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Welcome! to LoW-FI
we are a Growing Discord Community
For the Lo-fi Community
Everyone is Welcome!
1. no Toxic people
2. no Racism
3. Don't Spam
4. Don't Argue in Channels take it to the DM's
5. Be Respectful
6. Don't Swear within Reason
7. Chill have fun
8.NSFW will not be tolerated
9. within Reason you can do whatever you want as long as you keep it at a level.
10. have a Great day.
11. enjoy.
Welcome to Arsentic Networks! Our new Skyblock server is coming out soon so stay tuned! We need staff!
Hey This Is A New Group Can You Join And Help Grow The Server

We Like to Chat and Have Fun So make sure to come and join


And inv ur friends <33
We're a new server for Pokemon and Dank Memer! We have less than 30 members, so we need everyone we can get! I'm willing to help out people who are new to Discord.
•gaming and anime based
•everyone is welcome
•18+ channels
•LBGTQ+ safe space
•all languages are good
•frequently active mods
•fun (hopefully)

- the best owner you could ever ask for
- sexy bots
- gay ass admins
and more ig lol

Need of new members 😭
Come join YouTube! And meet new friends who have the same interests as you, just hang out and play with bots
❤️ sfw
❤️ active staff
❤️ warning system
❤️ need staff
❤️we are a growing community and would love to see u!
We are a gaming community. This server is to communicate and make new friends. There are chats for specific things.
Hey person reading this, i'm cold, nice to meet you. I have once made an awesome Discord server but sadly lost it, so this is my new server "ReBorn" i hope you guys will join for an amazing time, this server has something for everyone, and of it need somethings then be sure to write it in the #📘📗suggestion📕📙 thx.
*・^Welcome to Affable Hangout! ^・*
We are a small server with big dreams why not help us? We have
> -50 members
Help us to get our goal! :blush:

What do we have?
> 『:star:』Friendly server
> 『:star:』Giveaways
> 『:star:』Events
> 『:star:』Cool bots!
> 『:star:』Super kind staff
> 『:star:』Anime chat and more!
> 『:star:』Self-promotion at level 10!

Our server icon:
Our link:link: :
This server is a roleplaying server with family traits and chill owners and admins, NOTE: another family might be added. NOTE 2: SOME things here may be NSFW. It IS new so we don't have too many people. I think thats it! Enjoy your stay if you join!
This is a brand new SMP new world, and we need new players and staff BADLY, so this server is white listed and in order to get accepted it is mandatory to join the discord!
The link to the google forums to apply to be in this brand new awesome server is.

I would like to get this server for the players to record on youtube and stream I want this server to be just like hermitcraft!
̗̀↳♡ ˊ-Hello There Lovely Welcome To Little Roses Cafe^^
Hello!! WELCOME TO MY CAFÉ ^^. My CAFÉ is NEWLY made Server created, edited, and Consist of friendly chat rooms, Friendly members, and FUN BOTS!! I made this server for ALL types of Writers, Artists, and Business equivalent people. My dream is to become a businesswoman full of potential and experience. I am currently making a novel called “DREAM”. If you are interested in writing a novel and publishing it with me or expanding your business (because we do qualify for partnerships) then quickly JOIN AND GIVE US YOUR ALL Hehe.
in LRC we offer you::
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ A cute lovable Café theme RP server!!
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ Self-assignable roles!
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ A MUSIC BOT!!!!!
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ Chill and Friendly COmmunity
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ MEMES
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ and WHOLSOME pure love! owo

꒰꒰ ♡ ˊˎ - Hehe See you in, Little Roses Cafe! ♡( ◡‿◡ )
Hello!! WELCOME TO MY LOUNGE ^^. My LOUNGE is NEWLY made Server created, edited, and Consist of friendly chat rooms, Friendly members, and FUN BOTS!! I made this server for ALL types of people. This server is a chill and fun lounge for people who is dealing with stress,depression, or a place of uncomfortable living.Here in this brand new server we do not judge people or treat others different in any type of place. This is a safe place for anyone who wishes to come. We also except Partnerships because we do qualify for partnerships. SO please quickly JOIN QUICKLY and Come meet everyone Hehe!!!
The Lounge includes:
(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜~ “Channels for your Specialty (Role Play and Anime talk included) and NEWLY added MUSIC BOTS!!”

