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So you've come though to the temple of the god of Sorrow and Betrayal's land. I fear that if you were seeking a place to rest this is not the place for it. This temple belongs to a very cruel and sadistic god named Trauer, he is the god of sorrow and betrayal. He has some odd ways of showing his affection to his following. And odd i mean he eats them.
The temple is in it's own dimension outside of the main world called Exacross. Which is a large world with many different kinds of races that call it home.

We got Giants, Giantesses, tinies and all sorts of tasty snacks for a hungry pred and wonderful prey for hungry preds!
We're small atm but we're growing!
Fun rps
awesome ppl to chat with
bots to play with!
over 20 self assignable roles
LGBTQ and Furries are welcomed!
Do you like size play? this is definitely your community! Plenty of people eager to play and Roleplay with other users, whilst being respectful
News: Server update! Please read #rules and #regulations upon joining and verify to gain access to the rest of the server.

Purposes: vore roleplay/socializing/gaming/other lewd activities.

Our most coveted rule is maintaining the peace and respecting others so that all feel welcome, safe, and happy within our server. If you decide to join be sure to say hello to everyone!

Must be 18+ to join. You’ll find more information on our policies in #rules and #regulations once you join.
The original Macro Vore community! Come join! RP! Talk! Hangout!
Welcome to Michelle's Universe, a RP server related to Giantesses, Goddesses and all kinks related to Size and Macro stuff. You can go from a tiny little slave to a Big Goddess. What will you do? Serve your Goddesses or become one and own everything?

Bienvenido al Universo de Michelle, un servidor de RP relacionado a gigantas, Diosas y todo tipo de fetiches relacionados al tamaño y a lo macro. Puedes ser desde un pequeñito esclavo a una enorme diosa. Qué harás? Servir a tus diosas o convertirte en una y adueñarte de todo?
Welcome to Giantess Kingdoms, new hero! In this roleplay intensive server, you’ll find yourself amongst goddesses, giants, mercenaries, rebels, slaves and other heroes. With a highly customizable role selection and autonomous commands, you’ll be on your own adventure in no time!
Welcome to Micro Inn, the inn which houses both giants/giantess and tinies! It is highly advised to watch out for the small people below so they are not 'accidentally' stepped on. But there is no worry if that happens, the inn is prepared for such things with a diligent clean-up squad! Oh, and I suppose the tiny will probably be back to life sooner or later. So, what are you waiting for, come to Micro Inn!

The hostess awaits~
This is a Giant/giantess Server for all Tinies and Giants to have a Great Time! Choose Any height between 1cm to 100ft high for your character. You can be any species of any kind here, if your character is a kid or teen you need to go to the two different schools that is set up, if your an adult you may adopt any character that is a kid and start supporting for your family (if they want to be adopted). This is a 18+ server but we try to keep things "clean" here so nothing Chaotic happens. Thank you and Enjoy Your Stay! :3
This is a Server for all Giantess Pony fans! Come and join if you like big pones or even little pones! Come here and RP and have fun!
We are a school that takes students of all sizes. Come and have fun !
Welcome to a town were normal sized, giant, and tiny people all live together, please enjoy your say, and we hope you have fun.

(Characters must be 18 or older to erp)
This is a place mainly focused on the Micro/Macro (giantess/giant) fantasy and roleplay, yet anything can go here. A place for members of of the size community to hang out and have fun. Feel free to join and say hello, we would be very happy to welcome you there~
A giantess and vore focused server taking place within the body of an immense goddess, explore her depths and try to live within June!
Servidor dedicado a la comunidad GTS de habla hispana.
Pueden sentirse libres de compartir, chatear, rolear, compartir contenido de sus gustos relacionados o incluso su propio arte!

Aceptamos también a aquellos fans de Gigantes (Giants), Mujeres Encogidas (Shrunken woman), Hombres encogidos (Shrunken men), pequeños y gigantes en general, todos son bienvenidos!
This is a roleplay server that welcomes members of all kinds to do what they wish. The server does have nsfw elements but those are hidden from any sfw members, who can still roleplay and such as they wish.
Welcome to this mysterious academy where notable women and a few notable boys of Anime and Video Games come to learn more about themselves and the world around them. However the mysteries of this Academy boggle the mind as for every time the clock hits midnight, someone mysterious is grown to gigantic height while someone else is cut down to size with no certainty they'll return to normal the following stroke of Midnight. Join in on the mystery and Adventure, Now with an expanding world!
This is a roleplay server with a Giantess and kingdom fantasy theme. We welcome people of all kinds to join our server and hope you enjoy what this place has to offer.
This is a seafaring and Caribbean themed roleplay server. Another major theme is giantesses but we are welcome to all forms of fetishes and the like and have accommodations for those not interested in simply lewd roleplay as well.
This server has a giantess and school theme. The server is heavily based on roleplay and contains elements of magic, machines and fetish based roleplays throughout.
Hello, We are Mechs Vs Giants, and we are a roleplaying server about humans with giant robots going against giants! This is my unique idea, and i really hope you enjoy it! We are strong on our community, and would love to grow to be a big server!
“Heya, fellow tiny roamer! No need to wander around the street looking for a place to live anymore, because Gina’s apartment would be an ideal living place for any shrunken people!”

[This is a server dedicated to tiny & giantess interactions, with the main "giantess" being Gina Green, a normal-sized fair lady who used to live alone in her apartment- but not anymore! A lot of tiny friends are here to accompany her, and occasionally have some fun with her as well.]

[Your role here would either be one of the tiny people recruited by the tiny leader named Tiny to live at Gina's place as a permanent resident, or a female visitor at normal size paying a visit to Gina’s place and having some fun with the tinies if she wants to. Take notice that only female characters would be allowed as visitors, while both male and female members can be tiny residents.]
An erotic roleplaying server that focuses on the 'kink' of 'macrophelia'. We're a friendly group so come say hi and look around if you're interested.
Hey there. Welcome to Giantess Safehaven. Where many role-players can role-play different scenario's in the giantess world. You can, begin role-playing in our hub station where you can be as dirty or clean depending how your role-play style is. Do not troll and do not disrespect any of the fellow staff members who run the server. Ask for what kinds of roles you would like, whether it would be giant, giantess, tiny. The staff will give you the appropriate roles as long as you ask.

All of the channels in the role-play hub consists of different genre's. So if you want to role-play in a medieval setting, their is one channel that's pre-made for you. If their are no channels that relate to your interest. You may ask a mod for it and she/he will do his or her best to create that for you. Thank you for and I hope you have a fun time in our server.
In this server you can do roleplay as Giant/Giantess or as Tiny man that lives in a house together with other people. But you can also chat with other people, listen music and other stuff in the future.