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The Church Of Kinky is very toxic place, growing steadily a good community
Wanna meet new people? Wanna have a fun place to rest after a long day?
In my server you can have all of that! We have
⭐ Voice channels to talk with friends and meet new friends.

⭐ Text channels to talk about movies,books,memes,roleplay,art,music,animals, And way more

⭐ Ever need advice, help, or just need to talk to someone? We have venting channels and support teams that are willing to you!


A great shit posting server build by the worlds shittiest people. If you like memes and jokes this is the place for you. We also very few rules but will be pretty serious about that. Join now
Almost heaven is a server where we bool. Only basic rules, so great freedom is provided. Very active server with several thousands of messages per day. We have many channels for all kinds of topics, including but not limited to nsfw, Ricardo Milos, gaming channels and several media channels.
Classical elements is a server meant for hanging out and having fun. A lot of discord servers are uptight and very restrictive. We want to create an open atmosphere here where there is no hate for being an individual. We encourage all forms of discussion and people from all walks of life. Joking is welcome in this server as well as a free and open place to speak and have fun with your friends. We only ask that you follow some basic social etiquette to keep things clean and behave as you would in any other public place. The founders of this place got tired of the way certain discord servers were run so we made our own.
Here you'll find:
A place where you can openly discuss many topics.
A shit posting section where you can spam and meme to your heart's content.
Basic self assignable roles.
Complete transparency between staff and users. We have a public records chat where users can see bans, mutes, warns, and kicks with reasoning and admin performed as well as community voting and polls and a ask staff section where you can question anything including bans. We encourage people to talk!

Potential giveaways in the future!
Thank you for reading and considering joining our server.
This is a great and wonderful server there is a wide variety for things you can do like listening to music talking with us and have fun join today
Please I beg you
This is a server for people who understand the things gachas make
If you dont know what a gacha is you should check it up on yt and see how bad they are, they mostly make cringy videos and i know there like 9 but some kids using that app are perverts
But if your only interested in the server this is what we have
Self roles
Come to my shit posting land.
We have bots.
~Voice channels.~
~Texting channels.~
~And more NSFW content. ~

Hope you have a fun stay.
This is a dictatorship that operates on privilege, the higher your role the more privilege you have.

Role Hierarchy: @Whitey <-- @Soy Boi --> @SJW --> @CHADS

"But that guy spammed why can't I..."
Whiteys have NO rights... The higher your role the more shit you can get away with. Climbing the role heirarchy basically gives you license to be more of a knob to whiteys.

Roles are earned by: being funny/good memeing/contributing to conversation. This is not a time based or automated system, we select people we like if we think they deserve it. It is very unlikely to get higher than @Soy Boi without being active in VC. Also yes you can go from @Whitey to @SJW

Roles are lost by: being a dickhead/consistently overstepping your rank/violating major rules. We try to operate a strict meritocracy but sometimes spergs slip through the net, we weed them out after a while.

One final and vitally important note: WHITEYS HAVE NO RIGHTEYS, stop whining if you are being abused for doing something dumb, you will get abused as a Whitey, consider this initiation.
a shit posting D&D server with next to no laws in campaigns.
Gaming and shite posting, quite small at the moment. Anyone is welcome. Only one rule which is don't piss me off. New suggestions are always welcome. Please come make us better because we legit suck. Cheers guys
Our server has a variety of chats to choose from, it is not heavily moderated, but it DOES have a simple/basic set of rules that should be expected. Please look at the rules upon joining and have fun!
A server I made cause bored af and I wanna talk to new people. Its a well made server created by myself and only myself. I mainly shit post and troll libtards on the server when there are any. I play a lot of rainbow six seige but I suck ass at the game so I just Team kill with my friends in the voice channel in the server. The server also has lots of roles to be earnt which unlocks voice channels and hidden chats and many other perks coming soon. If you do decide to join the server, have a great time :)
Memes, Idiots, You've got all you'd ever want here.
The Wasteland is a chat made for mainly shit posting. There are no rules here whatsoever, and everyone is free to do everything.
Literally just come in here to dump a bunch of photos in channels and talk with people.
Join or we will make you join, on hours that are just barely considered part time.