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Come join us we are a fun group of people who like being random, we need your help to build this server up and make it a lovely place for every one to come and be their selves!
Come join and see what we have to offer
•Hi! Welcome to the Trans Gang server! My name is Adonis and I'm the humble little owner of this server :)

•We're a server dedicated to meeting other like-minded and diverse trans individuals! With a plethora of customized roles, trans-based text channels, and just general all around positivity!

•My goal is to make everybody happy, pretty much. With server requests and just relative actual conversation with the people on my server, I hope to make a community that's not only fun, but nice to be in.

•We also hold art, writing, and poetry contests! You get put into the hall-of-fame and a special role! Along with a karaoke voice channel and music player channel :)

•If you decide to come in, I hope you aren't disappointed! I want to try my best to make a fun and loving server!

•i'm also currently taking mod applications! Please message me, the owner, if you're interested!
Welcome to Jarland this is a nation based server that is growing! You can be a regular citizen, join the military or even live in the life of a criminal! The possibilities are endless and we would love YOU to be in this server!
We Are A Nice Community Where you Can Play All Kinds Of Games And Chat With Your Friends!
This Is The Kingdom Of Roblox!

[The‌ Ultimate Gaming Server]

What is T•U•M•S?

This is a server for EVERYTHING Multiplayer Gaming. Many‌ Consoles, Many‌ Games, Many Members (hopefully)..

Were still in the VERY early stages of development, but would really appreciate some people to either Co-Own, Admin, or just help as a member (obviously looking for people with discord experience for co-own or admin place)

A lot of fun stuff is planned for the future like Tournaments and Many More Games, but for now we just need some helping hands ;)
hello this is a server made by ERROR#1771 this server is newly made and help is grateful ^^
This server is basically a beta server
Im new at this server thing i need some ppl to help me with bots etc...

Pretty nice ppl here join😊
Of all things random

This server is dedicated to being a place for those with access to spam bots or would love to cause hell to competition or servers that are full of assholes. anyone of any ethnicity religion or race is allowed this is a fun strange community it's currently very new but hopefully it will blossom into something great. I plan to make the server a wonderful place and I'm open to suggestions for improvement.

Things present:
-self assign roles
-voice chat
-music bots
-open positions for staff
-friendly community
-dark humor
This is mostly for my youtube channel but if you want there is many things to do and i accept suggestions.
This is a work in progress server. It’s a super hero kingdom role play server. I’m only accepting a few people so come quick, just a little help creating, creators are suggested.
**A new chapter begins..**

In this chapter, Madara and Obito is resurrected but they are in hiding for..parenting?! Madara has a son now and he’s hiding away to parent him. Obito is there to just help him. Madara would go any length for his son so you probably shouldn’t hurt him. His son isn’t a bad person like his dad, but he does have some Six Paths + Jinchuriki power. But all is doing well in the villages. It’s peaceful and quite.
Can you make that change?

~~Next time on dragon ball z!~~

so this is a wip. I would really appreciate joining and helping me out! Pluusss i need to active people persons to rp as madara and obito. thanks bye!
Join 'The Era of The Blade' today! We would love to have you!

Keep in mind that this server is in W.I.P but it would still be helpful if you joined! It would be fun to have you included anyways! We have..

- A Great Staff Team
- Fun events every now and then!
- Anime/Game talk!
- AND MOST IMPORTANT for you guys..Friends :)
A New Minecraft server is coming :O its already bought and up, just need to mod it and put some plugins in.
This is a brand brand new server, and i need help getting bots and stuff and building the server, if you join and help youll be given the founder role and allowed a third character on the server!
I am currently making an interactive fmv game on discord i just need a little help. Come join and be apart of the testing, video, graphics and anything else you can think of. (Trailer -> )
this is a Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn Rp server that is in the middle of being made, if you have any experience in rp battle servers please join and help me, i have no idea what i'm doing