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜~ “PLENTY of Self Roles"

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜~ “Helpful bots and administration”

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜~ “Weekly and Monthly Challenges and Events”

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜~ “Partnerships Channels”


(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜~ “FUN, ACTIVE Channels w/ friends and bots”

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜~ “Movie Knight and Weekly Tv Show Series of any genre”


(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜~ " A ALL NEW GAMBLING BOT”
Hi welcome to Helheim.. A fun and active server for people to come in, meme around, make friends, laugh and let the stress of the day melt away. A safe-zone against the hell outside our doors. We are still new and eager to expand ourselves. Mod applications are open! Stop in and check us out!
>>suggestions- want something? You got it!
>>funny, practical emotes for our nitro users
>>Memes- updated daily! Come browse and share!
>>Edgetown- a chat for our more edgy members
>>Art and writing contests- Updated weekly!
>>Openings for server mods!
>>An Aesthetics channel- for our aesthetic aliens out there
>>Pets!- Lots and lots of good bois and gorls
>>Debate- Debate topics in a friendly and respectful environment
>>Clubs!- anime, books, movies, etc.
>>A mental health chat to talk about openly and discuss topics (This requires a special role)
>>And tons more channels to contribute to!
Give us a shot!
Hi Welcome To Nocturne Discordance. We Are A New Server And Needs Some Active Peeps. So We Have Pokecord and gyms and more.
SO Join Now!
Hello and welcome to this mimecraft discord server! This server is for any minecraft games, we have a free pocket edition server whit only 1-2 members!
-we can help u get minecraft free, whitout virus.
̗̀↳♡ ˊ-Hello There Lovely Welcome To Erotic Beach Resort^^
Erotic Beach Resort is a BRAND NEW RP server that was created, grinded, and edited just for the sake of EVERY Rp lover .。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+* Here in EBR we except anybody and anything which includes: Any type of Rp Character [Furry, Monster, and Slim concluded], Any gender type [because this IS a qualified and LGBQ friendly server], and NSFW NON FrEE. We don’t discriminate against ANYTHING. This is a safe server for anybody who wishes to join~ (◕▿◕✿). SO please don’t click away and miss the safest place to Rp from. JOIN QUICKLY PLEASE AND LET OUT YOUR EROTIC AND SUDUCTIVE SIDE ONLY at EROTIC CAFÉ hehe ^~^.

in EBR we offer you::
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ A cute lovable beach theme RP server!!
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ Self-assignable roles, memes, and erotic emoted!
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ MANNNNYYYY Rp ROoms
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ MUSIC and WIFU BOTS!!!!!
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ Chill and Friendly Rp COmmunity
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ PRIVATE RP ROOMS
∘˚~ (◕▿◕✿)─ and WHOLSOME pure love! owo

꒰꒰ ♡ ˊˎ - Hehe See you in, Erotic Beach Resort! ♡( ◡‿◡ )
This Server Is For People Who Want To Co-Write Something With Someone, And We Will Search For Someone For You.
。 welcome to Cloudy Paradise ~ !!

We have a large variety of channels and things to do.
The server is sadly dead so we are trying revive it so please join and help us!❤🎉
-We have NSFW channels
-Sleep calls
And much more!
We are a new server and are looking for new members and staff. We are currently trying to hit a goal of over 100 members!

We offer:
⭐Active staff
⭐Pokecord grinder
⭐Family friendly environment

Come and Join!!
This server is for people that wanna meet new friends, if you're lonely, if you want good vibes and just talk and chill😎😎😎