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Do you have a belly fetish? Like to chat with others about bellies? Well we’ve got just the place for you! ^°^

~You will go through verification upon entering the server.~
If your into male vore or bellies then this is the server for you! Have fun and be civil :)
Interested in vore but not the furry fandom? Join this server for all your human and humanoid vore needs!
This server is for people who are fans of vore who would just like to relax, chat around with each other, and even rp in our rp rooms. We also have other activities and fetish other than vore.
Fetish list: Weight gain, Hyper, Cock, Belly expansion, Giantess, Vanilla, and much more. We wish for you to be active in the server, it’s ok if your Shy. We make sure to make everyone feel welcome.
Now when you enter you will be asked some questions so that you can be verified into the server. Make sure to read the rules as well and have fun~!
This server is mostly 18+, however we allow 16+, but any 16+ members won’t be able to see any of the Nsfw categories.
A brand new general expansion fetish discord for fat, hyper, and inflation-based fetishes. If you find interest in this, you should probably consider joining hehe
Hello ! The Chub Club is a feederism discord.

Daily activity, +100 members, good staff, update every week, ...

yeah... its kind of self explanatory
its a vore server
but i hope you give it a chance
everyone i have met so far who likes vore has been nice
i hope you can add to that list of people ^w^
Add a review to help us out! A server for people into weight gaining, anyone welcome. If ur looking for something more, mabey something a little dirtier, this is the place! Have fun!
Welcome to A moment on the Lips.....and a lifetime on the hips or tits. You've stumbled upon or been invited to a VORE server so be prepared for lots of nomming and fun. This is a place for roleplay, games or just general chatting with people who enjoy the same kinks. It's a safe place so feel free to be yourself and enjoy it. ;)

And of course lots of Nomming will be involved so get to gulping ;)
We are a great friendly close community we are all admirers or gainers (you have to have a verified email to join) the white profile pic is to keep the server hidden from people looking over your shoulder
(Could use help to run this server) Welcome to big belly fun server! Here you can post pictures of big bellies, rp, create OCs, and so much more! I do advise that you are 18+ before entering and to read the rules once u enter. I hope you enjoy your stay here!
Welcome to Vore Variety and our small server of vore and roleplayers, we are all a friendly bunch and we welcome all with open arms. everyone is invited to our server and we will only care about who you are in our server, so please feel welcome to join our lovely server.
A friendly and nice server for all inflators and stuffers alike, feel free to give requests and I will work on making it possible, and don’t worry, if you want a break, take a sit in our chill room. Remember have fun!
400 members, daily activity! Belly Bubble is a group for lovers of pregnancy art, weight gain, vore, inflation, mpreg, ovi, and so much more. Human and anthro art welcome. There are pregnancy bot games, an inflatable server pet, monthly art contests, places to share your work, and more!
Aorta Chroma.. A land with sentient animals and humans, a land where you can indulge in your interests alongside others! Make a new friend, find users with similar interests, the sky's the limit! (And so is your middle!)
If you like fats and Oh then Join the Fat KH server We have almost everything you want just be wary of Nsfw stuff
A server to let you get out your fantasies~💋
We accept most kinks even ones that seem odd~ this is an rp serving taking place in a giant Brothel of many kinks. We are hiring workers and need some clients~
( +18 ONLY)
A discord server dedicated to those who enjoy RPing Weight Gain, Inflation/Expansion, and Vore. Fans of any of these kinks are also welcome~