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A casual, chill, dank-friendly server. Lots of silly stuff. Focuses on anime and on monster girl franchises like for example Monmusu Quest, Monster Musume and Monster girl Encyclopedia, and on various other anime game franchises like Fate, Azur Lane and Kancolle. Includes roleplay, erp, polls, silly bots and music channels. Originated as a server from 9GAG's Anime&Manga section.
~~ Welcome to Monster Girl World! ~~

We are an (E)RP server heavily based on Kenkou Cross' "Monster Girl Encyclopedia" series.

Humans and Monsters were in constant struggle in the medieval world of MGE, battling with blood and sword, but a succubus corrupted the monsters with the essence of a Succubus, and the battles of bloodshed had been turned to battles of lust and desire.

The Order exist to slay the now-lustful monsters and protect the humans, yet the Monsters wish to capture the humans to turn them into their "husbands", raping them to feed their lust for human energy and children.

Who will you be? Who's side will you take in this battle?

~> Normal, Erotic, and Combat-based Roleplay all in one server.

~> Expansive server infrastructure & curation.

~> ~100 Monster Girl species to RP as or with.

~> High quality of RP with a tie-in to lore.
Are you a fan of Monster girls, roleplay and/or hentai?
The Monster Girl Paradise is a social, roleplay and hentai server designed to be a friendly and welcoming place. A relaxed place to chill and indulge in lewd.

This is an adult oriented server strictly for those 18 years old or over.

- Social section, including channels for sharing art, music and memes.
- Roleplaying section for both RP and ERP.
- Hentai section.
- Admin with a monster girl fetish.
This is a server for those who want to Roleplay with monster girls from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia or from Monster Girl Quest, the server is mostly based on Monster Girl Quest Roleplay but changes can be made on user request.
A server based on the world of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, where we have monster girls and human dudes living in a semi-modern context
Come to this Monster Musume Discord server, home of the dankest, funniest, and most dope discussions about monster girls to ever exist on planet Earth
this server is
the first 20 people to join will help me make this server
also note these
1~ no furies!
2~ you must actualy particapate in vore an all of that otherwise why come here?
This server is a mature roleplay server meant for those interested in monster girls and the MGE franchise. This server puts a heavy emphasis on literacy, maturity and originality. The server's rules aren't too strict, however basic server etiquette and responsibility are assumed to be had. This server was truly made for those who write and love writing, along with those who enjoy the monster girl themes. It is advised that if you are merely interested in MGE and decide to check the server out that you do read some of the links posted in the server. Questions and suggestions are appreciated, so be sure to get involved! We are a new server, so do expect things added in the future.