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Robot fetish server, if you are a robot or enjoy messing with them, upload yourself here!
In this lewd chat you can find ASFR, robotization, ERP, technofetish, mindcontrol, fembots, gynoids, androids, cyborgs, robot girls, porn, maidbots, disassembly, reprogramming, malfunctions, machines, drones, objectification, hypnosis, kinky

It's a great community, members are manually approved
̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶  CЧВЄR CÍTЧ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶

A server about robots living a new society.
Humans have abandoned their robot creations... fear of robots overruling the world, these humans locked down their once loved city for the robots to kill each other.... well that was the idea. Now these robots have worked together to form a society...
What we Offer...
🕯️Custom Emojis of our ocs
🕯️Original Characters
🕯️Character Locations and special rooms
🕯️Always looking to add more locations
🕯️Custom Role colours
🕯️Character Relationships

Please note we are a new server, and I'm always looking for some helpers for when I'm offline
Have you ever looked for a robot or AI based ERP server? Well this one is just that, you can have human or any robotic looking or are robotic characters, from Warframe's thick ladies and lads to some giant Robo-Brain from Fallout, all are allowed.
We are a growing sci-fi rp server with both an rp side and community side. We have daily updates and plot is formed around how players rp and interact. Operations and events occur daily along with an economy system that rewards players with income for good work, this can be used to enhance your character with items from the shop.

You can play as a Titan pilot, Non-pilot (soldier), Civilian, and if your lucky Nano Warrior. Each type of character has their own ranking system and unique classes to further customize your own unique characters! We have war hardened vets to soft skinned recruits all waiting to baith in the blood of their enemies.

Customization and creativity is urged and with over 200 channels to engaged in rp and further develop your characters!
This is the PUBLIC frc 1721 Tidal Force official discord server it is always being worked on if you have any suggestions please tell us! Keep Calm and Rave on
A Small server for making frens and chatting! This maybe your only time in existence to join this server so why not check it out atleast?
(also thers tons of emojis)
A server for fans of the mecha genre, whether it be anime, manga, model kits, figures, or anything else. Both old and new fans of the genre welcome!
*Read this in the best Morgan freeman voice you can*

**The year is 3027:** The concepts of humanity have fallen, synthetic bodies, androids, and robots have taken control. Winning their independence over the “War of Creation” in 2064-2075. Humans had gone to far with technology as the technology began to feel and have a conscious, over time they rose in power and the two sides clash. The humans out of fear, the droids out of liberty. After the set of wars and death of many participants... robot overlords began mass execution of humans, full of vengeful hatred and death for their enemies. As political issues turned and a new democracy similar to the one so many years ago took hold. The mass execution was ended, all humans remained were given as much compensation as possible. At the moment there are five billion droids, synths, and bots. Compared to the forty seven million humans, the chances of humans are rare and dwindling. The life cycle of droids, robots, and synths are as natural as possible meaning they do undergo the natural aging process and “make” children the same way. (Though really they are processed). Thus to combat mass overcrowding of individuals around the world. As for humans they mostly keep to themselves if they are even found, the true numbers are much lower than forty seven million, but the androids are optimistic. As for compensation of the war crimes against humans, any unlawful treatment of one ends with termination. Most humans wear fake cyber wear or gear to try and seem as synthetic as possible so their not singled out. Like a rare animal they are a spotlight in the world of bots and future. Our story starts in Chicago, a major city with full capability of a new life and chance for creation. At the time twelve humans live inside its district, with the crime rates still high, nearly impossible to compete with the droids, and a loss of self worth. They are the physical bottom of the barrel. Now as an artificial being will you seek for the twelve hidden people around the city? Or instead take pleasure of synthetic drugs and violence? Maybe be a leader of a powerful business? Or a law enforcement officer keen on keeping those pesky bots who just won’t stay in line. Who knows but one thing has been assured. The robots had a golden era where their code was perfect and the future soared, now the synthetic people have turned more and more human mentally, the greed, want for power, and death. Liberty comes at a price... what’s yours?

