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lame community with some semi-lame people, please join and feed my ego
No idea what to put here except for this is a shitposting server for where you dump whatever you got in your image folder.
Shinx Palace is a Pokécord sever that is friendly to new players, old players and every inbetween. We pride ourselves on building a safe and happy place to catch and Pokemon. With auctions, Safari zones, giveaways, earned titles, gym battles and so much more, why not stop by the Shinx Palace and make a few friends?
☁ Its about time there is a server made ☁
for maturity. If you're tired of immature and obnoxious people. Join Arctic Paix. We promote aesthetics and maturity! So if you think your suited for the server or wanna see what its like to be apart of a mature and kind server, join!!!

🌨 What we have to offer 🌨
🔖 -Organized Rules With Order
🏵 -Aesthetics weekly & Discussion Of The Day
📚 -Character & Literature Help
🗳 -Voting Polls
🥇 🥈 🥉 -Ranks
☕ -Mature People
🌟 -Active Owner
🗣 -Active Community
🗃 - Growing Amount Of Unique Roles
🤝 -Open to Partnerships

Now come join us and help us grow together! We are inviting of all ages so long as you prove to be mature. We have bots to help keep order and aid our experience in Arctic Paix.
Puggles home is a new server that consists of a laid back experience without the needs of excessive filitering. Do you enjoy a much more chaotic experience? Then why not give the server a try!
Very chill server
Looking for new people, trying to grow it :)
Memes, vc, games, etc.
Anyone and everyone is welcome (:
You can advertise your server(s) as well if you'd like in our advertising channel.
We here at amethyst co. love to keep things laid back, fun, and just all around rad. The owner is also very active. We have 36 emotes that are pretty rad aswell. There are rules that are needed to be followed but that's really with any server. So join here! You won't regret it lil crystal babies.
Hello, the purpose of creating this server is to create the mysterious feeling just like what the name “Seventh Heaven” means. Your welcome to join us and feel free to be yourself 🤗, this is an 18+ sever btw so thank you and hope to see you.
We are Lawless, run by THE REAL Trib! We are really laid back and there are no rules. We'd love you to join! :)
A public form of a private chat I've made in the past. Come on by for some good times, and make it your place to chill.
hello! this is a brand new server and is open to suggestions!
We're LGBTQ+ friendly. Minding that everyone is welcome!
We'll be pretty chill about anything, so just go with the flow and don't be stupid...
We have many different channels for all of your needs. Just mind, don't be stupid. Also many NSFW channels for the lewdies out there! Hope you join and make yourself at home!
if you're looking for an 18+ server where you can come and chill this is one. it's fairly new but we're hoping to grow you know how that shit go. we're laid back and we like to joke and have fun don't be a shadow licker and join our server!
We aren't a really big server, but we're working on it! We're looking for skilled admins and a partner manager with open DMs!!
Chill nation is a new server about making new friends and just having a nice laid back server without strict staff and just to have a fun time!
Server based around being able to find people alike and friendly faces to get to know each other and hang out.
We are a bunch of friends that don't really care, listen to suggestions, and just want everyone to have a good time.
We have a HECCING good meme server here, better join for some fun :)
16+ | Laid-back and chill all-purpose server for pretty much anything. Events are hosted frequently. Come join our welcoming (and bizarre) community!
stupid ass server, but we cool. Kinda small but we do memes and shit, and we got a few bots here and there. There is a daily ritual for the voting of who is “gay and stinky.” This is just a title that invokes mockery to the person with the role for that day, and nothing else.