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This is a server dedicated to vore! It's also open to other belly related kinks, even those who aren't into vore at all.
Become a player or NPC in a VRMMO world filled with countless creatures looking to eat or be eaten!
This is a server focused on pregnancy and vore, if you like a big belly or being in a big belly, this is the place to be.
You can eat anyone 17+ and you can do any kind of vore do not join then leave
Please understand that this Server is based around some listed things
•Vore(All types)
•Milking and more

The one thing I do want to achieve is the compassion with each and everyone that’s apart of the community, bullying isn’t tolerated here. Keeping the environment positive and friendly is the main goal one should set upon theirselves!

You do have to be 18+ to join this server, if you aren’t 18 but you do understand sentimentals with the fetish please let an admin know your age and if you’re mature. Once you’ve joined the server please head over to #da-rules. Please note you must be verified to further access all parts of the server at the #verification chat so please follow what it says on there, make sure you check your DMs from both @MEE6 and @Dyno with the instructions they’ve told you. All I can say from here is enjoy your stay! (No raiders thanks!)