New server!
Welcome to any role player!
Admins are here to help!
World build and choose your destiny!
Welcome to our kink-oriented robot girl appreciation server! Here you can share and post art of your favorite robot gals, and even create your own! So join up and enjoy your stay!
The year is 3012, Earth is barely in habitable. Radiation has spread and the only safe places are Canada and Russia. Five ships were sent to a planet named 'Kelper 10c.' Only two made it. Two of the ships got more supplies then the other three, and one of the ships that got those supplies was, in a way, the first one to get here, they have built glass domes, made ways to keep oxygen in, and is mainly "civil". The other ship that got here, though, has made a community that has almost fallen into complete anarchy. Most call them raiders as they have found ways to make masks to protect themselves from the heat, and many of them have been able to steal from the original ship.
This discord contains a link to a robot IRL you can control that does be online constantly. The user Princess Of Kitties is active and so is the channel. You can come control the robot from links here, come have fun, chill, relax, have a good time and enjoy the content that's mature too.

A fun place to chill and kill some time.
This is an 18+ NSFW community for people into all kinds of things, but especially robots. All adults are welcome. We include many topics such as comics, anime, cartoons, movies, etc. However, the server was originally built for Transformers (so pardon the Transformers roles!). We are very LGBTQ friendly. NSFW and SFW content are both available and kept separate so you can browse safely in public. Please read the rules when you join and have a wonderful time.

The server is a couple years old now. We're a generally small community with a tight knit group of active members. We are looking to grow and expand our community.
A transformers server made by collectors for collectors. Wanna show off your cool collectibles you may have? then this is the server for you.
Long ago there was a dying planet, being ravished by the dark creatures that lived their. One day, a piece of the sun fell from the heavens, the fragment of the sun granted life and formed sacred items called Haeheam, enchanted items forming from the most important memories of a person, the item could take form as a family heirloom or an item of great importance to the person.

The basic theme of the world is a future where technology has developed to a certain extent but not as we commonly view it in story books. In this world their are government manipulators called the Regulators in which an organization of assassin's works to bring the Regulators down working in the shadows to bring peace to Rinvern.

EARTH, Humans used up it’s resources. They destroyed their own home planet. The only solution left was to travel to an entire new planet. Atharth. The planet had an atmosphere and the same air as earth. It was suitable for the humans. It could be a new beginning for humanity. The only problem was the unknown, dangerous creatures who already lived there.
Here’s for anybody that wants to roleplay in the real steel universe
We are still WIP but we will get better

This takes place 5 years after the movie and technology has advanced since but now that fights are getting more brutal with some weapons starting to be allowed
So do you have what it takes to become a real steel champion or will you sit rust away like the others
This server is for 18+ only!
This server is an adult social gaming/roleplay hub for everyone who loves robots, mecha, androids, gynoids, and cyborgs.
But we do allow unrelated content too~
Welcome to Tron: Rebellion
This is a RP based off of Tron
We are a really fun RP group
Hope to see you here
The SynCh Project is an RP server, taking inspiration from things such as Gundam, Macross and Evangelion to make its own unique universe.

Make a character and customise your own SynCh Unit mech as part of the Global Union as you fight against and uncover the origins of the mysterious ULF and other SynCh squadron known as 'Deadly SYNs', or strengthen your bonds with other pilots within The Capital to take advantage of the CHimera Link System. The pieces have been set up, it is all up to you to play the game
Omega Crystal is a multi-genre server that let's you have fun with bots, join events, roleplay, use emojis, whatever basically.
Welcome to the world of Epsilon: Infinite! Here Telliks, a powerful elvish type race came into Earth. This Earth contains two types of robots: Bots and Droids and they are becoming more independent by day. There is also a third type of robot as Epsilon Robot. An Epsilon Robot is a type of robot created by the Tellik scientist Luco Archega, and it turns the souls of either Humans or Telliks into chips, which can be placed inside robots. A company named Omni-Tech wants to abduct the few Epsilon Robots that exist to use them to their own needs. It's a battle between free will and god complex.

Which side will you be?