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You like expansion, inflation, weight gain and hyper? Well, this server is definitely for you, then!~
A NSFW server for those interested in RPs, weight gain, inflation, along with hypnosis, and just kinks/fetishes in general
Want to stroll down nice beautiful beaches? Explore new discoveries? Well now you can! Vore Land’s new partnered server Hyper Island, has you covered! Join for a nice vacation in this island where you get to enjoy Hyper Boobs, Ass, Cocks, and bellies. It’s filled with adventure, fun, and most importantly *Love~*. Big Island, Big People, Big Fun. Hope you have lots of fun. And please be active in the server for some real fun~
Now when you enter the server you will be asked some questions, answer them and look at the rules to be checked in.
Join if you enjoy My Hero Academia, as well as expansion, Inflation, weight gain, and more!~ we roleplay, send photo's and chat!~
Welcome, this is a Role-play set in the 1600s-2000s with many nations available for choosing to serve you can become a politician or even a king of a nation.

-> Fix your nations internal issues such as the famine and plague
-> Stop Islamic Expanding further into Europe through diplomacy or war
-> Create developments for buffs to dominate other nations
-> Work in a particular branch of the government as a politician
-> Make hard decisions from events with consequences
-> Betray your closest allies to gain more power
-> Sell goods to make more money
-> Buy land,perks,armies
-> Rule your state/empire and become the most powerful man in the world
-> Colonize and go to war to expand your empire

(This is a community project, so please join and give us suggestions to create a more fun rp community)
*Yandere People
*And More to come ;)
*After Dark Rooms
*And Etc Come see for yourself,
And enjoy.
Welcome to the university of change, here at random or by choice your body will grow, shrink, change genders, or swap bodies with someone else.

please note by joining this server you realize that the above will happen to you suddenly and at random.
Woah, hey, welcome to the Fatty Café. A new server for big things, such as: weight gain, inflation, expansion, and hyper. Gamers, furries, whatever, everyone is allowed as long as you're cool (and 17+). This server certainly isn't perfect right now, but I plan on improving it over time, feel free to come on in and hangout!

Why the café theme? I don't know, I just really like coffee.
place of wg, vore, inflation and expansion! we also support roleplay! Smut is allowed, but each roleplayer doing the smut must consent! We hope you have a nice stay, and grow, or make others, grow to large sizes!