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We are an anime based community dedicated to sharing and discussing hentai! Currently at 680+ members!
A Yuri-centric server created by Yuri fans for Yuri fans.
With a growing community of friends, we offer you to join us in our journey towards Yuritopia.
We aim to build a friend community that's orderly and drama free.

Our server is equipped with:
➤ Anti-raid protection.
➤ Welcoming staff and friendly members.
➤ SFW channels which is the basic permission we offer after confirming.
➤ NSFW channels for those interested as long as they are of age.
➤ A Japanese study channel for those who want to study the language with others.
➤ An art channel to amazing creations by talented artists.
➤ Weekly server hangout with active members.
➤ Active VC and a text channel for those who wish to join but don't want to speak.
➤ Server's personal currency and waifu system among members.

We hope to see you soon!

A dedicated server for the best of the hentai, you can share your content, pages, videos, images .... Everything !!!

What are you waiting to join? 🕶️

🔞 Giveaways every 20 members join !!!
🔞 Multiple channels
🔞 The best bots
🔞 Active server
🔞 Many roles
🔞 Hentai lovers
🔞 All genders
🔞 Channels vc
🔞 Everything is allowed
🔞 Music
🔞 Chill
Welcome to Lesbian Discourse! We are inclusive of all female identifying people who love women!

🔥 Music bots
⚔️ Lots of active chatting
💋 Nsfw channels (+18)
👑 Self Assignable roles
🧾 VC member verification
💗 All the girl on girl discourse

We look forward to meeting you!
~ LD staff

H-hello! And welcome to the yuri fanclub, this was made to show our love for the ddlc character Yuri!

We are hosting a competition soon!

What we have
Nsfw channel
Vent stuff

More is coming soon :)))!!

We are new, help us grow! Ps, this ain’t a friendly server
Juztiz' Justice - a yuri-centric server, although we offer space for casual and off-topic talks as well.
You can level up and gain new ranks (with neat colours) by it and text with chill people!
Join for the yuri, for the weeby, or for Hanebado.
Hentai résistance est un serveur centré sur le hentai et le porn qui est ouvert à tous sans ce soucier de votre physique ou de votre comportement sociale , le serveur demande juste d'avoir minimum de 18 ans. Venez pour parler de tout et n'importe quoi et vous amusez comme vous le souhaitez tant que c'est avec respect
This is a server for a DDLC mod, "DDLC Soy Sauce Edition!"
Now, i hear what you're saying. "What the hell is a Soy Sauce"? Though it is explained in the server, Soy Sauce is a character made by a user called Goose (Who says Soy is a mistake). I hope this server grows into a nice friendly community!
Love Doki Doki Literature Club? (Better known as DDLC,) It's a horrific anime-like dating site (or thats what YOU think) SPOILERS: All girls kill themselves. The girls are, Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika. The character you play as is called "MC" or "Protagonist" to some people. All girls deaths: Sayori(Hung herself) Natsuki(Broke her neck) Yuri(Stabbed herself) Monika(MC deletes her) Enjoy your time exploring A.Box.Of.DDLC.
Hello, We are the Yaoi Cult. A new server for people in the anime community who Loves Yaoi! If you would like to make friends and hangout with new people then this is the server for you. We have Bots, Self role, giveaways, Music, voice chat, and more. Please join. ALSO ENJOY YOUR STAY!!
Welcome to our DDLC server, hoping to grow by the day.
We follow a few rules and aim to make people comfortable in the server, as well as the users.
This is a server about anime and games, also making new friends. So come ahead and join us!
Hi we are the Yuri Protection Program! We will love to meet you! Hey like some good yuri we do too?! Like some good anime we do too! Want to help us grow our community we do to! We be happy to have you here to make us expand our community, More friends = more friendships = more lovers to relate to us! AAAAAAAAAAAA! We are totally not weeb here cough Okay maybe a few....buuuuuuuuuuutttttttt is totally worth coming in here ~! so help us make this place more lively!

We also are fighting with our waifu wars right now, Obviously Zero two is best girl
Yuri, and only Yuri. Come get your cute girls and Yuri fix here!
Anime parfait is a *very* tasty server. I know you’ll eat all of it up and I also know what I’m typning right now is *very* cringy
The focus of this group is to get to know people who love GL and discuss yuri anime, manga, visual novels, media, etc. In addition to this we also talk about japanese language and art. The server is open to both adults and minors. And we are not afraid to have discussions using voice chat. Please join us.
Welcome to The Yuri Café (°◡°♡).:。

This new server is a chill 16+ environment where people can talk about their many interests and... YURI! Or rather, girls' love in general (╯✧∇✧)╯

We have many cool features including:
✧ A variety of channels to talk in
✧ Welcoming and kind members
✧ Level-Up perks, using MEE6 (⌐▨_▨)
✧ Multiple Bots to mess and play with
✧ Various events, one we gain more members
✧ Making friends
✧ Cool Café Owners that'll treat you right (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡
✧ And many more!

We're just here to create a community where everyone has fun and good vibes are spread around! Hopefully, you take it easy and enjoy your time at The Yuri Café (°◡°♡).:。
This is a server based around the anime Citrus, it isn't very interesting, at all, other then those who love the ship between Yuzu x Mei <3
Welcome to the Doki Doki Literature Club Natsuki here, I am here to Share with you the Doki Doki Literature Club 🤗, We will Show you that Literature is Fun we will do Daily Activity’s and @4&@[email protected] Sorry Glitched Out AND We will have Daily Activity’s Stop by the Literature Club and Have fun...
Hello, and welcome to Lord Phoebe's Yuri Church! This is a yuri-dedicated SRP server, where you can come to RP or just hang out. At the time of writing this, the server is brand-spanking new, so any new members are greatly appreciated!
A server about writing focused on lesbian characters, but not necessarily romance. We're trying to create a nice place for anyone who wants to focus on lesbian characters, no matter how experimental, epic or fluffy you want to be. Note that you don't have to focus on your characters' sexuality per se, they may happen to be lesbians... just because you want them to!
welcome bois and grill to that gay shit this is a nsfw server so we gots some bots to summon nsfw pics we gots yaoi and yuri also some awesome roleplaying,and some kewl memes such a doki doki
If you enjoy anime feel free to join
in this server you can chat with other people about anime and much more