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News: We’ve done a major server overhaul! We’re back and better than ever.

Purposes: vore roleplay/socializing/gaming/other lewd activities.

Our most coveted rule is maintaining the peace and respecting others so that all feel welcome, safe, and happy within our server. If you decide to join be sure to say hello to everyone!

Must be 18+ to join. You’ll find more information on our policies in #rules and #regulations once you join.
A femdom and Giantess image sharing server for Fate Grand Order. Please keep the images and roleplays related to the Fate series.
Welcome to the kingdom, new hero! The lands are ruled by goddesses and giantesses who use slaves for their own amusement and pleasure. Join to be sold as a slave, become a rebel to free the slaves, or become a hero in your own right!
Welcome to Micro Inn, the inn which houses both giants/giantess and tinies! It is highly advised to watch out for the small people below so they are not 'accidentally' stepped on. But there is no worry if that happens, the inn is prepared for such things with a diligent clean-up squad! Oh, and I suppose the tiny will probably be back to life sooner or later. So, what are you waiting for, come to Micro Inn!

The hostess awaits~
Welcome to this mysterious academy where notable women and a few notable boys of Anime and Video Games come to learn more about themselves and the world around them. However the mysteries of this Academy boggle the mind as for every time the clock hits midnight, someone mysterious is grown to gigantic height while someone else is cut down to size with no certainty they'll return to normal the following stroke of Midnight. Join in on the mystery and Adventure!
In this server you can do roleplay as Giant/Giantess or as Tiny man that lives in a house together with other people. But you can also chat with other people, listen music and other stuff in the future.
A place where tinies and giants alike can RP! There is a mix of SFW and NSFW content.
“Heya, fellow tiny roamer! No need to wander around the street looking for a place to live anymore, because Gina’s apartment would be an ideal living place for any shrunken people!”

[This is a server dedicated to tiny & giantess interactions, with the main "giantess" being Gina Green, a normal-sized fair lady who used to live alone in her apartment- but not anymore! A lot of tiny friends are here to accompany her, and occasionally have some fun with her as well.]

[Your role here would either be one of the tiny people recruited by the tiny leader named Tiny to live at Gina's place as a permanent resident, or a female visitor at normal size paying a visit to Gina’s place and having some fun with the tinies if she wants to. Take notice that only female characters would be allowed as visitors, while both male and female members can be tiny residents.]
Hello, we are a new giantess/tiny/giant role-play server. Of course it is still under some management and needing some polishing. Anyway, the server is pretty friendly and social. Its a little small at the moment but, with time and patience it'll grow and become a very populer role-play server that I do hope to see come to fruition with your help.

From fantasy, slice of life, adventure and more genre's. The amount of role-plays are pretty exciting.
A world where creatures and human beings of any size live among themselves.
This is a roleplay server with a giantess and hotel theme. It also has a large sub theme of vore. We welcome people of all kinds and hope you enjoy your stay here.
This server has a giantess and school theme. The server is heavily based on roleplay and contains elements of magic, machines and fetish based roleplays throughout.
This is a giant dungeon themed roleplay server with giantess as a side theme. Here you can roleplay with your friends as you explore a massive dungeon while being allowed to do lewd things along the way.
This is a seafaring and Caribbean themed roleplay server. Another major theme is giantesses but we are welcome to all forms of fetishes and the like and have accommodations for those not interested in simply lewd roleplay as well.
This is a giantess roleplay server with an emphasis on giant trains that travel across a futuristic world as well as other worlds. Welcome onto the tracks as we enjoy seeing people of all shapes and sizes.
This is a roleplay server that has equally shared interest in pokemon and giantesses. We welcome people of all kinds and hope to see you soon. We also are open to suggestions and improving our server to accommodate newcomers.
This is a roleplay server with a Giantess and kingdom fantasy theme. We welcome people of all kinds to join our server and hope you enjoy what this place has to offer.
A Giantess Roleplay server where characters from video games and anime are the giantess.
A small server for fans of FGO and giantess to chill, chat, rp or complaint about the Gacha.
A Giantess image server for Xenoblade Chronicles. You can even Roleplay this type of situation too if you want. NSFW, 18+
Hey! You! Please consider taking an interest in the new Macro/Microphile community Discord Server! Otherwise known as Blue's Place! We except everyone and are looking for new members! The server is still in progress so if you have any suggestions please feel free to add some!
Hope to see you around at Blue's Place! 💙💙💙
(I'm still working on this server, so I suggest you wait before entering here, but you are also free to enter if you want. I will warn you later when everything is ready, so for now you will have to wait)
A giantess Roleplay for Fate Grand Order. You can share images and roleplay them or just share your favorite images.