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HIM. HE represents the perfection hidden within humanity. Only HE is able to bring us out of this period of darkness. HE is our father, our brother, our first and last love, the beginning… and the end. HE will save us from all evil. HE will deliver us. Only those who accept HIM with open arms will be saved when the E N D appears to swallow us all. Join us and you will earn salvation. Join us and you will earn power. Join us and you will be saved. You will be saved a place in…. 


 ━━━━⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆━━━━

The cult of Him, or EDEN is a dangerous occult group that consists mainly of Alphas and a few Betas and Omegas. This new age group preaches of an end of times, or a rapture and that only those who follow "Him" will be saved. They are also being accused of the several kidnappings of omegas… why omegas you ask? Well then, law enforcement assumes that this is because the cult of Him, or as the members call it, The Church of Eden participate in live human sacrifice. Omega human sacrifices. It hasn't been bad enough for the calling of a curfew but people are warned to be cautious of their surroundings. Still, this is all speculation.

⭐ 16+
⭐ LGBTQ+ Friendly
⭐ Pretty chill you know? Like super chill bro.
⭐ It will be awesome when we get members bro 😤😤😤
⭐Oh yeah, there are also self roles so.. 👈😎👈
An omegaverse server, with the following plot. (18+ only!)

In the year 2402 where magic exists and has been polished through modern technology. However, the ability to use magic is determined by genetics, limiting the number of magicians in existence. Following the Third World War, the world's superpowers shifted to these four nations: The United States of North America (USNA), New Soviet Union, the Great Asian Alliance, and United Kingdom. In UK, the magic community is informally governed by the ten master clans in lieu of the government. Due to the limited number of magicians, they are treated as a commodity and are forced to enter magic related schools and professions. Nine magic high schools exist in UK; they each specialize in different aspects of magic and are simply referred to by their numbers.

Hope to see you soon!
Salutations! We are Cupid's Hostages, an omegaverse-based roleplay server for people of all ages. You may be wondering what you might be in for in our wonderful haven, so here is some insight. Our server includes...

『🌼』A friendly and welcoming LGBTQ+ community

『🌼』Staff who are always happy to help

『🌼』High-quality bots

『🌼』A variety of channels, each with different uses

『🌼』Roleplay channels tailored specifically for special settings in Korea

『🌼』And many more...

There's no reason not to join our family! Come on down and see what we have to offer. We hope we'll get to be able to see you really soon!
Rosewood is glowing and marvelous city of lights. The community is widely diverse, and vibrant with life. Behind it all, the city also known as Hell’s City is hiding a mysterious secret not many know about. A supernatural world exists behind the blind eye of the humans, with a long history of drama and romance. Will you join in or live a normal life?
Everyone is welcome! The chat is very lgbt friendly and we want to encourage people to be themselves. A very strict bullying and harassment rule as been set to allow a more friendly and open space.
The Server is 17+ anyone under that age will be banned
Literacy is very important to me (even though I’m the king of typos), I do try my best. Anyway, we do require semi-lit writers and up. One liners in actual rp will not be tolerated.
OOC chats
A ton of Rp channels
Autos roles
Rp roles
Events in rp to include everybody
NSFW (still in progress)
A lively, semi-lit roleplay server catering to the BNHA fandom!
*** We are an 18+ server, sorry!

We follow the loose guidelines of an A/B/O universe, or Omegaverse, and in this verse Pros are less common than in canon. We encourage you to change up your characters background and have fun with it!
Canon characters only at this time. :) However we have lots of characters still available.

We have OOC chats, IC chats, script and thread channels for you to check out, as well as upcoming events. :)
If you're looking for a laid back and goofy bunch, you've come to the right place!

Can't wait to have you!
This is Homestuck Omegaverse! We're a small server at the time, but I hope that will change soon! This is a humanstuck omegaverse server, and most of the characters are open right now! We have autoroles, and an extensive information document for the omegaverse au! I hope to see you there soon!

Server link:
Mega Gay Land is a chill server with a chill owner. Here at Mega Gay Land, roleplayers of all sorts are welcome though we are an omegaverse theme based server. For the safety and comfort of all of our members, I ask that you only join this server if you are 17 and up. You can roleplay as your favorite characters squeezed and shaped to fit into the omegaverse world, or you can roleplay as an OC. We don't like rules all that much, we simply ask that you be kind and considerate to others. We will NOT tolerate discrimination of any sort, please enjoy your stay! <3
If you are not sure what the omegaverse is, we are happy to explain for you in the server.
This is an ERP server from the ages of 16 and up, if you join make sure you are at the legal age of consent in your area.

