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Hello everyone! I'm looking for staff to help keep the server maintained, and to help keep things running in a friendly environment

This server is a friendly server, any form of discrimination is bannable.
We do not allow hate-speech, anti-gay comments, or anything else relating to offensive behavior.
We allow certain things, but not everything is permitted. We want it to be a safe place for all ages but able to keep it friendly through and through.

LGBT friendly
All ages welcome
Roleplay accepted
Self-Assigned roles
Friendly staff
Much more!

If you have questions please contact the owner in the server, thank you.
⋆⋆★ Coffee N’ Love ★⋆⋆
We’re a friendly community based dating server~!
★ Friendly towards mostly everyone!
★Plenty of Voice channels for entertainment!
★Opportunity to find love and even new friends
★Chill and relaxed, welcoming to everyone
✧: ✧・゚:    :・゚✧:・゚✧
There’s so much more in our server! Our staff and community will welcome you with open arms! We can’t wait to see you there
A cute sfw (16+) discord server for those into Petplay and ddlg. (18+) verification for nsfw channels!
Hey! I can't make a description! This is a brand new server created to be a Gamking Clan and Dating Server combined! I hope you'll join in and find a thing or two to enjoy!
We have,
-All you need for Apex legends and Fortnite
-A whole self-role channel made for Dating and one for Gaming
-lots of bots
-3 or even more Music bots!
-I dont know how to make an Description
Please join and make me become a big boy.
We are a community based multipurpose discord server centered around providing a fun and relaxed environment for its users.
This server's purpose is to meet new people, make friends or more, and play games you enjoy with the people you enjoy.
We have NSFW channels for 18+ members with many "interesting" role to pick from.
💗<Community Stuff>💗
🌟Member Verification
🌟Post personal NSFW/SFW Content (after verifying)
🌟Post your selfies
🌟Friendly and Chill Management
🌟Hidden NSFW channels (18+)
🌟Nudity and Sexual interactions (18+)
🌟NSFW Roles (18+)
💗<Gaming Stuff>💗
Gaming: Fortnite, PUBG, League, Maplestory2, Warframe, Overwatch, and more
Elo roles for games
Clan and Guild System for various online games
💗💗More coming💗💗
A fun place to chat, have fun and meet new people, no specific purpose, a server for all of your needs
` LGBT+ Edgy Hangout `

Come chill or find love in this relaxed, friendly environment. Argue, flirt, date or meme around with some fellow gays, discuss issues, or send photos of your pets!
The server has music bots and fun bots, NSFW channels for 16-18 and 18+

Come hang out, it should be fun!
💗JOIN NOW! Social-Platform Dating Server! 💗
» D A T I N G - And forming bonds beyond
» S E L F - R O L E S - With a simple click
» L G B T - D A T I N G - Supported at ease
The most stunning, realistic and entertaining events yet to come for you to experience

Let yourself be amazed and JOIN TODAY !
The Ubiquitous Community Network (or UCN for short), is a network for socializing with friends, gaming and in general, having fun! Our rules are designed to be based solely around the Discord Community Guidelines and TOS, so you can rest assured that you can have fun safely and with limited restrictions!
Best community on Discord. We serve positive vibes! Cool bots, Amazing staff, Self assigned roles, and much more!
We are a new server starting up, you can date at any age here, nsfw is 18+ We need more females here, great community, great staff, plenty of bots, nsfw bots and meme bots etc. We are now 13+
Welcome to The Treehouse! We hope you enjoy your stay and find new friends! We're a new server that aspires to create a safe and friendly environment for you! Join us today, and find new friends, or, perhaps.. The person you love?

As of now, we're a small server with only a few members, but we hope to gain many more of you wonderful people, to make this community amazing!

We have:

A system that requires you to read the rules before you gain access to the rest of the server.

Rythm - A music bot you can use to listen to music.

Self assignable roles.

Topic specific channels.

Color roles you can assign to yourself.
Welcome to K - H O L E. This is a server where any discussion kind of discussion is welcome. Casual, gaming, science, poltics, and philosophy just to name a few. We try to be lax on rules and moderation, but there are still certain things that need to be followed.
Welcome to "Kinky Cunts"! ♡ We are a new 18+ server that provides a safe and friendly place to express your kinky-ness. We offer many things in this server including:
♡ Friendly staff/users
♡ Self-assignable roles
♡ Gaming chats and VCs
♡ Dating channels
♡ NSFW channels
We look forward to meeting you!
the short bio:
-we have a dating section
-we have a hangout section
-we have self roles
-we have bots
-we have nsfw (18+)
what else could you need?


