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✨StaryHollow College Omegaverse with a twist of werewolf✨
StaryHollow College was founded by a Alpha named Brian Mckaley in 1987, It was made to help Alphas/Betas/Omegas learn about their instincts/their second gender plus control their instincts also prepare for adulthood.
The college has many opportunity's, Maybe you might even find you're future partner but if not that's alright. The place has Alpha/Beta/Omegas dorms separate for the safety if a Alpha goes into rut or a omega goes into heat.
(Sorry not the best with descriptions)

[ those who fell to instinct ]

An erp roleplay group that has literacy and a welcoming cast. Venture into a new city where past and present, fantasy and modern, and an omegaverse all collide. There is information in the server and you are required to at least be semi literate. Any type of character (except furries) are welcome and your character must be 18+.
Please make your stay here and enjoy yourself!
The Kingdom of Harmstead is an Omegaverse RP server with a Victorian setting. Here, humans and furries co-exist as well as different types of species. We have a levelling system and whenever you rank up, you get to unlock channels and categories.


Economy System - You can earn money by working and gambling. This is not for show. The money is needed to buy store items and other things such as the brothel.

Brothel - Yes, that's right. You will gain access to this once you've reached a certain level. You may post an application to become staff and you will get paid by the king aka server owner. You can only do ERPs with staff if you pay money, which is another reason why money here is important.

Slave Market - Here, you may choose to become a slave or a master. Masters are allowed a certain number of slaves. As a slave, you do not choose who is your master. There is a slave trader whom you should watch out for as well as their lackeys. If your character is targeted, they may become a slave. Masters are not immune.

Monster RPs - This is available to people with high ranks, the ones who are most active. If you have enough money, you can immediately have access to this without worrying about levelling up if you buy the "Rank Up" from the store.

Male Pregnancy - This is optional. If you want your omega character pregnant, then that is allowed. You may RP that on the server or in PMs. Whichever. You will have to buy a potion for that.
18+ only! Literate role players! No one liners! Three to six sentences minimum!

The Wolves Of Tsuzaku, a land mass ruled over by factions of rival wolf packs each with their own magical powers.

The Ancient Ones- They created Tsuzaku but they are shrouded in mystery.

The Mad Hatters- They are psychotic joyriders who live fast, die young and party hard, they decorate their faces in joker style war paint.

The Shiro Usagi- They May be late for a very important date, but you will want to jump down the rabbit hole into wonderland with these free spirited but sometimes unlucky wolves!

Edo Candy- They are known to be noble beasts, but they also perform demonic rituals in the clearing near their den, what is that??

Baby Stars- They are cute, bubbly and even more sugary sweet than the Usagi, but they are the most dangerous of the current packs, be warned.

More packs can be added as time goes on and player base goes up, magic is a free for all but do try to keep your style of magic to a particular pack.
Welcome to Club Gravid; a seedy, underground club full of dark themes, omega trafficking, scientific wonders, and more. Please make sure you read this description fully before joining.

This is a story-based roleplay server featuring heavy NSFW topics with an A/B/O dynamic (aka Omega Verse), with detailed, extended lore.

This server is multi-fandom, and welcomes canons and ocs.

This server is 18+ please do not join if you are underage. A lot of NSFW and adult roleplay takes place in this server.

You must be 18 or older to join and we do verify the ages of every new member.

Server Features

-Fancy Role Menu
-Colored role options
-Friendly community
-Kink rooms that are available via roles
-Art and story sharing
-Media room and Gaming
-World building and Story Building via Roleplay
~Welcome to the Rogers pack, ruled by Noland Rogers!~

We are an all accepting OMEGAVERSE pack.

We are set in the middle of the forest, away from society.
We are in need of all second genders!
Alphas, Betas, and Omegas!

There are jobs like Hunters, Gatherers, Caretakers, Cookers, Builders, Cleaners, Farmers, Nurses and Shamans(betas only), and Apprentices.

The server is open to criticism, but please go easy. This is only my second time making a server like this! : )

Join the Rogers pack if you're interested! (Please have a basic knowledge of Omegaverse before joining. Events are coming soon!)

Welcoming Committee is currently available upon request and activity.
A Love Song Of The Winter Moon Members! We got raided!! new server! join here!!