The country of Bursha was once beautiful for the people that resided within it and out of it of course. The country was flourishing and rich, people were offered proper health care, everyone had a job, there were no gangs... it was like heaven on earth! And once upon a time, the crime rate was so low no such thing as police existed. But...that was once upon a time. Fifty years ago

It all changed when, a man took the position of president of the country. His name was Henwack Mcdushe, and he of course was able to win by manipulating the vote. Because as his name shows, he was a big douches bag. But that was only the first of his wrong doings as merely two months after he was appointed as the new president, money started disappearing from the country's savings. And it was no small sum, pretty pennies were going missing allover. No one knew where it went, but maybe it was put into the huge palace that the man was building for himself in the outskirts of the country's capital Selperth.

And talking about the capital, with large sums of money going missing, things started to become more and more corrupted. People were getting fired, they were becoming poor, some even started residing to stealing! One of the only rich people that was left standing proud and tall in the chaos, decided he was going to start a gang. Where people could come, have sex against money and have a roof above their heads.

Not soon after more people followed his set example. A man named Oliver Byrne created his own gang of hit-men. Then, Maddox Ryder! Slowly the country was falling apart, under Henwack's nose as he sat in his palace all day, partying and being all kinds of reckless
A literate adult warrior cats supernatural fantasy roleplay. 18+ only.

Blood Clan: Led by BloodGod for the past hundred years, Blood Clan is a vicious clan that performs blood sacrifices to please their God. The clan lives in the Blood Spires, a series of flat lands covered in long crooked trees of a forest that reaches out to claw at the sky. These cats have the ability to control blood, fresh or new.

Dragon Clan: Dragon clan cats live in the Mountains of Dragonia, these cats have leathery dragon wings and each cat is born with a different elemental power.

Nightmare Clan: an all male clan, these cats are demonic in nature. The dominant males travel far to protect the clan, the submissive males tend to the young and help protect the territory from the inside. These cats have demonic powers and have been seen to be born with horns, feathery wings, extra tails or otherwise. They remove any shecat from the clan at birth and abandon them in the forest.

Fallen Angel Clan: An all female clan, these are the daughters of Nightmare Clan who are at constant war with them and Dragon Clan. They are demonic in nature but time has changed them, they are like sirens and lure cats to their deaths with their songs. They abandon any male cat at birth. The dominant females defend the territory from the outside, the submissive females tend the young and defend the territory from the inside.

Wendigo Clan: the sons of Fallen Angel Clan, this clan is made up of both those cats and cats cast out from Dragon Clan. These cats have power similar to their female parents and are demonic as well, but they have the power to take on the appearance of another cat by wearing its skin, they call to their victims by name in the voice of a loved one on the wind and fly them into the air and drop them after dragging their feet along the ground until they burnt to ashes. These cats have monsterous antlered forms and if they come in contact with humans they can shift to a Neko like form....beware Wendigo Clan...

God Clan: Located in *The Underworld* led by LionGod, this is where clan leaders go after they die and leave the physical world once a new clan leader takes over. A god has the power to be reborn as his own descendants.

These clans are at war, can you join the fight? An Omegaverse Yaoi and yuri warriors rp, 18+ ONLY
The student characters have graduated from their respective hero courses and are now sidekicks or promote their own agency. Everything in the manga/anime has concluded. The League of Villains has been apprehended, and over the last year, a reformation program has been enforced, allowing former villains limited freedoms if they follow the strict guidelines (typically their actions being overseen by a Pro Hero, put in an arranged marriage, and/or given a job).

Please note this is a NSFW RP, so if that's not you're thing, I would not join. We have a friendly mod staff, with many characters open. Come and check us out! 18+ only.
Welcome to The Wolf!

This server is a Modern Set Omegaverse AU.

In this server we create a breezy and fun atmosphere for omegaverse lovers and spectators alike!

We have the following
-Custom Roles
-Color Roles
-Roleplay Roles

We are currently looking for:
- Nice and Active staff!
-Betas <3
We are looking for 15 members to begin the server wide Roleplay

If you aren't sure of what dynamic you would prefer, There are quizzes and articles to read if you aren't sure!

