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Just a server filled with friends and mods. Very active community. Many roles with many more soon! We do custom games with people a lot too!
All around base community full of memes animes games friends and weird/chill conversations. Non-Toxic and we accept all people LGBT+ , Non-English, and etc. If youre at least older than 13 u can join
This server is a really fun server you can talk about games fortnite and stuff like that. We like to chat. If you have a youtube channel you can get subs for free. We have tons of robux giveaways. Come join and you will get free robux 100% legit.
Recently Revamped, previously this was the friendly people it is now the gamer's garden. For gamer's to hang out (what discord is for) and find people that like the same game, for example PubG, fornite, Apex Legends and so much more so hop on in.
_______—==**Mystical Trading**==--_______
🤖Box wars
🤖discord rpg
🤖akinator and more!
Friendly and active staff
from all around the world 🗺
So practically online 24/7
🎉 At least 2 every month
🎉 Legit
🎉 good rewards
Main rules
*Scamming is not allowed
*Selling of any kind is not allowed
*Scammers get Scammed IS allowed
**One of the rare servers which allows Scammer get scamming**
Welcome to MagiKAPPAs!
What are we? We created this group to meet new people and make some cool new friends. Everyone is welcome here!
What do we have?
Main interests of the group - Pokemon, Fortnite, Anime, Video games, and cats of course.
• Channels - Offensive Channel (anything goes), Anime section, Pictures, Kawaii Kritters, Video Games, Pokemon, Fortnite, League of Legends, 90 Day Fiance
• More Channels! - Game night (discord games), Music channel, Holiday channel, dedicated spam channels
• Roles & Colors - Choose your own color, as well as your own roles that describe you. Over 20 roles to choose from, and always updating!
• Bots - Pokecord, Mudae, Senpai, Marriagebot, Kawaiibot, Medalbot, TruthOrDare, Yui, Twilight Sparkle, Miki, GamesROB
• Giveaways! - We have random steam key giveaways as well as member milestone giveaways. WE HAVE SONIC & SEGA RACING GIVEAWAY RIGHT NOW!!
• Advertising & Partnerships - Advertising allowed! For partnerships DM me! Requires you to join real quick to post the ad. I am down for all partnerships >150 members!
*Stw needs is a server where you can find players for your Stw missions you can also trade chat and play now this server is not for Stw you can also join if you like the batte royal variant anyway this is a place to have fun so what are waiting for*
***We have
:gem:Chats for Trading
:gem:Announcement about the latest patches
:gem:Bots for fornite
:gem:Chats for Fornite Br
:gem:Youtuber and twitch roles
And more...***
**We are still building this community up but you can help us by joining right now it doesn't hurt to join**
:bust_in_silhouette:Owner:@Dig Pxrple
CZ/SK Je to dobry Fortnite Gaming je Lolko a aj jine hry Pripojte se k nam a obajvte Zabavu
Maior organização de gaming em Portugal. Counter Strike, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Vainglory, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Brawlhalla.
Bienvenue sur le serveur EXE. Esport - Fornite

-- Giveaway
-- Français
-- Fornite - Paladin - est pleins d'autres jeux
-- Bot radio et musique !
-- Salons pour discuter
-- Modération compétente [ Recrutement On]

Merci et bonne journée sur notre serveur :)

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Hello, we are an upcoming clan currently looking for staff also we will be needing good players we are hoping to get into scrims. We also need recruiters and I hope you enjoy your stay this as well is a social server with friendly people and we hope you join the server is currently still getting worked on anyways if you don't have plans on joining the server make sure to check it out.
This is the Official Discord for Daniel Rusev's YouTube.
Hello! This discord community has come a long way from the start! we focus mainly on games but we have channels for everything! Not to mention great bots, and active/polite staff!
We strive to be a great community in the wide world of video games and hope for great things!
Welcome to The Drusev Fleet!
Server linistit cu multi membri activi +Coechipieri de jocuri non stop ! Va asteptam pe server in numar cat mai mare !

This is a unique server with friendly staff and really good people. .Join this server and enjoy.
*Make new friends
*talk about game
*play games

Absent Gaming is an all around gaming discord. Join us help us grow and meet new friends to game with.
Hello Person
do u want a server that has lots of memes and good bots?
well join ham! we got lots of ham!
This is a Video Gaming community designed to allow Gamers to make friends, find games, and create content together in their leisure time. We wanted a place where people felt comfortable to engage in rich and stimulating discussion about not just games, but all topics alike. This is something that is relatively unique to us as a Discord community, and a value we continue to pride ourselves on.
We have:
- Friendly Staff
- Music, Gaming, and Event Bots
- Intellectual Members
- Supportive Rules
- Promotion and Partnership Opportunity
Look for other ALOE Network Servers!
T6F stands for Team 6 Figure. Public Stream Team. Made so no man or women left behind. We will make 6 figures gaming. Run daily prize money scrims. Come check us out
This is a server coming soon and being worked on It is Fun for everyone has all games and many chats we also have giveaways and also economy for people who like that. It is coming soon I says so there will be stuff needing fixed
La Moonlight community, accoglie qualsiasi persona voglia divertirsi con i propri amici o persone che si trovano all'interno del server discord, ci sono un sacco di canali vocali dedicati a vari videogiochi. Cosa aspettati, entra nel server discord dei Moonlight e divertiti.
Hi there!

GaMING ELITE is a new gaming sever for true gamers :video_game:
we do regular free giveaways :tada:
and are a non-toxic community
thx and i hope u join :wink:


:100:We got active staffs.:100:
:100:Active Members:100:
:100:Non Toxic Community:100:
Game Lounge

Reasons to join!
1. We have a voice chat for the popular games you most likely play.
2. We have a music bot for you to play your favorite songs and chill with friend.
3. Free to say what you want and have own opinions. (Excluding racial Slurs)
4. We will hold free competitions to win paypal cash.
5. Why not join, It's free!!!
Saint | Selling is a brand new, professional server dedicated to selling accounts of sorts and other digitally collectable necessities.. PayPal supported. WITAM CHCIAŁBYM ZAPROSIĆ WAS NA MOJEGO DISCORDA OFERUJEMY :