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Simply put, this is a RP server for duking out wars with factions. Feedback and suggestions to help the server grow are always appreciated!.. also please join.
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"A friendly startup server, get your socializing on!!The point of this is to create a warm, inviting and xyz(anything)-friendly server. There'll be a corner for every person, and if there isn't? Then we'll make room, but if the community says otherwise? You'll have to find out." - Kar

This server's owner, Kar, is hiring staff! DM me, don't be shy.
Enjoy your stay!

P.S. If you're stuck, head over to the contact-or-ping channel and type in Entrance
Hello dear minecrafters. I would like to tell you some things about our server, Complexcraftmc. Our server has; active owners and staff, many gamemodes and weekly events! We are currently using Aternos for host but we are planning to change host ASAP. The server is not fully ready yet but there are some gamemodes on the bedrock server that you can play such us skyblock and survival. But don't worry we are planning to add many more gamemodes in the future. We are currently also looking for youtubers to promote our server a bit. Youtubers will be able to: host their own events, do giveways and much more!
Staff also needed
Bedrock & Java edition
Hello, hi!! How are ya!!

Welcome to Next Dream Danganronpa L3!!

This server is currently a work in progress so things are in the process of getting done. Not only that but the other killing game (Ultimate Dream Danganronpa L2) is still ongoing however that server is only open to spectators and the remaining roleplayers in that server now.

We are looking for beta testers of the server, some people to help us test to see if things work, don't work or need to be changed, so if you are interested in helping out a work in progress server by doing that we would kindly appreciate if you could help us directors out! :3

We will notify everyone about updates about important things, and the pre-roleplay area is open so if there are any roleplayers out there who wish to roleplay before everything is complete and the official KG roleplay begins, feel free to have fun with that area.

As our server is still in the development stage so we do highly appreciate feedback, and as always our 3 directors (admins) are always happy to assist you, but please keep in mind that we can not be online at all hours of the day as some days we may be busy.

All in all, we thank you for giving our server a chance if you do decide to join and help out, and we hope to see you (roleplayers) in the official KG!! :3
friendly Community mostly focusing on a like-minded community of people

:snowflake:〣∙〣Loli TAXI〣∙〣:snowflake:
Invite Link :paperclip: :
✤ newly made server ✤
✤ small community but trying to grow ✤
✤ plenty of staff positions available ✤
⋆ a community for all ⋆ ✦ •
⋆ gaming ⋆ ✧ • . • ✧ ・
⋆ plenty of bots ⋆ ☆゚ . ✦ .
⋆ nsfw is available ⋆ ✧ . ・ . ✦
⋆ memes (dur) ⋆ ✦ • . •
There’s plenty more, but you gotta find
out the rest yourself
────── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ──────
We are a small community who are appreciative of anything or anyone, being that the person is good. Also most people are active atleast 7 times a week.
Empire of Totalia
The Empire of Totalia is a Government still being setup. We were inspired by Osmania and wish to have a nation similiar to their's in the beginning, then begin our own Independent Adventure.

What do we want from you?
We have many things that are required and would be lovely to have from people like you. This includes:
Political Parties that control a Citizen's Parliament for laws.

Kick Starting an Economy!

Constitution, Law, etc.



Court System

And so much more!

So, please, come on down and join us! We're offering positions too!
Welcome to the Federation! A democracy where you compete for dominance over the Federate citizen's attempt coups and become the supreme leader or fight for what's right!, with other nations. If you have any suggestions at all please don't hesitate to do so this is a server of freedom in speech
P.S Work in Progress Looking for Moderators
This is Chill Central and we are chill B)
A work in progress but we are trying very hard!
I want this server to reach it's full expectations.
If you have a interest in the server please feel free to join!
Please don't join to leave, either join or don't join. Thanks!
Welcome To Angels and Demons: Reign Of Cartomia!

The Game is in development and we hope we can have all the support to make this into a full growing fandom.
A World war 3 server, roleplay, realistic. We have friendly staff, and prologue soon. Event teasers, and other stuff that could be useful to you. I am hoping this will be a successful server.
A Gacha school for everyone! No NSFW or dark matters will be accepted here. Family friendliness is all we need and you'll be a new student. Join today and explore our school! Work in Progress.(WIP).
| Welcome to Sorano Magica, This is a work-in-progress roleplay server.

This server has a lore, roleplaying will be out in next week or so...Either way we'd like some members to help this server grow and become one of the best roleplay servers on Discord...

✞ A subjected Fantasy Roleplay, ( Anti-Magic, etc. )

✞ Gore, freaky, creepy stuff is allowed here.

✞ NSFW is a no, not a recommended place if looking for NSFW. ( You can have an NSFW roleplay though, ask me first and I will see if you can have permission to include nudes, etc. )

( More information soon.)
Welcome to Beatbox-United
we are a fast growing Beatbox communty
and here you can get Beatbox Skill roles like
( (5) Good Beatboxer , (4) Pro Beatboxer , (3) Legendary Beatboxer , (2) Godlike Beatboxer , (1) i was in SwissBeatbox)
We even coach People and help them if they have problem with beatboxing or Other stuff we are a Friendly and Active Community
who is Happy about everyone who is Joining

We offer:
- Events (With Prices)
- giveaways
- Beatbox Skill Roles (example : Beatbox Pro)
- a Friendly Staff
- Training for Judges / Hosts
- Coaching
- And more

Thats all

Have fun!

Anyone of any age and gender is aloud to join.
This server is extremely empty. Not just empty as in just people. I also mean channels and roles and other things.
I will take suggestions since I never know what to put. Nor do I know what I want the server to be.
Yes, I know. Pointless to make a server since I don't know what it's gonna be for. I do it anyways.
This is a Scott pilgrim roleplaying server, feel free to rp as any canon character of your choice or create an oc. We're still a work in progress so we'd love some help please and thank, we hope you have a good time.

NSFW chats
Join now!