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🔻「Phantasm Studio」🔻

🔰 Phantasm Studio is a new and upcoming studio that has already been registered and is yet to be recognized for what it is able to accomplish.

🔰 Our aim is to bring small-time developers together into learning from one another by working alongside each other on projects and games.

🔰 We hope to one day be the studio where everyone could depend on us to deliver their dream games because we're here to take the phantasm out of your idea.*

📌 Looking for all kinds of staffs and devs
📌 Sponsorships and Partnerships
📌 Giveaways and Rewards
📌 Supporting independent Creators
📌 Game Nights and Events
📌 Movie Nights and Karaoke
📌 Friendly laid back non-toxic community**

🥂 We've already gained a huge sponsor who we would be working with on our first game with a 2 years deadline 🥂

🔰 Join and become part of the Phantasms today and follow us through our journey of becoming one of the top competing studios.

◾ Server Link:
Greetings and salutations!

We are Intira Enuart! An aspiring entertainment studio that shall focus on animations and publications! We want to give an immersive experience to simulate the senses of those that watch, read, and listen to our various works! Intira Moon is the Community Discord for the soon-to-be legitimate studio! There we show case the art from our artists, music from our composers, and animations from our animators!

Nani?! You're not a part of the company, but you're an artist/musician/animator/author/ role player?! NO PROBLEM! Our goal is to showcase art and other world from all around, and when you notify admins, we will make you a personal channel to showcase your work! WE DO NOT CLAIM ANY OWNERSHIP OF THE WORKS SHARED IN THE INTIRA MOON SERVER THAT IS SHARED IN PERSONAL CHANNELS! We have designated channels for Intira Enuart productions to be showcased as they are released. Your personal works are separate and entirely your own when you post them there!

What's there to do in Intira? Tons! We have bots to play around with like Groovy for music, Waifus, and more! We even host roleplays! They vary between light and intense depending on your particular preferences [from outrageous to reasonable] and your various skill levels[currently we are in the works for more in depth roleplays for our writing savvy friends and future friends].

We'll also debut all of our works in there, which means YOU LADIES, GENTS, AND THOSE OF OTHER GENDER ASSOCIATIONS ARE THE FIRST TO SEE EVERYTHING!!!!! We are an active and open company/community with many unique individuals, so please by all means, pop in and stay a while! We hope that we can provide an electrifying experience for all when all of the pieces have been met for our own campaign for WORLD DOMINATION!
MrFudgeMonkeyz Minecraft Animation Community discord server! MrFudgeMonkeyz creates fan-made funny original Minecraft animations.
Bienvenue sur DanganIsland!
Ce serveur regroupe l'univers de Danganronpa et le célèbre jeu : Loup-Garou de Thiercelieux.
Mais ce n'est pas tout...
Plusieurs animations vous seront proposées tout au long de l'année!
Le Loup-Garou vous propose plusieurs systèmes pour rendre le jeu encore plus fun.
Les GameMasters tournent pour vous proposer différentes histoires. Vous avez envie de créer la votre ? Eh bien c'est possible, à vous de jouer uh puh puh.
Oyez Oyez ! Chats, chattes et chatons !

Bien qu'il soit encore l'heure de la sieste ( après tout, c'est toujours l'heure non ? ) nous avons décidé de mettre en place ce petit serveur pour discuter de notre plan de conquête du monde et d'asservissement des humains.
En attendant l'heure opportune, nous parlons de tout et de rien, de photos, de livres et de films. Le tout dans la joie et la bonne humeur !
Nous sommes encore une toute petite meute, mais vous êtes les bienvenus parmi nous
Ne vous méprenez pas ! Les chiens (et tous les autres animaux) sont les bienvenus !

(mineurs acceptés sur dérogations)

Nous vous attendons avec impatience et nous vous souhaitons un agréable séjour au sein de la compagnie Air cats !
This is an animation convention inspired by HomeCon (which was inspired by Vidcon)!

There are going to be many different events in the convention, such as panels, meet and greets, and more events involving YouTube animators. (BTW this is all online)

Now I was actually at Vidcon so since I attended, this is all based on what actually happens at Vidcon!

