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Welcome, this is a Role-play set in the 1600s-2000s with many nations available for choosing to serve you can become a lord/lady (In some cases even a king) of a nation and either seize the crown for yourself conspiring and betraying the people around you to get there.
Or be the kings most loyal servant and help your king conquer the world

-> Create your own character
-> Go wherever you want like to the Vatican
-> Become what you want (Farmer,Pope,Soldier,Merchant)
-> Work in a particular branch of the government
-> Random events to get the most out of roleplay
-> Betray your closest allies to gain more power
-> Sell goods to make more money
-> Buy land,perks,armies
-> Rule your state/empire and become the most powerful man in the world
-> Colonize and go to war to expand your empire

(This is a community project, so please join and give us suggestions to create a more fun rp community)
Join if you enjoy My Hero Academia, as well as expansion, Inflation, weight gain, and more!~ we roleplay, send photo's and chat!~