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Hello EPIC people

we EPIC people in HAM are looking for some new members! here is some of the main stuff in the server.

[-] 10 INTERACTIVE BOTS (Pokecord, Shibe Bot, Discord Miner ,ect) :robot:
[-] DAILY POLES :calling:
[-] 2 CLANS TO JOIN (Shiba clan and Taco Gang)

we are also 100% furry FREE!!!!!

so why are you still reading this? JOIN NOW
Just a server filled with friends and mods. Very active community. Many roles with many more soon! We do custom games with people a lot too!
Bienvenue jeune aventurier !

Si tu lis ceci c'est pour en apprendre plus sur un serveur discord sympathique, qui va sans doute t'intéresser

A son bord tu y trouvera :
Des events
Des tournois sur diverses jeux
Des giveaways
Des bots roleplay et des inédits créer par les administrateurs eux-même

Un staff compétant et à l'écoute sera là pour t'accueillir !
Une communauté toujours présentes et toujours prêtes pour s'amuser !

Alors qu'est-ce que tu attends ? Rejoins-nous !

Merci de nous avoir lu et bon jeu !

PS: chaine YouTube brawlhalla :
----🌍 Best Marketplace 🌍----
🔥Best place to sell,buy and trade🔥
🔊Personal Shops🔊
🤖Good Bots🤖
Welcome to MagiKAPPAs!
What are we? We created this group to meet new people and make some cool new friends. Everyone is welcome here!
What do we have?
Main interests of the group - Pokemon, Fortnite, Anime, Video games, and cats of course.
• Channels - Offensive Channel (anything goes), Anime section, Pictures, Kawaii Kritters, Video Games, Pokemon, Fortnite, League of Legends, 90 Day Fiance
• More Channels! - Game night (discord games), Music channel, Holiday channel, dedicated spam channels
• Roles & Colors - Choose your own color, as well as your own roles that describe you. Over 20 roles to choose from, and always updating!
• Bots - Pokecord, Mudae, Senpai, Marriagebot, Kawaiibot, Medalbot, TruthOrDare, Yui, Twilight Sparkle, Miki, GamesROB
• Giveaways! - We have random steam key giveaways as well as member milestone giveaways. WE HAVE SONIC & SEGA RACING GIVEAWAY RIGHT NOW!!
• Advertising & Partnerships - Advertising allowed! For partnerships DM me! Requires you to join real quick to post the ad. I am down for all partnerships >150 members!
We are a team. Esport, who are trying to get results on the roles of the Fornite tournaments and make themselves known, on this server we recruit gfx players, editors, and animators.(only french)

Nous sommes une team Esport qui cherchons a faire des resultats sur les porchains tournois fornite et se faire connaitre, dans ce serveur nous recrutons des joueurs des gfx, des monteurs, et des animateurs.
Salut mon serveur et un serveur de team avec dedans :
- des partie personnalisé fornite
- des trounoi fornite
- des pub
- ganger de l'argent
CI vous invite 25 personne sur le serveur vous gagner de largent paypal je vous laisse découvrir les tarif sur le serv dans le Channel info-paypal CI vous êtes vip vous gagner le double de largent et CI vous venez grace à ce serveur dit le mois en pv je vous vip pour gagner deux fois plus !

Donc tu coup je vous attends nombreux !
Du bist auf der Suche nach kompetenten und freundlichen RDW-Spielern, dann bist du bei uns genau richtig. Wir speiel RDW mit voller Überzeugung und sind strikt gegen das Handeln/Betteln. Werde Teil der Nachtwache und beginne noch heute deine Wacht.
This server has EVERYTHING you want from a Fortnite STW Trading Server!
- Middleman Services ( many of which are from HUGE servers like D7 Army and Tradeworld )
- Taxi Services
- Mission and SSD help
- And a Safe Trading environment or a chill place to talk about stuff STW related
If you wanna join you WON'T regret it!
[ SR New upcoming clan! ]

[ What is SR? ]
SR Stands for SkillRequired.

