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a active fun server we always try to keep it entertaining no matter what the time is.we are time zone friendly join die lit now
Hey welcome to the server we hope you enjoy our nice rocket league server please go check out the rules so you can have the best experience and have fun with everyone in the server
We are a small but growing community dedicated to Minecraft minigames such as EggWars. Especially the EggWars on CubeCraftGames. Our community is built upon professional/kind Staff. and tons of Interests! Join right now if this is what you are looking for!
This Server is a server to re instate PG Tips as the dominant tea manufacturer in the world. Jokes aside, the server is fairly general purpose, allowing for people to listen to music together, play games and get help with school work and the like. Come and Join :D
Budget Clothing Kingdom! We are a new friendly clothing group who sell clothing at the cheapest possible price. ( 5 Rbx). We would love your support in this journey so why not check us out?
Small /R9k/ Discord server with no normalfags, underages, attention seeking women, ecelebs
Attention seeking children who say they are shutins and mentally ill because they can’t go out to the bar every weekend will not be let in, there are people here who can’t go outside.
join only if your quality And you are a recluse.
A fun, friendly server with a relaxed atmosphere and light-touch admin. Come, kick back, enjoy!

Most members are in their 20s and 30s but we do allow anyone age 18+! Come on in, put your feet up and don’t be afraid to get the conversation going!
A server owned by an egg. Why does it exist? Well, that egg was bored one day. All kinds of roleplays are welcome, as long as they follow the rules. Theres admins active most of the time so if yall need help theres almost always someone there to help. There isnt really a specific kind of roleplay for this place, i mean its literally just here because that egg got bored.
Red Alert 3, a game set in 1981, where Einstein kills hitler, but then is killed himself by the USSR during RA2. Following after the command conquer and generals lore, China, Yuri from red alert 2 and Brotherhood of nod are all here... How will the war of three powers change? Join to roleplay, today.
Welcome to Saucyyy Clothing:
We are a freshly created group for original roblox clothing! Here are some of the things we offer:

• All Original!
• Bots such as MEE6, Dank Memer and more!
• Chats to talk in!
• Cheap prices!
• Clothes uploaded occasionally!
•custom roles on the official group!
• Good Quality!
• I Take Requests!
And more coming soon!..
So come check out the server!!/about
Who is @scwid and @GzMONEY ?

@scwid and @GzMONEY are GFX and sometimes VFX artist trying to have some fun and earn a bit of cash

Where can I find their art?

On this server, go to #🧊👤gzmoney👤🧊 or #🤯👤scwid👤🤯 to check out our portfolios/work

What are the prices for your work?

The Prices can be found in #💲price💲 , you can then buy our services in #💱order-here💱

Some of the cash will go to server for nitro drops
👑Social Discord👑
•18+ Server
•Self Roles
•E Girls and E Boys
•Music Channel
•Meet and Vibe With Others
I am bored so why not do something im good at during isolation?
If you need a server built join and ill server you.
Any server i will make so just join and @ me in the message channel and ill give you the customer role and get back to you :)

BasicRP est un bot discord qui renouvelle le RP, il a beaucoup de commande et prend en compte, un système de vie et de nourriture ainsi que d'inventaire. Je vous laisse aller sur le serveur pour des plus amples informations.
Hey there! Welcome to The Music Place!

The Music Place is a brand new server where you can order personalised music for cheap prices! High-quality music, created by an expert. Soon, the position of staff will open, so you can be a role-model for customers! Anyways, join The Music Place today!

>>> <<<
The_Official_Server provides an environment for people to find new and upcoming quality streamers. We also provide a hub of expert knowledge on how to grow and develop your channel and streams to reach maximum optimisation. The server's primary function is as the community of the Twitch Streamer @The_Official_Rogue and hosts a plethora of things to do and watch.
Jesteśmy prawilnym polskim serwerem walczącym z chciwą organizacją ,,BIAŁOWÓD". Obecnie nasza walka toczy się tylko na serwerach Minecraft, lecz wciąż zbieramy ochotników na dołązcenie do armii. Bądźcie czujni, towarzysze. BIAŁOWÓD nie śpi.
Our server is new, very small, and budding. We focus on fun and quality conversations alike, and have rooms for mental support and intellectual conversations such as politics and other serious talk.
Sengoku Jidai, also known as The Warring States Period, was a time period prior to the establishment of the hidden villages. One of the longest, bloodiest, gruesome and violent time periods to occur in the universe. During this time period, mercenary shinobi roamed the land, bringing conflicts of all sorts with them, whether it be their own or the conflicts of others.

YOU may choose to be whatever you desire, but expect there to be consequences, positive or negative, to whatever you choose to do.

This is a newer server, please keep that in mind when joining.

-Lore accurate.
-New and friendly.
-Looking for quality RPers.
-Willing to help newer RPers learn.
Looking for High quality Pepe emotes?? Then this is the right server for you! Especially recommended if you have Discord Nitro. Hosting full lists of emotes AND animated emotes
Join now!
We keep our posting quality high and our server clean. Roles for ideology are available. We have three voice channels, a music bot, a arts section, and both voice and text channels for serious discussion, as well as many other channels. Our server has a suggestions channel too.
This is a small brawlhalla fan made server for anyone who wants to join. there are ranks/roles after you get tested, these ranks don't do much they just show you how cool you are to the entire server. And also you get private rooms. There is a youtuber rank as well and they even have a private room. The way you get the rank is just by getting tested by the tester and that's basically it. Enjoy your stay at The Brawlhalla Server (Fan-Made)