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The Fairy Tail Discord server is a great server where you can talk to other Fairy Tail fans, do fun roleplays and create your own characters. The members here are welcoming and love to talk about different parts of Fairy Tail, roleplays and hang.
PLZ join us Help us grow the server. We'll soon have tons of eboys and egirls. its a server where you can share your Feelings and maybe find your life partner here. Also we are looking for staff. I hope you Enjoy your stay in the server.
Welcome to the Devil's INN
This is a place to date chill or both
We are available to for all ages to edate ofc nsfw is for 18+ members only u have to dm verify for nsfw role
Hello and welcome to Giveaway Lounge!

This is a lounge where we have giveaways and also you can meet new people and chat! We have just created this server so we are trying to make a giveaway soon enough.

Have fun!
Help us grow this server,We are looking for a new staff too. We want to have a non toxic community with lots of members. Feel free to join and talk. We are a young server but we hope you stick around.
Enjoy your stay.






>> MEET OTHERS - Meet other people, and make friends:)
>>DATING - Form a beautiful bond!
>> SOCIAL MEDIA - A place where you can link em
>> SELFIES - Browse or post your own!
>> VOICE CHATS - Talk with others, just like a regular phone call!
Looking for an aesthetic server?

Looking for friends? Fun? More?

Well come and join Local Thrift!!

A Vintage themed fun aesthetic server to make friends and meet new people! You’ve came to the right place. Come watch our aesthetic server grow into an amazing community!

Hello! We are a small server that is hoping to grow, we are hiring a few trial mods so, it would be great if you would join us!
We are just a chill community to hang out with >:) enjoy your stay!

× Welcome To Hangout 'N' Chill ×

This server is a server where you can hangout and make many friends!
Here is what you can find in the server:

✰ Level up for different roles!
✰ Fun Activities to take part in!
✰ Partnerships!
✰ Voice Channels!
✰ Channels where you can share your work!
✰ Channels for Discussions of all kinds!
✰ And So Much More!

Come Join Us! You're bound to have a good time!
We used to be a gaming server, now we're just a hangout place. Come join, chill, and chit-chat.
Come and join the ranks of the Delta Militia, complete with a selection of ranks and helpful moderators. With a military-esk theme, this server is here to help you make friends and hang out with some cool people, and talk about anything you want, art, games, weeb shit, even sports. Join us today~! ô7
A new server to just hang out come join right now it's small but will soon get bigger [hopefully] please come say hi!
Just a chill server where you can relax and talk to others that wanna relax.
A New Community Server looking for people to be themselves and have a good time active staff that will interact with you and overall want you to enjoy yourself - Wasted
a room just to chill out and make friends! everyone's welcome here and we have something FOR everyone! come in , grab a hot choco, and have a good time!
A place that's just started with a few rp to choose from
Hello, & welcome to my Otaku Clan! My name is Ashli, & I have made this server for the purpose of building a community for everyone to hang & make new friends. So come along onto my server!