[ What do we have? ]
We have cool bots.
Friendly community
Active Staff
No toxicity
Music bots
and more!

[ Links: ]
Welcome to the gaming community discord server, Over here you will find many games to play with other people,Make new friends,Have a overall fun time over here,If you want any other games to be added you can put them in #suggestions and we will be taking a look at them, please be sure to type what games you play so you can be given the role,Thank you for joining,Hope you like your stay!A gaming community server
:star: What do we offer?
:star: A safe place for people to communicate!
:star: :We support games such as
:star: -Cs:Go
:star: -Fortnite
:star: :-Minecraft
_______—==**Mystical Trading**==--_______
🤖Box wars
🤖discord rpg
🤖akinator and more!
Friendly and active staff
from all around the world 🗺
So practically online 24/7
🎉 At least 2 every month
🎉 Legit
🎉 good rewards
Main rules
*Scamming is not allowed
*Selling of any kind is not allowed
*Scammers get Scammed IS allowed
**One of the rare servers which allows Scammer get scamming**
|Storm Hub|

We are a giant community of different clan leaders and clan members along with a giant team of editors and gfx artist ready to do whatever you request. Join to meet new clans and or hire us to edit your clip and make channel art. We are always looking for new editors / gfx artists and clans who want to join our community!

This is a Discord server That has a team of VFX editors Ready to make your Videos!

What we do on the server
We Teach people how to edit on: Powerdirector Mobile, Premiere Pro, After Effects

We Do Frequent Game Nights
And Just Talk...

How it Works
You, as a Clan Leader of to invite your clan members and your clan members can talk with our team, and our team can sort out making A edit or Montage or something for your clanmates.
Storm Hub is Just a Place where clans or people can hire people to edit for them for pay, or you can learn how to edit everyday with our Learning Staff.

Jubby and Highstormz Are The Main Editors but we are still looking for people to help us.
We are Looking for Editors who want to Join us, it is fun and also you get payed by getting a person that wants you to edit for them.
Just Dm me IF you would like to join the team

We require really good edits. But we also teach people remember!

We are a Community of Editors Ready to Get to work. Dm us to Get into the discord server and also Get the prices.

We do:
Fortnite Edits
PUBG Edits
Roblox Edits
Minecraft Edits

To Funny or a montage

Please consider joining our society of editors.

Thanks For Reading

-The Editors
We're a Team and Content Server, we mostly play rainbow six siege but we're a small but active community.
Un sitio donde podrás conocer a gente muy maja, kawaii, gaming... espero que te lo pases bien con nosotros ;P
A discord to advertise your Fortnite account, Shop, and more!
=> Weekly account drops
=> Trusted 24/7 MM/staff support
=> Scammer free
=> Active community
=> And more!
Join today!
STW Friends is a fun gaming server for those who want to trade guns and materials in STW. STW Friends also offers a Fortnite Battle Royale experience.

-New and upcoming server
-Easy to find your way around
-Recruiting new staff members
-Save The World based server
-Giveaways coming soon
-Trading Chat
-Weapon Trading
-Middleman Service
-Taxi Service
-Missions Help
-SSD Help
-Trading VC
-Squad VC
-Amazing Bots
-BR Channels
Recently Revamped, previously this was the friendly people it is now the gamer's garden. For gamer's to hang out (what discord is for) and find people that like the same game, for example PubG, fornite, Apex Legends and so much more so hop on in.
Salut!Acesta este serverul echipa Hades.Vreau sa precizez ca echipa Hades este o echipa eSports.
In caz ca nu stiti ce inseamna eSports ei bine inseamna ca o echipa de gaming are mai domenii pe mai multe jocuri.
In cazul in care ai vrea sa intrii pe server trebuie doar sa intri pe server,iar dupa daca vei da scroll putin mai jos la canale o sa gasesti canalul Aplicatii-Hades.
Noi alegem playerii de fortnite dupa rezultate wc,trio cash cup sau daca au stats bune o sa dam un test cu ei.
Daca ai ajuns pana aici iti multumesc ca ai citit pana aici <3.
O zii frumoasa tuturor!