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Um bom servidor não precisa de trocentas regras e salas inúteis. Seja ativo; não queremos "ghosts" nem curiosos e esteja com a mentalidade preparada (não seja fresco).
This is the perfect server for someone who wants to wifi. We accept any skill levels, characters, and rulesets. Instead of the mess that is quickplay, elite smash, and gsp, we have our own ranking system. The SHR (Smash hub ranking) is a measure of growth and skill awarding you for being active and productive. With bots like purah and floof, we got everything you need for a good experience!
group full of noodles to satisfy all your discord needs. includes bots and taking requests for new bots. join for some fun :)
A server built on discussing political ideology from all sides (respectfully) with a theme of socialism, even though that's mostly a meme. We host debates, have daily polls, and overall just have fun with each other and are looking to expand.
~Hello and welcome!~

This is a blossoming gathering of fellow Deltarune lovers. Come share beautiful art, jammin' music, interesting theories, and more! The chill, friendly, and passionate are found here.
- Character roles you can add to yourself! [`Kris, Ralsei, Susie, Lancer, Rouxls Kaard, Jevil`]
- Want to show us your art? Add the `Artist` role and post what you've made in our art channel!
- "What about my music?", you ask. Well, we also have a `Musician` role and a channel dedicated to our beloved composers.

(No NSFW, my friends. We don't appreciate the goat lewding. <3)
Not yet a squad no sooner we will!

🔱 PØT Heaðs 🔱

🌿 Green and smokey in nature.
👥 Super friendly group of High Rollers.


🔹 Must be in Grandmaster V to apply
🔹 500+ matches in current season.
🔹 Must be able to play 3-4 matches a day
🔹 Should not hesitate to play Tank, Mages & Support (must have a good knowledge on these type of heroes)
🔹Let us know which roles suites you the most in game (ex-assassin, fighter, charger)
🔹Must be in Sea-Server, and should be familiar with discord terms and conditions.

📍 Should meet the above requirements to apply for our squad 📍

↪️ Do apply through discord link ↩️
R6 - GTAV - BFV - all new games.
On the Imperium-Z server, we offer a amazing community for free, you can do stuff like......
Make a name for your self.
Get staff.
(we are just making the server so if you wanna help, come on now!)
If you love ML and Gaming in general and want a better team join my new server which aims to place you with players of equal skill to progress further in the ranks and achieve what cannot be done with randoms! :smile: this is a new server but growing fast.
Русский сервер-сервер с рангами и лигами. Есть также каналы с - искусство, косплей, мемы, фильмы. Существует система поддержки начинающих стримеров и ютуберов. Таблица рейтинга по уровню, музыкальные боты и многое другое!
Welcome to the critical ops discord it a place where us players come and help each other out and make clans
Somos o maior server de Fortnite em Portugal :D
Fazemos torneios semanais com prémios e muitas outras coisas! Passa por lá
Welcome to the Cherry Blossom! We're a small, upcoming server with loads of great things to do. (based in Australia) We have ranks to reward you, loads of chat channels to get you talking with people of the same interests, a roleplay channel, and Blossom Bashes, where we get together as a server for movies, games, competitions and more!
Currently hiring staff! :)
Come give it a try!
in Owie's discord server you can find:
Owner: Owie#3368
:question: Do you want a server to advertise anything you like?
:question:Do you want to get members to your server?
:question:Do you want to make friends?
:high_brightness:Well this is the place for you!
:frowning: not active people
:stuck_out_tongue: advertising
:hammer: helpful staff
:smile: funny people
:five: :zero: fifty people +
:radio_button:~>You can win VIP role by inviting 20 members to our server.
:robot: To Earn Bot Advertiser Role, Invite 10 members to our server.
:first_place: :second_place: :third_place: -Ranks
:white_check_mark: Christmas Event
:video_game: Gaming