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An active server about a school that accommodates students of incredible scales, tiny, massive, everything and just about everything else! Creativity is our best feature with a growing variety of classes and places to hang out and explore for our ever-expanding roster of students and staff. Characters both students and staff can get their own houses to relax in between classes and special events voted on from our users!
Feel free to join the revamped "Size Highschool"! Due to the old one hitting rock bottom, the original owners decided to remake it, so it could be better than before!

This is NOT a place for furries! There are plenty of other servers out there for them, but not here. We wanted just one server where they would not be a problem.
The original Macro Vore community! Come join! RP! Talk! Hangout!
What do you get when you combine the world’s biggest ship with the boldest thrills ever to set sail? A gravity defying, status-quo denying, electrifying expedition onboard Macro Cruise. It’s all new first-at-sea feats, plus all the favorites - turned up a big bold notch to give you the best adventure ever.
We're a community of people who are too powerful to play on normal servers. Join The Overpowered house and create characters that are overpowered with powers beyond gods to characters the weakest of being. All are welcome here and our aim is to make OP people better characters overall so that they may become more believable and avoid erasure.

Meet Mynette, Maxel and her family as they deal in their day-to-day overpowered lives. This server is the official roleplay server of where you can meet official characters from the story TOO POWERFUL to be a web serial.
This is Fellow, creator and goddess of my own place: The Fellowverse!
It's a GTS-themed server of mine that I've wanted to make for a while now, and it's become a reality! Why it exists? All of this power within me had let me do it all, and I even left in a little backstory of how it all happened.
Oh, and maybe you could come closer to being my friend by staying in here? It's your choice though, don't worry. I'll be waiting~
(By and before joining, you will acknowledge the fact that right now, this is an SFW-only server. By the time Fellow turns 18 years old, that may change. You will also realize how dumb this description actually is.)
Welcome to Ainara's Domain, a cruel goddess who rules over a part of the universe while her mother, Goddess Michelle, rules the rest of it.
This is a RP Macrophilia server with a lore in it, friendly people to chat with and have a fun time.
In this server you have many things to do, from just chatting to becoming a God/dess and own a part of the Universe and rule over it. In case of tinies evolve from just a tiny to one of Ainara's toy, with the special ability to resist more damage than other tinies
This is my server! Welcome! The purpose of this server isn't a normal giantess one, ewww! I specially created it to play (rp) games and have (rp) events as well, involving gts stuff :D this is a special place to gamble, use dices, free rp, check pictures aaand to have fun for the most part! Nobody will feel left alone anymore :3
A size server for people of all ages to come and hang out, meet new people, as well as talk to people with similar interests to you.
Servidor dedicado a la comunidad GTS de habla hispana.
Pueden sentirse libres de compartir, chatear, rolear, compartir contenido de sus gustos relacionados o incluso su propio arte!

Aceptamos también a aquellos fans de Gigantes (Giants), Mujeres Encogidas (Shrunken woman), Hombres encogidos (Shrunken men), pequeños y gigantes en general, todos son bienvenidos!
The fairy garden is home to all sorts of magical creatures. Located by the grey veil, this garden is one of the many places accessible through the mists. There are mysterious gigantic creatures known as Tree Walkers, along with sleeping giants who lay dormant in the land of the great fairies.
The most common residents of the garden are gnomes, leprechauns, fairies, sparrow men (male fairies) elves, and humans; magical creatures be warned, if you're seen by a human you might return to the veil of magic where you can walk through the endless mist...perhaps you might even find something.
Don't be shy, walk through the gate and see everything the garden and forest have to offer, and maybe even discover some of the secret areas previously only known by the fairies.
Greetings! Welcome to Celestial Cosmos. A giantess roleplaying server with a heavy focus on in depth, immersive lore! Our lore has been expertly written by one of the most skilled writers in the GTS community. When you join the server you enter a galaxy with many worlds to explore and roleplay in! Our server is fully staffed with plenty of moderators to ensure that your roleplay experience is as pleasant as possible! Our inclusive server permits uses of all ages, uses will be given access to nsfw channels for nsfw roleplaying upon confirming that they are over 18.

So what are you waiting for? Come to Celestial Cosmos and see for yourself!
Welcome to Micro Inn, the Inn which houses both giants/giantess and tinies! You are welcome to stay at our warm home for as long as you like! Tinies are highly advised to watch out for the larger ones to not get 'accidentally' stepped on. But if that happens, don't worry, the Inn is prepared with a diligent clean-up squad! Oh, and I suppose the tiny will be brought back to life sooner or later. So what are you waiting for? Come to Micro Inn!

Your Hostess awaits~
Welcome to Bataar! The city that accommodates all sizes of being! Where trade is abundant and the sands kiss your face. Stay and rent a place to live, interact with citizens!

This is a GTS server based around RP and works of art, fiction, and music. we have an experienced and diligent staff team with an accomplished RP server management background between them. Please come and meet the members!
This is a place mainly focused on the Micro/Macro (giantess/giant) fantasy and roleplay, yet anything can go here. A place for members of of the size community to hang out and have fun. For a special roleplay experience we also implemented a unique death/revival system that can be a part of you RP but is optional. Feel free to join and say hello, we would be very happy to welcome you there~
The Hive is an exclusively MLP macrophilia RP server with a heavy emphasis on in character interaction and literate RP. We have our own world and lore so come be a part of it!
News: Looking for more preds to maintain our ratio! We’ve had an influx of prey recently.

Purposes: vore roleplay/socializing/gaming/other lewd activities.

Our most coveted rule is maintaining the peace and respecting others so that all feel welcome, safe, and happy within our server. If you decide to join be sure to say hello to everyone!

Must be 18+ to join. You’ll find more information on our policies in #rules and #regulations once you join.
Minitropolis is a great place for size enthusiasts, comic fans and gamers to gather. Go on fantastic RP adventures featuring hero vs villain action with sizeplay as an option! Or enjoy the company of fellow geeks and just relax to have a great time!
Hello! Welcome to my Universe, we accept all new giants, giantesses, gods, goddesses, tinies, norms, and all of every shape and size! Come on in, this wonderful place is still a work in progress, so please bare with us. It shall be a wonderful place to stay and enjoy your favorite kinks and more!
I do this because I hate everyone and myself.
Welcome to The Hungry Goddess.

This is a vore server based around the bar known as The Hungry Goddess. It is filled with dozens of different settings and will host categories and channels dedicated to parts of people's bodies.

We hope to see you soon in our inviting new vore hub, until then, we hope you have a splendid day.
Welcome to Camp B&B! Hostess yours truely, the goddess of death, we welcome people of all sizes to our camp! (and shapes *wonk*) Come on in and watch your step~
Cosmic Gigantism

A server for lovers of size from the tiniest microbes to giants on the universal scale. We welcome all furries and non furries. We are a small but growing community and as the community grows the server shall change to become something truly special. So whether you like to roleplay or just enjoy the art, music, videos or games there's something for everyone to enjoy here.
A relatively new server, looking for people to help it grow.

The basic rundown is this:

Because of a mutation in the human genetics, women can now shrink all men and some women. Now, a world left in a power dynamic, is yours to join!

Will you be a pet, an owner, a free tiny, or a freedom fighter? It's all up to you on Size Reborn.