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Welcome to my Server!
This server is still being build, first time building a server anyone with experience is welcome to help, just dm me @RenaudRahier#0220 or join the server and text me.
Have you ever wanted to vibe in a vc without the worriment of someone joining and putting on earrape? Are you tired of listening to 1 hour long videos become that one person "accidentally" put it on? Do you just want to chill, relax, and talk to other fnaf fans? Well look no further! Welcome to The Music Box! A fnaf hangout server! We provide music bots, and more types of bots are coming soon! We even have a roleplay corner! Come join and have a good time! :)
**Etheria Gates: The Ultimatum** is a work in progress role-play server themed around magic. The world is a futuristic setting with 6 different countries. The majority of people are what is called a “Kinma” or a “wizard” because they were born attuned to a one of the 6 elements.
The server has a friendly group of members and a lenient staff. We hope you enjoy! We’d love to see you here.
This is a server dedicated to expanding whenever the time is right. People can chat, use a few bots and be part of the Server whenever they want to. There is no requirement to be super active or active at all, as the owner isn't too active in the server either.
-The Bee-utiful Server is a place where people chat and hang out-

-The Bee-utiful Server is a way for us to escape the world and be a bee-

-The Bee-utiful Server is a new server, there will be more to come-

-The Bee-utiful Server is LGBTQIA+ server, We accept anyone, Except raiders-

-Come join the Bee-utiful Server today!-
This is a server that only has 2 members (Builder and Owner) because it is in progress. The Owner has a ROBLOX youtube channel and has recently started uploading. (July 2020)

The server is basically for the fans of the Owner/YouTuber.(vd3450) It's also a chill hangout place so you can just join to meet new people!

As said before it is in progress so not everything in the server is final and we're still adding stuff as we go along.

Thanks for reading and considering joining if you want!
We are a friendly animal crossing discussion server. Sometimes we also talk about anime, memes and music. I’m looking to do animal crossing giveaways in the future. Anyone can join!
The (Almost) Everything Project is a discord server that tries to put (almost) everything possible on discord, I say almost because I don't want this server to be full of pedophiles and break a Discord ToS. Some of them may conflict.

This server is swill W.I.P and you can say it's W.I.P for a very long time, for now, this server has:
>Custom Emoji

>12 bots

>Low to High-quality Voice Chat

>Streaming (currently chat only, I'll add the VC later)

>Apply for staff and Apply for NSFW (still working on the NSFW)

>Server suggestions channel

>Color roles (Only some, not every color)

>Reactions roles (Some roles aren't set up yet.)

Q: Why low-quality voice chat?
A: Some people don't have good Wi-Fi you know

Q: You ever gonna finish this?
A: I might be if I resist deleting this server but now I need a helping hand

Q: How do you get every color?

Q: Just add a streaming channel, it isn't that hard right?
A: 3 Quality channels :cry: is pain, heck I might have to reconfigure the entire VC when this server reach a level 1 - 3 boost or even a new VC

Q: Is this gonna break Discord ToS?
A: I don't think so
W.I.P Jojo RP server in the making looking highly for some staff and people willing to help make a RP community with me. So far I have a good oc template and an lore I would like to take suggestions and criticism.
Hello! Welcome to the weebdom! This discord is mainly based around the circle clicking game, osu! other games are welcome as well. The community is friendly and welcoming to new members! Everyone has the chance to become part of the staff team as well if you would like to be part of it! It is filled to the brim with weebs and people of the likes! Join in and I am sure you will fit right in! Keep in mind as well I love streaming as a hobby so every few days you may see me streaming come join and say hi!
The server is not done yet, so dont expect any roleplaying for now, feel free to come in and share your ideas if you have those.

This RP server is all about you and your potential friends are stuck on a island you and you need to escape.
Oh forgot to mention the murdere, try not to get killed.

We are planning on offering: different story
plots when islands are completed.
Many different bots.
And Hopefully a nice comunity for you feel safe in.
In my sever, you can talk to your friends in your own calls and make new friends if you wanted to. Also, there's a lot of things to do like a giveaway or other things like playing with Shiba Bot or Taco Shack. But, the main thing I hope for this sever is that everybody likes it! If you join this sever and you don't like it just know its still a work in progress!
Hello! This is The Noob Empire here, and I am a YouTuber who just recently hit 100 subs! So as a 100 sub special, I made a Discord Server! I really hope you enjoy your stay here!

We have:
(These are all Work in Progress)
⚔️ Great and Loyal Guards!
❤️ A loving Village!
👑 A great Owner/King!
And For those undertale fans, we have..
🦴 A Sans chat game!
And many more to come!

Now come on down to my server and have a Wonderful time here!
I really look forward into spending time with my great village!

This is the King, lolsojoinme!
And I hope to see you down at the village!
Stikman Adventures is a game that is currently a work-in-progress. It's about these characters called Stikopians that have their Golden Sticks stolen by the Devil Dancers and must get across the other side of Stikopa to defeat the Devil Dancers and get them back!
This server is new and is STILL being worked on, please be advised!!!

Talk to fellow fans of Trevor Henderson/Slimyswampghost's Artwork!
If the "join server" button doesn't work, use this.
Hello and welcome to Vibe chat! we are happy to have you joining. we enjoy memes, anime, music, video games and other things! join and enjoy.
This is the official server for the roblox game and group West Sweden Transportation. Join this server to get exclusive content from the game, and be able to apply to staff
Name Of Server: 𝙰𝚗𝚒𝚖𝚎 𝙼𝚞𝚕𝚝𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚎 𝙰𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚊

Bio: Welcome to Anime Multiverse Arena! This takes place in an unknown Arena where Characters from different Animes randomly get transported their. Chose your character and Join the fight!

Your message to users: This Server Took a long while to make I also made this server to make everyone happy as This will be my first public server I hope you enjoy your stay and Have fun smile
Update log:


•Voice Channels


•New Locations

What the Server is based off: Anime

Things Your Server Offers:

•Cannon and Oc Characters from different servers

•Nice Staff and Members

•Exciting Locations

•A Nice Welcome

•New Friends
This server is still being worked on so there might be things that your not allowed to just go directly into, i’m also working on my server all by myself but besides that I hope you have fun in my server!
-A WIP server containing fun people
-NSFW free
-Very friendly staff
-Hosts Events etc
-Relatively new so few members