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A dedicated server for the best of the hentai, you can share your content, pages, videos, images .... Everything !!!

What are you waiting to join? 🕶️

🔞 Giveaways every 20 members join !!!
🔞 Multiple channels
🔞 The best bots
🔞 Active server
🔞 Many roles
🔞 Hentai lovers
🔞 All genders
🔞 Channels vc
🔞 Everything is allowed
🔞 Music
🔞 Chill
A server dedicated to the yuri genre. In addition to this, we're a warm, welcoming community you can socialize in various topics.

Welcome to Gay Server II - Electric Boogaloo! After the original was deleted, we decided to make the sequel! Now twice as lewd~

- Lots of hentai posted daily
- Lots of memes and funny hahas
- Many different erotic roleplaying rooms
- We do partnerships!
- Gaming rooms to flex your epic gamer skills
- Many different bot commands to play around with
- And much more!
*Hey you, Ya you aren’t you from that server called Wafou Harem? YOU ARENT. What are you waiting for get join meet new people, have some fun NSFW rp. Go on Go on*
Hello and welcome to the yaoi kingdom! We are a yaoi and yuri related server. Come and join the family!!!
Hello and welcome to YuriFantastic.
This is a newly opened yuri themed community server.
I have made channels for both yuri related content and just general chatting.
We also have self assignable roles as well.
This server is LGBT friendly.
We also have Pokecord.
Feel free to join if you love yuri or just want to chill and chat.
Heya! You! Yes you looking at this!
We are a Yuri / Anime Server! However, besides talking about yuri and anime we are also friendly people who you can openly talk to ^^ We are also a LGBTQ+ Friendly server. Also you may or may not know but Lilium means Yuri in Japanese terms!
We provide you with:
NSFW Channel (18+)
LGBTQ+ Friendly
Self Assignable Roles
Multiple Channels For Different Topics
Pokecord Available too!
We hope you will join us as this is a server in need of new members <3
Yuri's Literature Club!

The return of Yuri's Literature Club
We are glad to have you here, and hope you have an incredibly enjoyable experience here! You have a wide variety of topics and things to discuss, and many avenues for friendships and lasting bonds to be formed among a wonderful community.

From Art to Anime to Gaming to Music, even Life Discussions and other things, so feel free to explore to your heart's content!

All we ask of you is to enjoy yourself, and that you have fun and remember to always be polite, respectful and courteous to others.

⠀Kokonotsuboshi Girls’ Academy of Commerce, an all girls’ school built on an old castle known as “Shirojo,” has a lot to offer to female Japanese residents between the ages 15-18! The school is known for its graduating classes to have great academic prowess, and it won’t be long before that next class graduates. In addition to that, the school is known for having its own urban legend of Enoki Sachi: a ghost of a student who fell off the roof saving their best friend from falling off the roof. She is known not of haunting the school, but simply watching over it.

⠀This is merely a sandbox roleplay with very little story to it. You’re free to make your own story and do whatever you wish as long as it falls in line with the rules. Kokonotsuboshi Girls’ Academy offers in-depth classes, an array of entertaining clubs, and the best food one would see at a high school in this welcoming place of a whole new world.

⠀That being said, welcome to your new life of drama, romance, comedy, and all that you would ever see here at Kokonotsuboshi Girls’ Academy.

════ ⋆★⋆ ════
- Literate roleplayers and easy-to-understand guides!
- Patient biography managers who are VERY active!
- Several entertainment channels, including a channel that can give you your own colorful tag!
- Detailed descriptions for each roleplay location AND a map for the IC locations!
- Dormitories, clubs, teachers, classes, and more!
════ ⋆★⋆ ════

🛡 Welcome to **XiX Network** 🛡
🔥We have things like...🔥 :

-🔞Tons of NSFW channels!
-🔹A whole category for members!
-🔸Photo contests!
-🔹Discussion and voice channels!
-🔹Friendly members!
-🔸Music channels!
-🔹Fast Growthment!!
-🔹Interactive bots!
-🔸Great staff and support!
-🔹Invite rewards!
-🔹Fun events!
✅ We offer a more free platform to post whatever you want.
Wanna join?
☣ Here's the link:
School Idols is a new and growing SFW wholesome yuri community server. We post images and media daily of cute anime girls in love with each other <3

We all need some wholesome yuri in our lives! So join today!
This is a 16+ server only!

Welcome to Yuriverse. Not only do we share our love for yuri manga and anime but we like to make friends here and hang out. We do:

- Game events.
- Movie nights.
- A NSFW part of the server which includes NSFW qotd.
- Would you rather games.
- Art/wrting prompts.
- Selfie channels.
- Music bot.
- Harem bot.
- Video game chats and more!

Come check us out. :D
Welcome to Lesbian Discourse! We are inclusive of all female identifying people who love women!

🔥 Music bots
⚔️ Lots of active chatting
💋 Nsfw channels (+18)
👑 Self Assignable roles
🧾 VC member verification
💗 All the girl on girl discourse

We look forward to meeting you!
~ LD staff

Hentai House is a server dedicated to hentai and general weebness. We have a wide variety of channels, from yuri, yaoi, futa, and bdsm, plus a lot morw. Check us out if you like hentai.
Here, you can hang out in the amazing Literature Club! A place where that pen flows along with the papers. You can roleplay, Hang out and even attend events! ENJOY!
Juztiz' Justice is a center from weebs and for weebs, and for the most part yuri-centric.
We are a casual community that can easily become your new circle of best friends - sarcasm and shitty jokes included.

If you need a server to talk to fellow weebs, most especially about yuri but also about any kind of topic you'd want to, you are very welcome to join.~
[Probably the only existing server with people who care about Hanebado!]
H-hello! And welcome to the yuri fanclub, this was made to show our love for the ddlc character Yuri!

This server has 50+ members and is open for new people!

What we have
Nsfw channel
Vent stuff

More is coming soon :)))!!

This server MAY or MAY not de dead, but it’s growing so no problemo haha
Are you gay, lesbian, bisexual? Like fapping to porn? Our server is for you!

Please bear in mind, we are a relatively new server, so some channels may be empty -- but that's where you dirty-minded people come in!
do you like twidash well you are in luck. in this server you can talk and show fan-art of twidash. so don't be scared and join the sever. and we will give you a shout if you use your boost in that sever.
The only Discord server dedicated to yuri of the Touhou Project series!
We have a leveled ranking system for active members, channels to post original content, NSFW content and more, as well as plenty of emotes!
Doki Doki Empire is a magical place to share your love for the game Doki Doki Literature Club.
New 18+ server with NSFW channels. hentai, furry, yuri, yaoi, futa, and more. everyone is welcome.