DATES: Dates: November 2-3
Community Pass: Free, can attend, but not be featured at events
Creator Pass: $1, get a booth, and access to the Signature Hall lottery,
Industry Pass: $3, get all the perks of the other two but also get to attend special panels on growing your channel and you might get some other perks added in the future

(Please remember that all money is nonrefundable and will go to giving the featured creators a little something for their time)
Nous Somme la pour nous amuser parler en vocal.
Et êtres le plus gros serveur vocal et a l'écrit rejoins nous toi aussi.
Hello! Come and have some fun in the Reflect Force Official Server, filled with bots, memes, and more! We are an organization of eight YouTube creators that band together as one to create quality content!
Official Youtuber ElpMan server. Come to learn how to make animations on sticknodes, or talk with other fans, sticks, dbz or animations!
If you are a coder or artist, then this is the channel for you. Here, we make movies, we make art, stories, we inspire. Here, is where you can be heard, make your story heard, your channel visible. Join us for all that and more.

We give away paid software for those who want to become animators, we give lessons to those who want to become an artist, we give great examples of apps and games for those who want to become coders, and you can even participate in voting or letting us know what YOU think should happen in our new movie, Asylis. (Its an animated movie) and even our pokemon commics. And if you submit some art, I can do the work to get it from a simple paper drawing to amazing digital art with better graphics and even color. We need more people in our community, and as you can tell, not many people have joined yet
Hello, and welcome to the server of, Well, lots of thing! Here are our roles!
Musical theatre geeks
-Now, here are our benefits!-
Art trades
Art commissions
Portfolios to share any kind of social media
Animation tips
Acting tips
Discussing about theories
And much, much more! Join now!
Were a expending community of VRChat animators that work on amazing animations and such for VRChat. We are creating our own custom SDK that will allow you to further your VRChat experience and such.
Bonjour, je vais te présenter un serveur discord communautaire pas comme les autres 😊 ! Ce serveur discore s'appelle FunLand📌, ils regroupent plusieurs bots et communautés actives 😃.

Voiçi nos fonctions:
- Système d'économie avec des grades à acheter dans une boutique 🏦
- Des jeux casinos exclusif ♦️♥️
- Des salons de discussions pour rencontrer du monde 😁
- Des événements et animations toutes les semaines 🎳🎯
- Vous pouvez partager la pub de votre serveur, vos blagues, vos idées et votre profil ... 😀😁

Un staff à votre écoute et très actif 😀👍, on écoute toutes vos suggestions 📬 et vos questions 🤔🤝.

Demande de partenariat ouvert ! 👍

Rejoin-nous ont t'attend ! 😉
Bonjour bienvenue dans la description de mon serveur, je me présente panda jeune youtubeur je fais des animation en tout genre (du style asdf movies) je fais egalement de temps en temps des lives sur youtube ou je joue à différents jeux, sur mon serv vous trouverez fun bonne humeur, je suis actif et je joue avec les gens voilà voilà je vous y attend ;) ma chaine YouTube : Just_Panda
we are a animation team that makes anime or animations together. you dont always have to do it together but sometimes we do. this server is for people who wants to build a team or build any with animations it doesent matter
Bonjour je vous présente le serveur : NEHMIE ANIMATIONS

Il s'agit du serveur discord du jeune dessinateur Nehemie animations (sur youtube) dans lequel vous retrouverez fun,amusement,convivialité et surtout DESSIN

On attend plus que vous
> Thats a Server for Arts, Games, Coding,
Animations and much more
> We have a Transserver chat
(A bot who shares messages across servers)
> Supported Langurages are (for now)
German and English
> We also have a musicbot (Hydra)
> We got a 24/7 Radio
> Oh there are some Minigames too
> You can promote yourself there
> We allow Crosspromo with your server
> We have also got a Suggest and a Report feature
> Join NOW! (If you want)
Hi im Eagle, this is a kid friendly server for my youtube channel.

What We Have




Chat rooms

And kid friendly content