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A growing community of wlw from around the globe! We're always looking to grow and improve to be the best we can be! With friendly, trustworthy staff, we're always trying to make your experience as comfortable as possible. No male members are allowed, LGBT or not (sorry!)

Some facts about our server!
― self-assignable roles
― an interview system to prevent raids
― partnership opportunities!
― game + movie nights!
― trans-inclusive!
― non-binary + genderqueer friendly!
― plenty of channels
― bots to have fun with!
― LGBT and meme-themed emotes!
― lovely and welcoming members!
― vent and support channels
― specific interest chats
― anti-discriminatory rules!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!
Angry Pancakes is an LGBT+ discord server interested in providing a fun, welcoming community for females, cis and trans, and non-binary people of all ages who identify as WLW+ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, etc).
Hoogstnodige server voor alle Belgische (en nederlandstalige ) wlw!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*welcome to wlw once!*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
as the name may suggest, we are a server dedicated to the wlw (woman loving woman) fans of the kpop girl group twice! we are brand new, but we have lots to offer as a server, including:
**✿❀a manual interview system to prevent raids❀✿**
**✿❀self-assignable roles, including 39 different color roles❀✿**
**✿❀unique channels for every member of twice❀✿**
**✿❀fun bots such as pokecord and helios❀✿**
**✿❀friendly staff who are open to suggestions❀✿**

if you like twice and you're a wlw, come on in!
A server for lesbians and bi women! (no men please)
This is a women-only server for those who need a break from men!

Here we have:
💓 Lots of bots!
💓 Adult-only NSFW, everything else is SFW!
💓 Semi-strict moderation, non-toxic community!
💓 All women welcome, including transgender women!
💓 Server events, including karaoke and creepypasta narration!
a community for women who both love other women and who love to write!
Lesbians against pedos is a chill community for all lesbians!

No males allowed pls
No pedos, ddlg, cgl, variants
No terfs, transphobic, homophobic, racist, etc.

We are safe for minors!
are u a woman who loves other women? come join us over at snake central then! we are a growing server whos looking for new members to hang out with
This is a server for all women who love women! We are all friendly, super welcoming, and would love to have you! ages 15+ please! We are trans-inclusive and TERF-exclusive.
We have many chats including: general, gaming, arts, venting, and many bots!
We also make whatever custom roles you want!
A space for wlw to hang out and chat about tv shows and other such shizzle!!
Enbies & Women ♡ is an inclusive server for all wlw, nblw, wlnb, and nblnb! There are general channels, a selfie channel, a channel for discussing relationships, NSFW channels ;), memes, and more! We also have a TW system to keep the server as safe as possible!

(wlw is women who love women, nblw is nonbinary people who love women, wlnb is women who love nonbinary people, and nblnb is nonbinary people who love nonbinary people)
Sappho's Island is a server for women-loving women (also nb inclusive). We offer a place to chat and meet with other WLW. [16+]
helloooo and welcome! to our new 18+ server for women who love women. we'll be hosting movie, game AND voice chat nights. channels for discussions on movies, games, tv shows etc are available (and more!). come check us out!