We do not condone any illegal activity, and reccommend for you to be 18+ if you're looking for dates.

the long bio:
Welcome to Withinside!

I am a guy who has just made this server, meaning I need all the help I can get to pull this thing off! :)
This also means I am looking for staff, actives, and more!
I am mainly looking for growth, and aspire to create an active base where I can hop on and see people talking and texting whenever. I love seeing people happy, making friends.
Well, what can I bring you?
Withinside includes
~Self roles
~Fun bots
~Dating section
~Random discussion
~Daily polls
~Server events
~New people to meet

Interested yet?
Well join now! :)

Invite code:
Welcome To ✰RP Kingdom this is what we offer you on our server:
A Community of Gamers
Music Lovers
Chill Owner

Are you reading? Yes, you are, then you are interested in this. Or maybe you just wanted a server where to play Fortnite and you accidentally clicked the info button. If it's actually like this, then keep scrolling down the servers.

This is a new born community of strangers who joined this server to help people make new friends, meet others and have nice talks and solve any problems, which can go from loneliness to mental illness and everyday stuff.
Buckle up your seats boys and girls, cuz were taking yo asses to CandyLand. On this marvelous adventures full of e-girls, e0boys, and even e-its, your going to get the full on experience of a great and upcoming discord server. Youll also meet new people! Our numbers might be low now but were rapidly growing and this is barely the beginning. So join now cuz weve got everything. All Gamers welcome as well! Stop reading the bio and join already 🔫 U wont regret it ;))
♡♡Welcome to Rainbow Hearts server!!here we chat,make friends,and perhaps find a partner...♡♡
⇛We are a LGBT friendly server
⇛Self assignable roles
⇛Accepting community
⇛Caring staff
⇛And we always are here for you when you need someone to talk to
⇛ALSO WE ARE LOOKING FOR STAFF(staff applications are open)
⇛Updated channels and roles
⇛Cool emojis

**Everything goes down here.**

☆Music whenever you want where you want.☆

✦NSFW channels for those who want to get kinky✦

☆Socialize with other members and hang out☆

✦Counting Channel✦

☆Selfies Channel ☆

✦Self Assignable Roles ✦

☆Have a good time and remember to keep it lowkey what goes on in here.☆

✦Movie nights✦
Hello Mi Amour and welcome to my server a new but exciting server to be in with alot of features to you're liking. We are new server but we will bring amazing stuff into this server as we grow and we are a dating server so hope u find you're special someone.


What we have.

🌹 | 1:1 M&F ratio

🌹 | We have plenty of single people

🌹 | Active VC's and chats

🌹 | Self - roles

🌹 | A channel to plug you're socials

🌹 | Clean server with spam control

🌹 | Very nice staff who help 24/7

What we dont have:
🌹 You 😢


So everyone is welcome regardless of there age, sex , gender and race we will always enjoy you're company and always look after the people who are in the server so why wait just join silly .
NOTE: Looking for e-girls to balance the ratio.

Hey 👋

This is Teen Match, an experimental Discord server based on connecting users alike. When you join the server, you will select roles & be redirected to private text & voice channels with users who picked similar roles (after verification), pretty cool right? There is also a global chat while this server grows so you won't have to be alone.

You can e-date, chat, chill, listen to music, whatever you want. Just join the server and you'll be good to go, we hope to see you there 😉
Welcome to Poro's Dating Lounge 16+!

ºO•❤•.¸✿¸.•❤•.❀• Talk - Chat - Chill - Dating •❀.•❤•.¸✿¸.•❤•Oº

This server is a growing community focused on having a good Time with others and to find another person for life.

We are offering:

➤ NSFW 18+ AREA ღ

Our server is for everyone to socialize, hangout, chill with others, make friends, and maybe find a good Date. We host events, do giveaways, and have fun in general.

Join today <3
Welcome to The Lover’s Place! We are a community of role players and we love to be lewd every now and then. All are welcome and appreciated!

What we have to offer:
-Economy: chat in the roleplay rooms to earn money, use your cash to get some cool things in the server!

-Roleplay: We have many roleplay rooms to choose from so you won’t get bored!

-Levels: As you roleplay on the server, you gain xp and after certain levels gained, you recieve a rank! Those ranks get extra rewards as well.

-Community: We are currently a small community with kind and dedicated staff, but we are in search of more! DM one of the owners if you are willing to be trained and possibly become a staff member!

Feel free to leave suggestions for the server in our suggestions channel. We may add them!

I hope you have a wonderful time here!