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We are a new server for dating and too meet new friends.
We are looking for trusted members too become mod or helpers.
We support any beliefs of yours and will not be hated for being yourself.
Find new friends here or even a loved one.
the best server out there. unique, fun members! we are friendly and welcoming to all members... but we recommend that you are age 16 or older if you want to join and participate in the community. join us and check out all our cool stuff!
14+ Server ๐ŸŽฎ / Join us for humour, gaming and loads of fun :) In need of new members!!
Sleepy is a new discord that strives to present a chill and likable environment
for all users to socialize on.
Self Assign Roles,
Multi region Community,
:300+ Members,
welcome to *e-girl harem โ„ข*

server includes ;

โฅ e-girls
โฅ nsfw channels
โฅ active voice chats
โฅ funny/kind members
โฅ fellow gamers/game nights
โฅ self assignable roles/color roles
โฅ partnerships
โฅ 100+ members and growing

we hope you enjoy your stay at *e-girl harem* as we will enjoy having you ใƒ„

ping : @everyone @here

discord link :

banner link :
A server that's desperate for egirls yes we are that pathetic also we pretty chill like ice cream so if ya wanna drop by ya should.
The best edating server on discord, growing rapdily. Come and possibly find that special someone today!
Join our server for great fun, make loads of new friends, Play games with members and try your luck with some e-thots. Have fun and don't be toxic, our server is growing quickly and we hope you enjoy your stay!
This server is honestly a bit of everything you have a lot of freedom the rules have little to no play be toxic have fun just mess around all you want
Christian Children is a friendly server, we're looking for active members to talk and chat with. The Christian Children has plenty of channels, for memes, and many suggestions for Netflix and music!
A place for you wonderful cuties to find love.
The Hills is a chill lenient server where you can have funa dn meet new people!
โ™” We have a close community with lots of chatting and gaming!
โ™” Events happen almost every week!
โ™” Partnerships!
โ™” Meet cool new people!
โ™” Plenty of space/
โ™” And more!

โžผ Friendly Members and Staff

โžผ Self-Assignable Roles

โžผ Economy

โžผ Few pings

โžผ Active Members

โžผ Light comfortable moderation
โŠฑ pings: @everyone @here
โŠฑ server link:
Pretty much. This is a random ass server with an aesthetic. Generally weird, pretty fun, and just some place to talk and meet other singles! Yea. ๐Ÿ‘
Semi new server looking for people. Chilld and relaxed with a tight nit community. Everyone welcome. Lots of egirls (and e boys). come check the server out, you wont regret it.
One of the best places to socialize. We are a new and upcoming server with a professional touch to us! We are looking to get new members and expand into a community. This server is based on memes and gaming. Any genre is accepted and this is a great place to socialize. Join now!
a brand new fresh server... (literally brand new no one is in it please come and make friends with me PLEASE)
hello! welcome to ๐ŸŒ™ solar world! a reeeally small social/edating community!!
we are lgbt+ friendly with 2 lgbt owners!
we have games, art, anime, music, animals, and memes!
we're still growing, so we're going to have plenty more stuff in the future! come on and stop by!
We are a community for everyone and for people ready to mingle or more finding friends forever active with eachother
โœฆGaming โœฆ E-girls โœฆ Anime โœฆ Events โœฆ Memes โœฆ Voice ChatโœฆKaraokeโœฆ
Hey! Are you looking to find Love? A NEW SERVER JUST FOR THAT! We promote online dating. This is a pure dating discord server .( We do not recommend anyone Older than 17 Dating a Minor, this does not mean a 17-year-old can date a 14-year-old) Have fun Dating! We hope you find a loved one. Please don't start drama and have a lovely time!