This is a new server so it might not be as active to start with but this server is very inclusive!!! ((: Hope to see you there!

In this world, angels ruled over the world to maintain peace and order until the first angel fell from heaven, which caused the birth of a new species: demons. Demons are evil beings who bring chaos and disaster. Before the existence of demons, alphas, betas, and omegas lived together in harmony until society began to change when the demons started the beginnings of a dark era where alphas ruled in society, betas were servants, and omegas were sex slaves. Countries warred against each other until the angels intervened and brought peace back into the land; however, prejudice towards betas and omegas remained.

The Vauzgard Empire was one of the countries that fought in the war. During the war, they colonized other countries and due to the colonization, humans and supernatural creatures were forced to live together. Although these races have found peace after the war, there are some others who do not agree with co-existing.


✦ ERPs
✦ Friendly staff
✦ Reaction roles
✦ Open partnerships
✦ Literate roleplayers
✦ Numerous roleplay channels to use
✦ Updates based on your suggestions
✦ Positive and drama-free community
✦ Setting, species, and omegaverse lore
✦ 1 on 1 and group roleplay request channels
✦ Over 30 different species your characters can be
✦ Accepts males, females, intersex, and trans characters
✦ Open World – You can create royal characters from your own original kingdom!
Here at the Omegaverse, we cater to many fandoms for exploration and introduction into the world of Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics. Feel free to pop in and give us a look!
🌸 Welcome to the Omegaverse! 🌸

Alphas have always been the dominates of the three secondary genders. That basic control over a lowly omega wasn’t enough. They didn’t want to simply cause them to go into early heats or fuck around with them for fun. They started seeing them as the lowest of the low. Their bodies become highly priced for those willing to be collared. Omegas couldn’t get decent work. You would have to have an alpha to make money. If there wasn’t an alpha in your family then you had to do other things for money. Sell your body, your heats, or anything else you could offer.

This is why we have pets now. Pets can be auctioned and sold off to the highest payer. Alphas can offer their protection to omegas for a price. Omegas are the lowest class. Beats and Alphas are doing the best. Alphas are still the most dominate.

Where will you stand in this crazy world?

The Server

-This server is 18+ and fantasy based! You can have supernaturals to your hearts content in this old fashioned world!
-The poor get sold to the rich. Its mainly omegas, but betas/alphas are welcome on the pet auctions as well
-We are LGBTQ friendly!
-Mythical creatures are welcomed
-Set in a time with advanced tech, but an older more slightly past times setting

Aquí encontraras a mas gente con tu mismo gustos además de que podrás rolear y muchas mas cosas,asi que esperó que disfrutes del server :3
✨StaryHollow College Omegaverse with a twist of werewolf✨
StaryHollow College was founded by a Alpha named Brian Mckaley in 1987, It was made to help Alphas/Betas/Omegas learn about their instincts/their second gender plus control their instincts also prepare for adulthood.
The college has many opportunity's, Maybe you might even find you're future partner but if not that's alright. The place has Alpha/Beta/Omegas dorms separate for the safety if a Alpha goes into rut or a omega goes into heat.
Mate dorms
Extra Apartment for staff OC's
Different locations
Friendly Community
And more!
(Please know this is a +16 server. If you join you must verify your age!!)
╔═══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═══════╗

**A New Dawn**

Thousands of years have passed since the creation of man kind. Civilizations rose and fell, became conquered and merged into other fantastic cities or colonies. Humans have evolved while new creatures emerged seemingly out of nowhere, from up above the Heavens and down below Hell. Each creature, each race, all drastically different from one another. Yet they all share a single thing that binds them together: Second Genders.

The Second Genders are now common today in every living being besides pets and non humanoid animals. Omega, Beta and Alpha. Recessive genes are possible within these Second Genders as well. Bonding occur and people find their true mates. What exactly are you going to find yourself as? A creature or a human? A regular Omega, Beta or Alpha? Or perhaps one of the recessive genes? Follow your own path for your life, discover new things along the way. What will the outcome be?

**Omegaverse: Welcome to the Eiffel Tower!**

Here We Offer:

Friendly Staff
Open Suggestions
Many Channels
TONS of Roleplay Opportunities
NSFW Channels
SFW Channels
Unlimited Character Slots
Recessive Genes
And Much more!!


You are not forced to partake in any ERP/NSFW within the server. Feel free to avoid, take it to DMs or FTB. (Fade to Black) Consent is key!

