona-Chan, Pokemon and OwO!
- Levelling system/Unique roles!
- Great staff members!
- Make obese friends!
- A chill community! And much more!
Come on down, you're invited to Pokéfat Valley! We mostly focus on RPing all kinds of expansion (but WG is preferred), with a centering on Pokémon. If this sounds interesting to you, then come and join!
🌸Bigger is Better is a 16+ server for anyone with a belly fetish! We have an active and welcoming community, fun events and we're welcoming to other fetishes as well!.🌸

✨If you want to talk to people with the same fetish, this place is for you!✨

(You will go through a verification upon joining the server.)
Welcome to the Latinoamerican Feederism server 16+, a place to be confident about yourself and socialize with others that are into fat attraction. If your into the fat fetish, feederism or just attracted to people that are fat, join us. Anyone is welcome but the server is focus at Latinoamericans, or any people who can talk spanish and english. We have a individual spot for people that from Puerto Rico.
Welcome to the kingdom, little one...
This is generally a roleplay server, and a place of worship for your mighty Queen Rana.
It’s heavily focused around fat and slob fetishes, so don’t join if you’re not into that.
We also have gambling sessions for prizes.
Come in and enjoy.~
SFW slob fur server with a massive rp section. There is an NSFW area too for those who qualify. Just a place for people who enjoy slob type stuff to hang out.
Please make sure to read the full description! It tells you a bit about the server, and it's useful!
[This server is for those 13+. Don't like it? Leave. We are supposed to be a 90% SFW server, anyways, with few NSFW channels. Minors aren't allowed in NSFW channels, however. There is also a verification system you will have to go through. Please wait patiently for the owner or a member of staff to approve you(The Owners time zone is GMT. Please look up 'GMT Timezone' if you're confused). The only member of staff atm is the owner, MilkyMoon. Server description can be seen below, feel free to read it!]

Hello random person browsing Disboard! This is Seki's Yummy Haven, a friendly and welcoming 13+ server for all your weight gain needs! We're currently small, But aim to get more members. Heck, we even include roleplay here(But we're not 100% roleplay), and we also have our own Mascot- Seki the Hyena!

So, whether you're a roleplayer or just a real life gainer, you're completely welcome to join, as long as you agree to our rules! In order to approve yourself, go to member introductions(for non-roleplayers) and introduce yourself OR go to character register(for roleplayers) and using the template, register a character. Oh yeah, we're also Little Space friendly! We also have guides so you don't need to worry about getting lost

Please keep in mind this isn't a dating server, either. Anything incestuous or Pedophilic is not allowed here PERIOD!

Raiders and Trolls will be banned once found out~
Hello, we’re mainly a fat/wg fetish server but also include a lot of many other kinks aside from fat people.

We focus a lot on the “creators” of the community, mainly artists to writers to models. Although the we focus around that, that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed in if you’re not a content creator. We allow everyone in except pedos.

We got cool color roles to show on your name, we got roles to show what type of creator you are (if you’re into that), and we got cool roles that show what sort of kinky shit you’re into (I added as many as I could before I said f*ck it)!!

We’re not the most active but we’re decent enough folk, hope you join and make the server a better place
A simple server dedicated to sharing kink content related to BBW, SSBBW, stuffing, inflation, weight gain, vore and more!

We don't offer RP, or dating channels. This is purely for discussion and content sharing!
Hello Everyone,

This is Sync from Chub Tiers 𝕯𝖃 (Remastered and Improved Server of Chub Tiers)
Age 15+ server, Just a Community server for Weight Gain or Chubby lovers
We shortened and refurbished roles and channels. Love suggestions, and love to include everyone to the possy! Thanks, And hope to see u all💜💜💜💜💜
Welcome to Okara's SSBBW Club!
This is a club that mainly focuses on BBW+ females working for your pleasure! Take in the sights of our enormous girls and perhaps even have a drink or do some lewd deeds~ Everything comes at a price of course, our girls aren't cheap but will show you more love than you could ever hope to receive!
a 13+ server for males who are intrested in either gaining weight or helping others gain weight.
The server inclused:
- Special seperated section for minors to post that adults cant see.
- Automated roles
- Pokecord
- Roleplay section
- Channels to show of your (feedee's) weight gain
- WG related pics you found online
and much more.

We hope to see you soon!
✰ Welcome to The Pig Farm! ✰
(Male Only)
A place for hogs of any kind to enjoy themselves sharing, laughing and feasting『16+』
Come over, we will make sure you feel loved a full the whole time! ¸¸.•*¨*•♡

What we have? you might ask

✱ Active and lovely staff

✱ Channels for everything and anything (sfw and nsfw)

✱ Pokécord

✱ Custom name colors

✱ And... tummy pics!
A server for all chubby people. Where chubs and chubby-lovers can meet. A place to share anything.

-Must be 16+ years old
The year is 1900. Countries are getting ready for a new era of gluttony from the president of US being large to a bakery empire rising in Canada. You can play a leader of country or a civilian trying to make a name for themselves as they hope to start a family or get enough wealth to endlessly feast.

The server allows for faction roleplay and a life simulation for those serious or casual. We also allow anthro characters for those who don’t want to be human and finally the server is SFW for those who are looking for a server to join that isn’t 18+.
Teen Gainers is a feederism server for 14-17 year olds only!
We offer channels upon channels of pure fat content and much more~

(We are under new management and just renovated, come check out our updates!)
Hello and welcome to Gainer Society, this is a server dedicated to gainers and people that is in this community. We are a fairly new server but we have some fun bots and good staff members. We hope you join and enjoy your stay.
~~Howdy! This is a server based around the liking of some plump male cuties! Chat, rp and discuss the many topics of this with other members!
*Minimum age is 16.
*If you decide to join, pick your roles, read the rules and we’ll see ya there!
Hello and welcome to The Blobzarre Adventure! We’re a fat rp zone with a JJBA focus (duh) but you don’t need to be an expert to come in!
18+ server.
a channel were we appreciate the weight gain/inflation/vore/fat appreciate of the male and female body. Once youve gone true our entry system you will have acces to almost all channels. to get acces to the self nsfw section you have to do a id verification but your not forced to do that.
This server is aimed to serve people who are into gaining, feederism, and other related kinks. It specifically caters to those who enjoy the 'unhealthy' aspects of this fetish, but other aspects are accepted and even encouraged.