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A Channel Where You Can Stay Take A Long Breath And Start Chatting With Friendly Community

❯ In Chill-Zone We Offer You A Friendly Community

❯ Friendly And Matured Staff Members

❯ Gaming Stuff

❯ Memes Stuff

❯ Voice Stuff/Music Bots

❯ Partnerships

❯ Self-Roles
his community was founded by some youtubers which was a gaming clan , due to lack of interest in games we decided to focus on discord .pushpin What we got :pushpin:
. Own Scripted bot
. Own Radio
. Pubg Clan
. Youtube Updates
. Friendly Staff
. Active User
So I heard that there were porn bots in this site, so I am testing it with this server lmao.
na serwerze znajdziecie kanal do gadania albo wiele wiencej oferujemy miłą atmoswere i dobrą administracje

Tous le monde s'adore et aime la musique^^☺
Come on in to chat about anything. You like anime? come talk about it, have waifu wars, you like building pc's? come talk about your builds with others, you like gamming talk about what games you like playing. (The server is still new and will most likely be changed in some sort of way!)
Feel free to join and talk to us we are very friendly and chill
We are a Fortnite Clan and we are looking for good Fortnite players!!! Join the server now and Enjoy!
We are 𝔱𝔬𝔵𝔦𝔠!
Tbh we don’t care what you do along as you read the rules
We accept all types of things such as music, gaming,kpop, anime. Come and be a fucking weeb with us thanks.
Este é um servidor dedicado para quem gosta de games retro e fazer novas amizades!
THE FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS Ark and Discord server.☺
friendly discord with Rp, Music, and general chat with new friends.
We are a lovely community with lots of staff and live we chat all the time come join us
We're a new community, started by s group of friends, we want to join people to have fun games / moments and eventually if we grow in numbers create teams for more competitive games
We are a Gaming discord where we are all friends and play different types of games with each other, come join us!
Hello, this is Grudge's Chat - a server organized and created by Grudge#4663! We are a server that mainly focuses on the big aspects of Discord. [Memes, NSFW, that stuff.] Now, come on and join GC! I can guarantee that you won't regret it.
*opis wymarzonego serwera*

"Jedna wielka rodzinna komora gazowa wypełniona drzewami wisielcowymi w której każdy zna się jak łysy żyd." ~Więzień Askabanu 2k18
Cool server to meet new people and chat
It's a server where you can meet people and make new friends ^^
The server speaks several languages including Spanish and English if you want to learn that there is someone who is willing to help you.
Join and have fun! <33
A friendly community of gamers who also watch anime, looking for new friends to play with.
This is a new server aspiring to grow into a dank server for all. I mean I can't really say anything other than it's dank with cool people... So join!
▬▬▬ « __HappyPlay__ » ▬▬▬

➡ 🎮 discord multigaming avec différents type de salon pour les jeux (CSGO; Fortnite; LoL;....)✅

➡ 👮🏾 Staff Actif ✅

➡ 🕶 Salon pour chercher des joueurs ✅

➡ 👾 Différents grades spéciaux comme youtuber et streamer✅

➡ si vous voulez crée un des salon pour votre serveur minecraft,unturned,arma 3 ou autre jeux c'est possible demander aux modos ✅

➡ 📌 un salon dedié a la pub✅

➡ 🤖Des bots utile ✅

➡ 💻Channel pour les différents platefome ✅

Ne passez pas votre chemin !

PS: Le serveur recherche des modérateurs !