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Just Another Anime Server!
Perfect place to socialise and meet people from all over the world!
A fun and growing community for everyone.
Anime, Manga, Memes, Artwork and much more!
Hiya~ I'm Space Lobster and welcome to my server!
Join a growing community that prides itself on chill conversation, making friends, to even venting and NFSW.
------------>> Join! Help create a home for everyone!
Hey! Its A Server!
What Are We About? Well Let Me Tell Ya~
We Are Just A Simple Chat Looking For People To Join And Talk.
Looking For People Who Want To Talk And Actually Be Part Of The Server Though, And Well They Are Kinda Hard To Find It Seems (/`._.)/` The Server Is Small, It Just Started So, So Help Us Make It Bigger And Alive? Join If Your Looking For A Place To Talk, At Least Check Us Out And Stay A Little Before Ya Go XD Eh, I'm Through, Join If Ya Want, And Check Us Out And Even Make Suggestions If Ya Want. Bye? Eh, Maybe Ill See Ya Around. ***(/`O.O)/` ~Don't Question This XD***
Kyawawa! is anime and games based server! it's about having a friendly community and being part of a big family
join and try! we don't bite, I promise! ♡
Lv8 eSports is a new gaming organization focused on growing its community from within. We now sponsor a streamer and have a partnered designer (which we hope to grow!). Check out our website at to read more.
Just my home! Make sure to wipe your shoes before entering~
No friends? Need a laugh? Come and join ourHome! We welcome you with open arms.
"DIE. You see it. Now go do it. Die." Brand new server. Still building. Be patient, stay.
We also take in runaways from other servers <3

Desc from
"DIE. You see it. Now go do it. Die." Opened for public 16th October 2018. Currently building and cultivating a community of like-minded people.

Why should I join? You ask. Well here's my answer: I don't give a fuck. Join if you want to or not, it's not my place to decide for you dumbass. We aren't special, we aren't different. We talk, we game. That's about it. If you're expecting anymore than that then you're going to be heavily disappointed, retard.

There's no particular reason or justification for what we do. We tend to take in refugees or people hiding from other servers for some drama they may be involved in however we do not tolerate taking that drama in here. You can hide, but you cannot glorify it.

However what I can say is if you join, you are instantly more superior and better than those that haven't joined yet. So? What are you waiting for. Get the fuck in and help me build this community. (Please)

Imagine yourself entrenched in a world full of creation and opportunity. Imagine a world in which every possibility can be attained in your palms. Imagine yourself believing in a world that is far more interesting than yours, a world that you choose to become a part of, not because you wish to see the end, but because you know that there is no end to this world - for this world has no constraints. I give you the mausoleum of possibility and opportunity. This world, our Home, is what all make of it. You may start dirt poor and work up to a wealthy family head with riches to spare. You may start off as a simple soldier whose name nobody would remember to a great general in a country that parades the valleys chanting your name. I implore you to explore the land of Home.

Hey! Yeah, you! Stop! I wanna show you something!

This is my server! It's main focus is to be a non-toxic, tight-knit second home, where people can feel welcome!

Here's what we offer !

| Positive Presence
| Free Custom Color Roles
| Staff Applications
| Gambling (being setup)
| Open Server Suggestions
| Music
| Pokemon (being setup after Gambling)

Please, take a few minutes and come check us out! Help us grow! Thanks! c:
This is for all Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends fans everywhere!
Life is hard. And sometimes, we all need a break. Especially when you have any number of mental illnesses that can make everyday life difficult. At Growth & Healing, we understand! This is a group of non-judgemental people who share the same problems as you, and are here to grow and move past any mental illness or stress that may harm them. Life is a journey, and it's best to make friends along the way. So please - if you ever need help, need to vent, or just want to relax - make yourself at home.