╚═══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═══════╝
Welcome to Highland City! Why don't you stay a while?
Highland City is an 18+ omegaverse literate RP and ERP discord server. We allow male and female OCs. It's omegaverse, but with a twist! Come join and find out! This is a brand new server, so please excuse our errors as we work out the kinks!

Come explore what Highland City has to offer. The impressive Greater Highland University has plenty of classes and clubs for you to join. The city has Alpha and Omega districts, where each dynamic can go to feel safe with others. Highland City isn't the perfect metropolis, though, as there is a strong yakuza presence within the city and many smaller gangs vying for domination. In the depths of the city lays the red light district, crowded with brothels and gangs and fightclubs. There's sure to be something here to catch your interest, so why don't you take a trip to Highland City?
This is a creepypasta RP server! The only difference is that we're an omegaverse AU! We're a literate server with friendly users who are excited to rp!

Right off the bat we ask that you do not join if you are under 16! This is a wild server.

~We accept~

~We offer~
- Lore!
- NSFW specific Channels
- RP games!
- Literate RPs
- Friendly staff

We can't wait to meet you!
A Love Song Of The Winter Moon Members! We got raided!! new server! join here!!

18+ I REPEAT 18+ NO ONE UNDER 17 IS ALLOWED. nsfw and erp within. High fantasy omegaverse yaoi roleplay

-friendly community-
-Current Event: Jya's Fury: The Blood Altar-
-Upcoming Event: The Long Road: Lucifer's Folly-

The wolf gods created the world, and within the world humanity thrived until it destroyed itself in the vast war with the elves and their wolf allies, the love and sacrifice between the wolf god Firasgon and his queen the elf god of beauty Jya. Their love was an epic tale of loss and purity, but this was lost to time, no one knows what really happened.

Of the wolves kept sacred and holy, worshipped by the elves, Six packs of wolves were left to roam the lands.

The Sky Dragons, some say descended from Angels,

The Lava Circle who live underground,

The Demonic Kingdom who are known to be demons in wolf skin,

Poseidon's Kiss the merwolves who live on the beach and in the deep.

Finally, Light Moon, the pack spawned between the true love of the gods beneath the Winter Moon.

Unlock the mystery behind the destruction of the Light Moon Pack, help find the Elemental King and protect the world from the various threats looming.

Wolves and Elves: Find the Tomes Of The Winter Moon and uncover the mystery of Jya and his King.

Humans etc: Discover clues strewn throughout the human city to find out why humanity met it's end in the modern era and reverted back to ancient times.

furry and anthro friendly within the unclaimed human city, which is on the outskirts of every kingdom, humans exist in pocket communities.

A chosen one is born into every pack, reborn children of Firasgon and his Greatest Love. They are the elves and wolf packs only hope in a bleak world. What will happen now? Join us today to find out!
This is an omegaverse, roleplay, with few roles.
We are open and looking for mods and admin.
You don't have to join but your free to!
It'd be fun, we have reaction roles, and etc.
This server maybe new, but its still going smoothly.

There have been only two exceptions but no more. everything 18+ rated is hidden in certain channels.

18+ ONLY

An AU MxM and MxF dbz omegaverse rp.

Planet Sadala was never destroyed, the Saiyan gods walk among their people. The icejin have invaded, seeking to destroy the planet, however several alpha and omega pairs send their sons off in pods to find safety on Earth.

These eight saiyan heroes are accompanied by prince Vegeta and his brother Tarble before the icejin can capture them.

Sadala is later destroyed, Vegeta left to teach the saiyan infants about their race.

He vows to them, that one day they will rebuild their planet and revive the saiyan species.

The Eight Saiyan heroes roles are open except Kakarot who while he went through the same experiences, made the same friends, after wandering away from Vegeta, he knows he is Kakarot and never became Goku.

Nsfw 18+ The saiyan race does not have females.

All series, video game and manga verse characters are allowed though all canon female saiyans are males.

↳ We're a pretty new omegaverse server based around the anime 'haikyuu'
↳ Super friendly people!
↳ We're only a small server so its not overwhelming!
↳ Wide range of characters! cannon only though, no ocs!
↳ No set age limit, though if you're under 14 you wont be allowed access to nsfw channels! they dont get used often though, dont worry :)

join us today!! we're always excited to have new people!!