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Don't join if you're easily offended. Bring your best memes nibba.
a shit posting D&D server with next to no laws in campaigns.
Our server has a variety of chats to choose from, it is not heavily moderated, but it DOES have a simple/basic set of rules that should be expected. Please look at the rules upon joining and have fun!
Shit posting...thats all it is...and a bit of hentai.... still improving the server hoping i can make it better
A server I made cause bored af and I wanna talk to new people. Its a well made server created by myself and only myself. I mainly shit post and troll libtards on the server when there are any. I play a lot of rainbow six seige but I suck ass at the game so I just Team kill with my friends in the voice channel in the server. The server also has lots of roles to be earnt which unlocks voice channels and hidden chats and many other perks coming soon. If you do decide to join the server, have a great time :)
Memes, Idiots, You've got all you'd ever want here.
The Wasteland is a chat made for mainly shit posting. There are no rules here whatsoever, and everyone is free to do everything.
Literally just come in here to dump a bunch of photos in channels and talk with people.