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lame community with some semi-lame people, please join and feed my ego
❄ Mature & Cordial


Tired of servers full of immature and obnoxious people? Join Arctic Paix. It's about time there's a place for the ripened bunch. Experience a mature and non-toxic server, experience Arctic Paix.

❄ **》 Need more convincing? Here's what we offer you:

📔 - Easy to follow rules

💐 - Weekly Aesthetics

📮 - Democratic system

🤝 - Ready to partner

🔧 - Self-assignable roles

💰 - shop + gambling

💁 - creep free zone

💋 - A place for...more refined tastes ;)

If you're still debating on joining, I like you. You're thinking this through. Give it a try, I'm sure you won't regret it. Click join now!

Just a chill server, looking for new members. Open minded people, plz respect and get along. Come join and see what we have!

We have:
- Memes
- Role Colors
-Self Assigning Roles
- Giveaways

We are growing ever so slowly! Always looking for people to come help me grow it more.
Welcome to Skøg. It's not toxic and open to anyone. You can post whatever you like as long as it does not dox and members or break Discord Terms Of Service.
Shinx Palace is a Pokécord sever that is friendly to new players, old players and every inbetween. We pride ourselves on building a safe and happy place to catch and Pokemon. With auctions, Safari zones, giveaways, earned titles, gym battles and so much more, why not stop by the Shinx Palace and make a few friends?
👾👾👾The Loft👾👾👾
A community centered around playing games and chatting. Come join for a good time 😋
We are trying to build a community, so if you decide to join, try to stick around for a bit and help shape the server into something great!
- Custom Designed Bot (constant updates)
- Friendly and open community
- Looking for Mods
- Building a community!
We are a server full of friends who just want to chill. We game, and chat, share a few memes, and don't moderate so strictly. We are accepting of all!
Are you lonely?
Need a friend? Need some lads to game with? Want to talk about music / games / politics or whatever?

Yeet's got you.
We don't bother with all of those strict rules. As long as you're having fun and doing what you love then there isn't much to complain about.

Yeet is where it's at. You'll see. Stop on by.
Mordhau gaming community meant for you to find other players and group up and play
No idea what to put here except for this is a shitposting server for where you dump whatever you got in your image folder.
Welcome to the land of good boys
We would like to welcome everyone to good boys, we do not discriminate or hate. We are an accepting community and would like to grow! we are currently looking for partnership managers, this is a way into the staff team!

In this discord server we have:
- Lots of channels
- Active members
- Staff Applications
- Giveaways
- VIP Chats
- Lots of bots
- Level system and more!
Enjoy your stay in good boys

We are on the road to 200 members! come help us out :)
Welcome to Gurētoōku Academy! This is a chill, laid back server that appeals to all audiences. Enroll today!
☁ Its about time there is a server made ☁
for maturity. If you're tired of immature and obnoxious people. Join Arctic Paix. We promote aesthetics and maturity! So if you think your suited for the server or wanna see what its like to be apart of a mature and kind server, join!!!

🌨 What we have to offer 🌨
🔖 -Organized Rules With Order
🏵 -Aesthetics weekly & Discussion Of The Day
📚 -Character & Literature Help
🗳 -Voting Polls
🥇 🥈 🥉 -Ranks
☕ -Mature People
🌟 -Active Owner
🗣 -Active Community
🗃 - Growing Amount Of Unique Roles
🤝 -Open to Partnerships

Now come join us and help us grow together! We are inviting of all ages so long as you prove to be mature. We have bots to help keep order and aid our experience in Arctic Paix.
Here us a place where you can just chill and make buds, i mean, dating if your into that.
Just a chill place to game, hang out and find streamers to watch.
Tranquil Lounge was born out of a desire to have a laid back community server where people can feel safe to hang out, make friends, and share the things they love. It's an 18+ server but we don't focus on NSFW. Our #1 Rule is FUN. We have a variety of color roles. We have a leveling system that awards roles for experience points for text as well as participating in voice chats. This is not a hook-up server.
When asked to describe the server, members said:

"This server is the big gae"
"This server is a place to post memes, and casually chat, about pretty much anything. This server is kinda-sorta-not-really chill, and has lots of fun chatty people on it"
"HA anything but chill"
Hello, the purpose of creating this server is to create the mysterious feeling just like what the name “Seventh Heaven” means. Your welcome to join us and feel free to be yourself 🤗, this is an 18+ sever btw so thank you and hope to see you.
We are a friendly community made mostly to chat, make friends, sharing and have fun! We are a brand new server trying to form and grow a nice community. We also have uwu radio but the bot isn't playing the music... You Are!!!!
The Frocks is a brand new community fit for any gamer, any audiophile, any memer, and any friend who happens to be a teenager. Swing by if you're lonely, competitive, friendly, or edgy. We're here.
We are a simple server, only goal here is to grow our community!
A public form of a private chat I've made in the past. Come on by for some good times, and make it your place to chill.