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Welcome to "The Wild Wild West", where all coyboys and cowgirls are welcome. We have lots of nice servers for music, memes, pokecord, and lots more. So make sure to come to "The Wild Wild West".
Hey! We're a pretty small yet growing, chill server. We don't have a lot of rules and occasional NSFW is allowed, so please follow the rules we do actually have. Enjoy!
Welcome to TheUntoldClans! The clans you have never heard of...

This server has a lot to offer! It takes place in Yellowstone, Puma clan lives under a cliff, and their enemy, Quarry Clan lives in a gorge.

Join us in our fight for survival!

Warning: this server has reasonably high expectations for your style of RP. we dont want any rper's that start every sentence with the gender of their character: such as
"She stalked the squirrel
She leaped
She caught it
She picked it up"
Hello! Welcome to Filtering Shadows!!

This server is full of friendly people who like to role play!
There are four clans,
Sun Shown Clan
Filtering Shadows Clan
Flooding Rains Clan
Flashing Lights Clan

Each live in their own way and have harmony. But will that harmony be maintained or crushed? Join to start your own life as a cat!!

We look forward to seeming you the best warrior you can be.

•Friendly staff
•Many places to travel to
Welcome to Hyper Dating Server, home of the Hyper Dating Burger. This server will be filled with epic NON COMPOS MENTIS gamers. Find your soulmate 😳😳 or find an epic gaming partner.
Welcome To 【◈❄️Frozen Forest❄️◈】

We are a group of wild and active people just looking for a good time.
Our Server is a Fun Chat/Hangout for people just looking for Fun and New Friends we Accept everyone we are a kind community. We do roleplaying and we hope you have fun here! We hope you are comfortable in this environment. We really hope you will feel at home in our server! Some of the things we have are:
🌨️A variety of Bots
❄️An Amazing Staff Team
🌨️Have a Wild Community
❄️and So much More
Server Owner:@【❄Aurora❄】#8983
Pings: @/everyone @/here (optional)
The Unofficial Wild Beyond server is here! Welcome!

This server is based off of the mobile game Wild Beyond, where you can collect, place, and level up units, get characters of three types : Ascension, Rogue, and Legion, and use the units of their type with them!

Join along!
We're a chill ass server waiting for it to blow up. We do all type of crazy shit such as packing and other stuff. Slide thru n we hope you have a great time
Home of Misfits is exactly what it sounds like, come chill, be whoever you feel like being and add yourself to the pot of nonsense.
(RP)A magical forest that is endless once you enter. First few people can get special ranks. Join for more info
This is an everything manga/anime rp server. I am hoping to get some more people to join and have some fun. I plan on expanding and I am also looking for more people to help me run the server as more people join.
Hello there everyone as a representative of Devil Kitty Games I'd love to announce that we have just released our first game called "Wild Ride " speaking of the game wild ride is a battle royale type of game except one thing you as a player are in a car ! And drive around finding weapons or ammunition; our current version of the game which is pre-alpha 0.1 contains various weapons ranging from M4s to machine guns or even rocket launchers! As well as our wonderful loved by all red Lambo! But don't worry there will be more cars in the future ! But what about the maps? You might ask .. well so far we got our beautiful urban map and I'm sure you'll love it ! but wait isn't there Halloween coming soon? There is! And so there is a new Halloween map coming too! What are you waiting for ? Join our discord server here to find out more about the game and become an alpha tester ! See you on the battlefield
-Devil Kitty Games
In this server we have nothing to look at to make sure you will not break the rules. So we have rules and admins and some staff to enforce the servers. You can sigh up to be a staff and you can find that in the discord under #help. We hope to see you there!
Just a litty server you've been needing to join. ♡
A sever for people who like Hunting, Fishing, Guns and other outdoor activities.
Just some fun group of people who have nothing else to do but be with online people. Kind of sounds mean. Oops lol idk what to put here but yeah. Just join and we go like YEEEEAHHH