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This server is aimed to serve people who are into gaining, feederism, and other related kinks. It specifically caters to those who enjoy the 'unhealthy' aspects of this fetish, but other aspects are accepted and even encouraged.
like feederism but don't want the creeps, then come here we have a great staff and though we can't promise a 1:1 ratio of men and women i can say you'll enjoy yourself in this community
A male only weight gain server just for boys and men who like to talk and.or show their weight gain

(P.S. there will be a Non-binary and Females only servers too! This one is males only tho)
16+ server.
a channel were we appreciate the weight gain/inflation/vore/fat appreciate of the male and female body. minors are allowed under the restriction they dont have acces to the 18+ section. to get acces to the 18+ sections all you need to do need to verify to staff
This server targets those interested in weight gain, stuffing, or getting bigger by any means possible. All people are welcome! We include things like feederism, inflation and more!
Meno's Belly Lovers is a server for people who like chubby and fat bellies! it has roles by emoji, nice staff members to help you and alot of different channels for all your needs. we hope to see you soon
† LORE †

The Narcus cult holds an odd belief : The bigger you are, the closer you are to god. They love and praise fat bodies, the fatter you are, the more food you are given. Skinnier members are used as slaves and servants, while the cults fattest members are treated like kings and queens.

It wasn't always like this.

Joshua, the cults priest and one of the biggest members, had suddenly gained weight due to an 'angel' named O'leander. He loved his new body, and in return, the cult had changed from bloodthirsty savages to true gluttons.

Still, mysteries remain. How about you join the Narcus and see for yourself?


Welcome to The Cult Of Bigger Plans! Here, we have :

- Friendly staff

- many roles and ways to contribute to your dirtiest desires

- many people willing to roleplay with you

- heavy women, including myself ;)

- NSFW sections for people who are 18+

- Anti-Raiding system

And much more!!
(13-18 ONLY~!)

Hello! Thank you so much for showing interest in our server. GainerHub is a small server full of feedees, feeders and fat admirers. Whether you're just looking for a place to talk, a friend or a lover, you'll find all sorts of fun in our server!

(We also have a custom Discord bot in our server made specifically for gainers! Check it out!)
A (relatively) small Discord server dedicated to big people and those who love to get bigger, with a whole bunch of other channels for people into all sorts of things! Come and visit!
Welcome to the flab zone, the server for all ur flabby (furry) needs

the server to make friends with the same intrests
This is the server if your a gainer or chaser and searching for a partner within the feederism community
A server for feedees and feeders to meet others and share experimental ideas on how to gain.
Come and join this young and new server of BBWs and BBW lovers! We are all really chill people (unless you change that yourself) and are looking to make new friends and to support teen BBWs in their gains!
Hello and welcome to our bbw and bhm server! Sit down grab some food or a lot of food and hang out with other fat people and fat admirers! Enjoy your time!