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Hi! And welcome we’re a friendly eddsworld group just starting out, please no hate or arguing about ships, don’t disrespect anyone at all and we are a sfw server so no nsfw
Welcome to MoonLight, we're a random server full of a lot of fun things to do such as.. Kiss Marry Kill, Never Have I Ever, Truth Or Dare, and so much more.(we do have nsfw channels and claimable roles as well)
We are a new server and are looking for new members and staff. We are currently trying to hit a goal of over 100 members!

We offer:
⭐Active staff
⭐Pokecord grinder
⭐Family friendly environment

Come and Join!!
This is a safe place to be, which would mean you'll not get judged or mistreated because of how you look or how you are, if this happens its a instant ban. Join to talk or play games with us. :)
HEY YOU! Yes you. Do you like loli’s and do you enjoy talking to fellow teens or Otakus? Then I think this is the server for you! Welcome to 🌺 Loli's Secret Hangout 🌺! This is a new server for teens to hangout and talk about everyone's favorite loli’s! Every other week we’ll host a poll for the top 5 loli’s and whoever gets the most votes will become the new icon for the server! We’ll also have many bots a few of the are:
We also have custom roles so why don’t stop staring at the screen and join~
If you do end up joining I hope you enjoy your stay a have a wonderful time! Just don’t tell the others about our secret loli hideout!
Welcome to a psycho world, a server based on anime, memes, or just a community! We may do giveaways sometimes.. we're a new server hoping for new members to come and join us. We have nsfw channels, memes, a LOT of bots, waifu / husbando.. gaming channels, custom voice roles and you can earn staff by getting 100 invites or apply... or buy it!
Hi welcome to Helheim.. A fun and active server for people to come in, meme around, make friends, laugh and let the stress of the day melt away. A safe-zone against the hell outside our doors. We are still new and eager to expand ourselves. Mod applications are open! Stop in and check us out!
>>suggestions- want something? You got it!
>>funny, practical emotes for our nitro users
>>Memes- updated daily! Come browse and share!
>>Edgetown- a chat for our more edgy members
>>Art and writing contests- Updated weekly!
>>Openings for server mods!
>>An Aesthetics channel- for our aesthetic aliens out there
>>Pets!- Lots and lots of good bois and gorls
>>Debate- Debate topics in a friendly and respectful environment
>>Clubs!- anime, books, movies, etc.
>>A mental health chat to talk about openly and discuss topics (This requires a special role)
>>And tons more channels to contribute to!
Give us a shot!
☀️💛S U M M E R ~ D R E A M 🧡✨

•We have Self-Assignable Roles!

•Newly Made Server

•Teams are being formed 😜

•Animated emojis

•This server is made for people who just want to chill 😋

•Inviting your friends can lead you to getting a NEW SPECIAL ROLE!

•Accepting Partnerships and Looking for a Partnership Manager!

•15+ allowed

•Pokemon Battles and the Gyms are now Available! Including Elite Four and Champion battle!

Server is small and organized 😜 We have Managers and GeneralManager who will care for the Server when the Owner is absent

~**JOIN HERE!**~
Hey hey hey
Se vi piacciono i Countryhumans, siete italiani e vi piace ruolare, questo server fa per voi u.u
In questo server si può giocare assieme a videogames, discutere di anime, manga, film, serie tv, ecc..., ruolare e creare oc, spero vi piaccia!
Hey, this is a new anime discord server that i'm trying to start up. So for right now it night might be that active but i'm hoping in the future that we will thrive as a discord community. (Staff is needed)
Wanna try and make this into a official server for the artists to join or make it into a fan server but anyway I want to show people how much I like knife party and get to know some people in the process
Welcome to a dead server no one hardly ever talks in. So make that change and please join😔
If you want to have some Hot Coffee and chill then feel free to join. We are a pretty new and crappy server, but we hope we aren't too much of a nuisance!
Welcome to Dragonball: Broken History! Enter a world where the canon characters of the Dragonball series don't exist! Create a character and take your place among the Z-Fighters or their enemies...Can you prove your power and change the history of Dragonball? We are new and still in the midst of the Saiyan Saga, There's plenty of time to catch up to your allies!

- Fun and Friendly Staff!
- Many Races and character customizations to choose from!
- Engaging unique story, which will change with your characters choices!
- Easy to understand systems!
- No dice rolls!

Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you around!
♡ flower tuties is a sweet, wholesome server with nice people hopefully soon it'll be more active ♡
♡ We are open to everyone and hope everyone loves our sweet cute server ! ♡
♡ We are a new server hoping to get too 100+ active members soon! ♡
♡ If you wanna be yourself, theres sfw channels and nsfw, you will without a doubt love us ! ♡
♡ So what are you waiting for??♡
Hope chu enjoy us!! Nyahh~
【E】【V】【I】【L】 【T】【W】【I】【N】【S】【E】【V】【I】【L】 【T】【W】【I】【N】【S】
Welcome to Evil Twins!!!
We are a new server that needs more active members
We aren't necessarily a Juice x Ski Mask fan group but we do love em! (no homo)

:smiling_imp: Packing Channel
:smiling_imp: Nice staff and members
:smiling_imp: Fresh server
:smiling_imp: Different vcs

If you need any more info just dm Juicyyy :rose:#0999


【E】【V】【I】【L】 【T】【W】【I】【N】【S】【E】【V】【I】【L】 【T】【W】【I】【N】【S】