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|| Spooncraft is a Community Survival server currently running 1.13, with extra features like Double XP days, Towny, Jobs, player shops, Griefprevention, custom data packs, Player Ranks, and more! Our goal is run a vanilla based server, packed with ADDED features that do not change Minecraft, but add more to it!
Seeking active community players, lets play Minecraft together!.
Survival mode

version 1.13

Double XP days!

Player to Player economy

Player towns and shops!

Protected claims

New resource packs!

Awesome discord features

Server is open, join today!
Welcome to PirateYT discord server.. its chilling time.. here we have :
20 bot , we have a VIP membership system , anime and fan art .. We support all languages ...We have a mini black market
gaming channel / mini-games like Aki-Bot and Game-Bot
LVLing system and game ranks
50 awesome emojis for nitro ... and more interesting things ..if you don't join you gonna loss lot of fun
Just Giveaways is devoted to hosting regular giveaways. All standard giveaways are free and no, there is no catch. 2 VIP tiers are available for even better giveaways. Our giveaways are sponsored by donations and VIPs. Why would you not join? We are literally just giving you stuff.
Welcome to the AnimeForLife ServerPage, We have a lot to offer including a NSFW section, an extra RPG server and much more. Our bots (AnimeForLifeBots) are self-programmed. There are also lots of raffles. for example: Steam games, Googleplay credits, VIP role, etc
[EU] Gaming For Life
Owner: @Froxyms
Pings: @/everyone @/here

:white_check_mark: Great Community
:white_check_mark: V.I.P
:white_check_mark: Levels
:white_check_mark: Gaming
:white_check_mark: Meme's
:white_check_mark: Giveaway
[EU] Gaming For Life
Serveur communautaire ouvert pour tous les passionnés, les rêveurs, les artistes, les photographes, les musiciens, les joueurs, les codeurs, les philosophes etc. souhaitant se détendre, se divertir, discuter, partager avec des humains agréables dans une ambiance conviviale ! Un lieu indéal pour rencontrer de nouvelles personnes...
Всем привет!!!
Всем кто зайдёт дам V.I.P
The goal of this discord is to have fun with friends, by taking drugs more and more with cool staff

Seeking English staff because the rest of the staff are French with a sufficient level of English but it is not their native language
Garry's Mod Server
Xanath Roleplay
32 Players
Staff Apps Open
Donator Jobs
Perm Weapons
Rejoin mon Serveurt decouvre une Nouvelle vie Aidée moi affaire connectre
Mon serveur
not enough time for description, just join!
Meet our fun and exciting server with fun bots and people.Join here won't harm you, It will just make make you more friends. Many roles and awesome giveaways.
Le nouveau Wartoz ouvre ses portes !
-tchat :pen_ballpoint:
-tchat vocal :musical_note:
-Des giveaways pour obtenir plus de role :tada:
= Nous recrutons, venez nous voir !
:warning: Encore en construction :warning: