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Welcome to Cyber Demons ⑅❀*
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Our server focuses on bringing together people with similar interests. We offer a chill, tight, and active community for all those who join. If you are looking for new friends, CyberDemons is the place for you.
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— We Offer:
°Active Chats with friendly staff
°Self-assignable roles
°Leveling Rewards
°Voice Chats and Music
°Memes, memes, and lots of memes
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Join now! Everyone's welcomed!

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A small quiet community growing larger and larger each day. Come join the server and make some new friends, or even come game and chat. Everyone is really friendly and chill. (+18)
Lookin for some retards to chat to? Well join then. Just wanna shit post? That is what we do. This is a teen server just join for whaterver reason. YES we have real gamer girls and they can sell bath water.
II - Gaming Losers - II
We're Trying To Make An Active Discord Server For Online Gamers,
We're A Small Community Wanting To Grow, Join Now And Join In The Fun!
Minecraft Players
CS:GO Players
Phone Players
Nintendo Players
Friendly People/Staff
New Server
Age Range: 10-16
Hello! Were a a new server looking too make new friends... if your anti-social or just lonely come in! looking for staff applications (admin, moderator, co.)
Yo what’s up it’s your boy the owner, basically I was bored and made this server up from scratch so if anyone wants to help make it add roles etc, feel free to join and of you aren’t looking to do that then you can just come and hang out,

We are accepting of Everyone girl boy gay lesbian it doesn’t matter, this is a place where you can just be yourselves so come on don’t be shy and come hang.
hello welcome to our little hellhole
were a small group who have shitty lives and would 'love' to talk to people but can't (obviously).
so yeah come enjoy shit posts memes and anime
This is a small server targeted at young teenagers. I made this because I'm personally very introverted, so I wanted to make new friends, and help others who are going through something similar. Of course, you don't have to be 'Anti-social' to join, This server welcomes everyone. (yay) Anyway, in this server, you will have heaps of fun with people who are within your age group! So join the Anti-Social tweens! <3