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Chill Zone is a active growing server owned by:
I_Am_Alex#0001 & Deku#4307,
we're getting a chill bot for chill zone.
Active chat sometimes.
Nice members, no toxicness!
If you join you get a 100% no leave guaranteed!
This server is for major gamers, good gamers, you can chat in different channels, with the different game genres. Most of the players here are major, world-class, legendary gamers. If you're not a good gamer, you're not welcome here.
This is a general chatting discord where you can find new friends and play with new people, we are about to hit 50 members so if we could get this dsicord to 50 members that would be lovely!!

// Founder. Wick
Here you can meet new friends, learn new things, make memes, and do alot of cool stuff with others! ReMeBeR bE 18+ fOr NsFw ChAnNeLs
This is a meme/music/anything chat. We have hard-working moderators, administrators, and owners. We are looking for new members. If you want to just chat, this is the place for you.
Realm of Veritav is a medieval fantasy text-roleplay that’s ESO and D&D-esque in nature. It’s very open, only limits are to make things fair and make sense. Now looking for new mods and admins, as well as GMs. Come and roleplay!
You live in a world with men who can burn metal, a woman who can slice steel and Dictators who call on genocides. How will you live? How will you survive? HOW WILL YOU SETTLE?!

:comet: Chill members & Staff who are friendly!
➫ We wish for and do have a Chill set of members, friendly and well behaved human beings. We expect you to treat them as they treat you, with respect.

:comet: Custom Emotes!
➫ He has a small set of emotes you can use when you're within our server, use them as substitutes as other emojis for the memez! Have fun!

:comet: Music Bots!
➫ Multiple music bots for you to have blast with, listen to your jam and bob your head. Several music channels to choose from, so we can try to make sure everyone gets to make listen to what they wanna listen to! Remember not to clog up the playlist!
:comet: Cool Events!
➫ We host small to large events in Black Sky, in an attempt to keep our members active and give them something to work with while the plot develops. We hope that you're satisfied with the events we provide for you, we'll try to make them work for @everyone as possible!

:comet: Staff are wanted!
➫ Growing quickly and Staff are needed, there are a variety of staff roles that you could apply for. We hope you do apply, we hope that you respect the chosen staff members and follow their policies.
Welcome to the super school! This server was developed to teach students about any subjects that he/she want. But our main target is to teach students international languages. But don't worry about the rules, memes are allowed and stupid jokes are allowed but don't involve some staff.
The EVENT Club is a server owned by I_Am_Alex#0001.
How come I made it? Because, he wants discord hypesquad.
And to insure people aint bored! Anybody can join. (ov you need to be 13+ for lan events) But online events sure! just cmon in!
Pretty good server so join but remeber be 18+ or i ban you
Welcome to Dragon Ball: ChronicleZ! We need your help! The Earth is being invaded by beings that seem to be unstoppable! What will you do? Will you be a Saiyan? A Frieza Race/Frost Demon? A Namekian? A Majin? A Human? Will you help, or will you be the one who is causing the havoc, the mayhem, the chaos? It's up to you, you alone!
TitanSplank is a server where you can request something and we make it! We offer at the moment "Discord Bots" and "Pterodactyl Panel Installations". More will be added soon.


- Custom Bot
- Friendly Owners
- Giveaways
- Good Service
gaming channel for gamers with big brains
This server is a fortnite server main but we play everything. The server has a lot of friendly people and you can meet good people to play fortnite with and make some new friends. So give it a try <3
Server Name : Naruto.
Description This is pretty common but i promise you that we worked hard on it.....
Welcome to the world of naruto where anything can happen, in this lore madara was defeated long ago, and were in the boruto stage. So create your own character, roleplay, and have a experience you will remember.
Its organized, and we tried to make it understandable. Fighting is normal table-top, so we ask you, please join this roleplay.

Note, all we ask for is that your active, the owners are usually known for making roleplays that if, and when they do die, you will have memories back on it.

Were trying to get sponsered by sekai and roleplay hub, so help us get to more than 20/15 members
We are small growning gaming server join if you want :)