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Welcome to <<Camp Buddy!!>>

This isn't the official server but a fan made server.
We're a friendly server and is open to many things! This server is mainly for roleplaying. You can even insert your own OCs into the story if you wanted to.

It's a fun and chillax place! Even if you're more of a person to not rp we're a fun place so you can just joke with us!
This is so shitty
If you love the anime Sanrio Danshi then this is the server for you. An active server with great mods, games, bots, movie nights, cute frequent pictures of the Sanrio boys and many more.
This server is a BL/Yaoi Roleplay for those looking to join or read along.
Rental BF or RBF is an app that lets you rent a boyfriend. Whether you are lonely, looking for a friend, or wanting someone to talk to, we have plenty of boyfriends for hire. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

・ Create an OC either as a boyfriend looking to hire or a rental boyfriend
・ Custom roleplaying OC Bot
・ In-Character Chatroom
・ Fun meet up areas to roleplay
・ Literate to semi-literate
・ Have Fun!

Currently, accepting profiles and mods❣️✨
The Rothram Castle is the yaoi roleplay server in Mediaval theme... We accept only person that aged above 16

We have so many things that you can explore in this server such as...
-Strict RP system and economy
-accept all character's species(such as furry,dragon,demon etc.)
-discussion about new planet
-music and pokebot!
This is a roleplaying server dedicated to all omegaverse-loving roleplayers. It focuses on M x M pairings but accepts other pairings as well. Kingdom Evergrande has a Victorian era-inspired setting where humans live in fear of vampires. Alphas are the elites in society, betas come in second, and omegas rank lowest, following the traditional ABO dynamics.

Server Features:

• Lore events that change the kingdom's society and rules
• Detailed kingdom, vampire, and omegaverse lore.
• Warm and welcoming members and staff
• Accepts characters of all genders
• LGBT+ friendly community
• Literate roleplayers
• Custom commands
• Reaction roles
• Economy
BL Dreamscape is an 18+ roleplay hub dedicated to M x M roleplayers. We wish to provide roleplayers a safe place where they can meet fellow roleplayers and have fun roleplaying with each other. We offer people various self-assignable roles and channels and we also allow them to request roleplay channels of their own where they can freely roleplay with their roleplay partners!
The BL Lounge is the perfect place to express your wonderful experiences with yaoi! Blurt out and show your love for BL/Yaoi here in our server!~
This server is for all the fans of the game “Camp Buddy” we feature a bunch of events that are similar to the game. Everyone has a spot in this RP! This RP is OC based so you will have to make your own OC. This is NOT a supernatural or magic based RP so please dont attempt to make an OC like it. THIS SERVER IS LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY
┍━━━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━━━┑
★·.·¯·.· Happy Easter★·.·¯·.·★
┕━━━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━━━┙
16+ ONLY
This server is dedicated to all the Fujioshis & Fudanshis out there.
Anyone with Yaoi or less then Hetero things on their minds can tresspass here freely
and securly. As long as you're friendly to the community and its users I welcome you. Brand New.

-NSFW & SFW channels
A server dedicated to BL manga artist Takashima Kazusa. Come share your love for her and all her works!
Welcome to BL! Please enjoy your stay here and check out #rules and feel free to ask any questions to me the owner or the admin
Welcome to KOTAB; Kingdom of the Anime Boys!

We're a new, small server that loves Anime boys, BL/Yaoi and making friends in our small but friendly community. We are back to opening our invites for the first time in a long while.
Make sure to read the rules if you join!

What KOTAB has to offer:

[♡] A variety of SFW channels dedicated to anime boys!
[♡] NSFW Category with multiple channels, dedicated to anime boys and BL.
[♡] No anime girls! Just anime guys.
[♡] Media and art channels to show off your creative works, or your favorite creative works of others!
[♡] Lots of bots, with more to come! We will also be adding emotes for non-nitro users.
[♡] Self-assignable pastel color roles, and level-up EXP roles!
[♡] Public and private voice channels to make friends in.

Please be sure to pay us a visit sometime! We’d love to see you here.
Welcome to the RP Server, Reincarnate Palace, where the living and dead both rejoice in this small haven. This server is currently being worked on, and I appreciate the joining of members and their understanding of this. And yes, I am looking for staff.
Its basically a gateway server into another killing stalking server (Killing Talking) the invite link for that server is #discord-servers💬
A server created for fujoshi, fudanshi, and fans of BL and Otome. Generally anything with bishounen, ikemen, biseinen, or bara characters is welcome here.
Please keep in mind, we have a strict NO shota/prepubescent-teen characters rule for sexual content. If you like characters who look younger than college age or with "moe" looks, sorry this server is NOT for you.
SMILΞ ᏢᎪᏒᎪᏞᏞᎪҲ is an 18+ comic book and novel series about an interdimensional mafia and this discord is for fans, readers, and all those curious! This series contains horror, malexmale relationships, mpreg, romance, science fiction, action, and drama.

You can ask the characters questions and they'll answer in character! You can keep up with comic updates, share fanart, interact with other fans, and talk with the creators too!
Ce serveur a été conçu dans le but de regrouper les roleplayers et adorateurs de YAOI/BL.
Pas de prise de tête, nous demandons juste une petite présentation dans le channel adéquat et une bonne dose de respect et de bonne entente.
Nous avons parmi nous les bots Tatsumaki, Mee6, Kawaiibot et Rythm.
Vous n'êtes pas obligés d'être roleplayer pour être membre.
Hello !
Our server is a safe place to chill and discuss anything to do with yaoi , shounen ai or bl without getting judge.
Share your stories with either visually or verbally, and be there for our fellow fujuoshi. Fudanshi are welcomed !
Goal for this group is to let yourself be you and have someone to talk to. So feel free to join our discord group and enjoy yourself there.
Barrel of toxic yaoi sludge, enter at your own risk. We invite all yaoi-fangirls aswell as lovers of BL to join our chaotic but friendly community.

yaoi fangirls boy love bl boylove sludge cuddle rainbow slime goop toxic party rave cute femboy cute dork lovely dance stripey narusasu gay lol
hello! fujoshis and fudanshis is a discord server designed to be around the subject of BL, but we're open to most things. we also like talking about kpop, memes, art, and games! we're currently a small growing server. and would love if you joined!
For people who love the Manhwa "Sign" by KER!
We're a brand new server, so we're very small, but please do give us a chance!
Do you like roleplaying? Are you having a hard time looking for people to roleplay with? The Dollhouse for Boys is a new and growing (18+) yaoi RP server dedicated to roleplayers. Not only can you look for partners and share your ideas, you can also advertise your server here! We have different channels for different types of servers. We easily accept partnerships with new servers as we would also like to help others grow bigger as a community! What are you waiting for? Come join us!
A cultivation sect where members can discuss or recommend YAOI or BL related mangas, novels, artwork, etc.

We offer a variety of activities:
-Self-assignable roles
-Cultivation levels

WARNING: Note that this server focuses on BL, yaoi, danmei, so it's malexmale pairings.

Overall, we are a welcoming and *coughs* perverted server! Join and embark on a fun adventure with us!