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Heya! You! Yes you looking at this!
We are a Yuri / Anime Server! However, besides talking about yuri and anime we are also friendly people who you can openly talk to ^^ We are also a LGBTQ+ Friendly server. Also you may or may not know but Lilium means Yuri in Japanese terms!
We provide you with:
NSFW Channel (18+)
LGBTQ+ Friendly
Self Assignable Roles
Multiple Channels For Different Topics
Pokecord Available too!
We hope you will join us as this is a server in need of new members <3

Hello! Welcome to Gay Server II - Electric Boogaloo! The original server shut down due to some drama, but now we're back! We have memes, weebs, and a shit ton of hentai!

A dedicated server for the best of the hentai, you can share your content, pages, videos, images .... Everything !!!

What are you waiting to join? 🕶️

🔞 Giveaways every 20 members join !!!
🔞 Multiple channels
🔞 The best bots
🔞 Active server
🔞 Many roles
🔞 Hentai lovers
🔞 All genders
🔞 Channels vc
🔞 Everything is allowed
🔞 Music
🔞 Chill
Welcome to Lesbian Discourse! We are inclusive of all female identifying people who love women!

🔥 Music bots
⚔️ Lots of active chatting
💋 Nsfw channels (+18)
👑 Self Assignable roles
🧾 VC member verification
💗 All the girl on girl discourse

We look forward to meeting you!
~ LD staff

A fun server for finding people to roleplay with! find what your looking for and this server will match you with people you want!
We don't have too many people on our server so it's perfect for chat, you also don't get pinged often so thats also nice to think about when joining this server!
Hello. This chat is for everyone that wishes to join our group. We share hentai and other stuff. Pls come join us if you want.
Juztiz' Justice is a center from weebs and for weebs, and for the most part yuri-centric.
We are a casual community that can easily become your new circle of best friends - sarcasm and shitty jokes included.

If you need a server to talk to fellow weebs, most especially about yuri but also about any kind of topic you'd want to, you are very welcome to join.~
[Probably the only existing server with people who care about Hanebado!]
Hello and welcome to YuriFantastic.
This is a newly opened yuri themed community server.
I have made channels for both yuri related content and just general chatting.
We also have self assignable roles as well.
This server is LGBT friendly.
We also have Pokecord.
Feel free to join if you love yuri or just want to chill and chat.
This is a 16+ server for those who enjoy all things yuri! :) We provide new updates of yuri manga's and upcoming anime. Not only that we have:

~ Waifu bot.
~ General chat.
~ Video games chat.
~ Voice channels.
~ Pokecord.
~ Self assign coloured user names.
~ Plus many more.
Hello, We are the Yaoi Cult. A new server for people in the anime community who Loves Yaoi! If you would like to make friends and hangout with new people then this is the server for you. We have Bots, Self role, giveaways, Music, voice chat, and more. Please join. ALSO ENJOY YOUR STAY!!
Hentai House is a server dedicated to hentai and general weebness. We have a wide variety of channels, from yuri, yaoi, futa, and bdsm, plus a lot morw. Check us out if you like hentai.
Welcome lonely wanderer, are you perhaps starving and need to feed your crops? Well then! You've come to the right place, you've stumbled upon Yuri Yuri Paradise!

We are a new server, created just on the 27th of April and we've recently launched! A place where writers, lacking the yuri needed to sustain them can thrive as this is an exclusive yuri roleplay server! If you're a new writer? That's okay! If you're an eight lengther with an abundance of detail? Welcome! We cater to every level of roleplaying in Paradise!

Though we will not force you to create wonderful moe works, you can still chat and talk about yuri like no tommorow!

Now come on in! Join in on the ride!


looking for people to join the kool kids staff club.
Welcome to our DDLC server, hoping to grow by the day.
We follow a few rules and aim to make people comfortable in the server, as well as the users.
do you like twidash well you are in luck. in this server you can talk and show fan-art of twidash. so don't be scared and join the sever. and we will give you a shout if you use your boost in that sever.
The only Discord server dedicated to yuri of the Touhou Project series!
We have a leveled ranking system for active members, channels to post original content, NSFW content and more, as well as plenty of emotes!
heh...wɑnnɑ be ɑ mɑgicɑl girl? well thɑt's everyone's dreɑm theses dɑys. "I wɑnt powers so I cɑn help my mom" or "I wɑnt powers so I cɑn mɑke the world ɑ better plɑce!". Well I'm here to tell u thɑt none of thɑt's gonnɑ hɑppen...unless you mɑke ɑ deɑl ɑ heɑd for ɑ heɑd, no one gets whɑt they wɑnt without ɑ sɑcrifice here. Just remember not to bite the hɑnd thɑt's feeding u

Every Magical girl is given a wish before signing a contract, all magical girls usually ask for world Peace or for a family member to be healed when this happens they're given a basic Power such as ELEMENT manipulation or healing. There are a few exceptions that gain a power beyond control and usually go corrupted from their own power taking over.

There are many wanted Corrupted Magical girls that blend into the human race like they're the same, that go to school and gain friends. Many Magical girls that go corrupted don't even notice they are until they're hunted down and exterminated.

Males can be Mgs

A server dedicated to Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o, also known as A Kiss for the Petals! With cute custom-made emojis. ♥️ Join us and have fun!
un sitio en donde puedes expresar tu gusto hacia Senran Kagura .
a place where you can express your taste towards Senran Kagura.
um lugar onde você pode expressar seu gosto para Senran Kagura.
Jellyfish is a server for those looking for some people to talk to, with an active community, we post memes, play games as well as have A LOT of bots you can play with! with artists, memers, photographers, gamers, weebs, and anything you could ask for! we have active game updates for some of your favorite game! so come in, stay a while!
Games we play
Ow - PC and PS4
Minecraft - PC and PS4
R6S - PS4 and PC
Warframe - PC and PS4
Paladins - PS4 mostly some PC players

We have everything for everyone, so come on in!

We also have a minecraft server, its a village for whoever wants to stay and play minecraft with us all!
An international community of Yuri-loving artists, writers, bloggers, cosplayers, creatives, enthusiasts, and more who share a deep passion for the arts of Girls♀Love. The Yuri Renaissance starts here!

We offer all of the following:
⚜️A Wholesome, Supportive, & LGBTQ+ Friendly Staff & Community
⚜️A Chill, Comforting, and Drama-free Atmosphere
⚜️Regular Artistic Discussions, Advice, & Support
⚜️Active Literature Club for Fan-Fic/Original Story Discussions
⚜️Original, Server-backed Projects and Collaborations
⚜️Frequent News, Updates, & Discussions on Yuri/GL Series
⚜️Commission, Stream, and Other Advertisements for Users seeking Promotion
⚜️Weekly Seasonal-Anime Watches
⚜️Karaoke Sessions, Game Nights, and Group Calls
⚜️Anti-raid & Anti-troll Protection
⚜️& more!

Don’t hesitate! Come knock on the Garden Gates!
Server Rating: 16+
Come chill and make some memes with your Doki Overlords! Come and have fun, and d̸̳̠͘o̷̼̼͐̈́́n̴͈̳̈͊'̶̱͒ṯ̶̛̤͆͛ ̵̧̦̯̏͛d̸̺̝̃͌i̷̜̐̓ͅe̵̘̞̓͂! - Monika