18+ I REPEAT 18+ NO ONE UNDER 17 IS ALLOWED. nsfw and erp within. High fantasy omegaverse yaoi roleplay

-friendly community-
-Current Event: Jya's Fury: The Blood Altar-
-Upcoming Event: The Long Road: Lucifer's Folly-

The wolf gods created the world, and within the world humanity thrived until it destroyed itself in the vast war with the elves and their wolf allies, the love and sacrifice between the wolf god Firasgon and his queen the elf god of beauty Jya. Their love was an epic tale of loss and purity, but this was lost to time, no one knows what really happened.

Of the wolves kept sacred and holy, worshipped by the elves, Six packs of wolves were left to roam the lands.

The Sky Dragons, some say descended from Angels,

The Lava Circle who live underground,

The Demonic Kingdom who are known to be demons in wolf skin,

Poseidon's Kiss the merwolves who live on the beach and in the deep.

Finally, Light Moon, the pack spawned between the true love of the gods beneath the Winter Moon.

Unlock the mystery behind the destruction of the Light Moon Pack, help find the Elemental King and protect the world from the various threats looming.

Wolves and Elves: Find the Tomes Of The Winter Moon and uncover the mystery of Jya and his King.

Humans etc: Discover clues strewn throughout the human city to find out why humanity met it's end in the modern era and reverted back to ancient times.

furry and anthro friendly within the unclaimed human city, which is on the outskirts of every kingdom, humans exist in pocket communities.

A chosen one is born into every pack, reborn children of Firasgon and his Greatest Love. They are the elves and wolf packs only hope in a bleak world. What will happen now? Join us today to find out!
It’s a omegaverse server but with a twist join to find out
Hello! Willow Springs is a camp filled of Betas, Omegas, And Alphas! They're just outside of civilization and are slowly growing. Roleplay around the camp and even make friends. Learn more once joined!
A rp server based on the universe of the manga Love pistols. A universe where people are evolved from different animals other than apes.

Arranged marriages and relationships are created in an attempt to keep their species alive. From dog evolved to bear.

Warning this server may include Fempreg and Mpreg from a universe where same sex pregnancies exist.

Allows for unique relationships and crack couples~!
I'm not the best with descriptions but anyway, This is a Omegaverse/A/B/O Rp verse/group. It is planned to be for the group a college just for A/B/Os that they attend and find other's like them.

(A bit in work)
Come join our special Wolfpack, we are always looking for something new
A server for omegaverse fanatics, this is a roleplay server as well, you can come and talk with others about ov topics or roleplay with others. Channels of nsfw are marked but if you arent okay with nsfw I suggest you dont join.
Omegaverse is an ERP/RP server that's currently in the works, but we hope to have it up and running soon! Our RP is focused on modern day life with the omegaverse dynamics (Alpha, Beta, Omega), but unlike other servers, you're free to choose whatever dynamic you want to be!

We have simple rules for everyone to follow, and we ask that you respect the mods. But otherwise, we hope you have a great time once you join the server!

We also have the Mudae and Kawaii bots on our server!
Welcome to the BNHA Omegaverse! Before you read any further, these kids ARE aged up and this DOES involve Mpreg. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE 18+ WHEN YOU JOIN. ANYONE CAUGHT LYING ABOUT THEIR AGE WILL BE BANNED FROM THE SERVER.

On another note, WELCOME! We hope you enjoy rping with us. This is a mix of Lit & Chatroom rp, starting thing anywhere at anytime! It's always a great time in this house ;)
~𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕎𝕠𝕝𝕗𝕗 𝕡𝕒𝕔𝕜, 𝕣𝕦𝕝𝕖𝕕 𝕓𝕪 𝕃𝕦𝕜𝕒𝕤 𝕎𝕠𝕝𝕗𝕗!~

We are an all accepting OMEGAVERSE pack.

We are set in the middle of the forest, away from society.
We are in need of Betas! Omega and Alpha roles are closed at the moment.

There are ranks like Tailors, Cleaners, Gatherers, Pup, Builders, Nurses and Shamans(betas only).

The server is open to criticism, but please go easy. This is my first time making a server in general! : )

Join the Wolff pack if you're interested! (Please have a basic knowledge of Omegaverse before joining. Events are coming soon!)

Roles like Welcoming Committee are currently available.
It was about 100 years ago when the first question was asked. Back then, most Betas didn't know about the existence of Alphas and Omegas. Only those who were close and got the privilege of knowing. When this rumour finally came to the right person, they started investigating - finding proof of the Alphas and Omegas existence. And that was when it all started.

- Active community
- NSFW channels (optional)
- Many open characters
Canon and OCs welcomed! Come enjoy yourselves in the omegaverse version of My Hero Academia~!
Looking for a long term partner who can write multiple paragraphs.