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»«»«»«»« Wolfy boy »«»«»«»«

Do you play music? Write Music? Or just love music in general? Well this server is for you! 💙

Our Server Includes:

🎀 Simple rules
👋 A chill & friendly community
🎵 24/7 Music and moderation bots
🎸 Tons of fellow musicians to talk with
🎶 Channels to share your songs/music
🎮 Channel to talk with other gamers
🥇 Fun events & contests

We hope to see you in the server with us soon! ♥
Please Join...

We have a big Pokemon Community and you will find people to help you in anything, and we have a lot of people who are on 24/7!
Welcome To Ultimate Advertisements
✅ Support team and moderator application is open Right now
✅ Friendly staff
✅ Advertise your discord server
✅ Awesome bots
If you are for a place to Advertise your discord server, you came to the right place
What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW
Hello like memes? Well were that trying to grow and find staff and members it would help alot if u joined
This is a fun server where you can rp you can maybe be a cannon character or you can make your custom OC!
A Batman server, nothing more to say. Its based heavy on story and plot, we would love to have you in as long as you are not bothersome. Not much to say, we just started, er, hooray?
Welcome to WFLE we welcome new players and members here we have many fun activities bots and rp please join us today! :)
This is a server all about cults. You can make your own cult (with approval) and you can moderate your own cult. This server we have fun and is straight to the point. Hope you will enjoy your stay in this server.
We are the Sinners and Simmers.

We want you to join and have fun with us!

This server is great for making friends.