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We're A fairly new server! HELP US BUILD OUR SERVER

Welcome To South Side City
Welcome To South Side City

Welcome to the town of South Side City
In SouthSide city new beings have started appearing out of nowhere. Others are simply humans who've been blessed by the Gods with certain Talents and are reffered to as "Gifted Humans." Join us as we create a life for ourselves, and live together, in peace or at war. The choice is yours. As a new comer in town you have free reign Join us in this laid back server where all things are permitted with the exception Auto Hits, and all things are respected. We have a small active community, with flexible Plots, DM friendly Staff, And dark Humor. Come Be A Part of this Family! Roles Created at Request, ERP Friendly, LOVE NEWCOMERS, PRETTY MUCH NOTHING OFF LIMITS!!!! We have asocial media, a gossip column, and much more!**
Hello all and welcome to the city of Floria! Here you can become anyone you want to be, of course its all within reason.

Currently I have a few major events planned for this server as well as Admin and Mod positions open. We have over 20 channels to rp in and many fun bots! Its brand new and you can help shape the very lore of the server! So come join!
Hi ^-^
This server is a non-cannon of How to Train Your Dragon movies.
×Become a dragon or human!
×Make your own oc!
×Create your own island!
×Make your own dragon hybrid!
~Open to anyone ^-^
**Welcome Students to Raven High School!**
You have been accepted to our huge boarding school for Humans, Robots, Cyborgs, Aliens, Anthros/Furries, and Monsters.

We have:
- Nice Teachers
- An Excellent Curriculum
- Great Students
- Always improving

*Please study hard, follow the rules, and listen to the staff!*

Join us today!
A human RP server with a great community, wonderful server staff, and tons of welcoming RPers.
-We have a place where you can submit a sheet for powers, then you can include them in your RP.
-You can also have a pet and/or a mythical pet.
-Great staff
-Self assignable roles
-Make your own emote!
Welcome my inverta brothers and sisters of the blood! To your living nightmares! aggressiveDemotivator here! The Dark Carnival Mirthful church exists in Dark Alternia,

A freak show/ancient Rome/Greece/dia de los muertes/feudal japan meets Victorian England style carnival ground with evil looking trees of a forest each with faces on them. these trees are connected to the owner, do not harm them, surrounding it, hundreds of circus tents and demented satanic carnival rides and games fill the area, in the center is a large big top reaching 200 feet in the air, it is made of stretched and dyed troll flesh, the tent poles are made of troll bones fused together, inside trolls hang from cages on the ceiling and on the ground, blood covers every wall and is splashed across the floor, a pool pit of a preacher sits in front of a giant throne made of polished purple bones with skulls on the ends of the armrests, other smaller thrones line up next to the giant one reserved for the resident GHB. A huge cooking pot sits beside it, big enough to fit 50 trolls. There is a courtroom beyond the throne room, with a lobby and cafe and a large food court and torture chamber behind a locked door.

A trapeze hovers between chains.A faygo fountain rests on the farthest wall as well as a fountain filled with blood. A gladiatorial roman arena sits on the far side, a Colosseum around it. Beside that is a Ludus, living quarters for housing the gladiator slaves. A congregation type seating area surrounds the poolpit, bleachers stands and pew made of troll dyed purple. there is a torture chamber in the courtroom filled with every torture device ever made. there is an area dedicated to ancient japanese arts of war among other things on the left side pf the Ludus. lowbloods and non-strider humans enter at your own risk, mainly a place for subjugs to gather.

Looking for a less religious setting? Wanna practice your own beliefs? Are you a low blood afraid of death? Are you a human player looking to join a live on going session coming soon via the overseer project? Then let us drop some special science on you! Drop by The Dark Alternia rp category for all your non-murder clown rp needs!!

Join us today! Ascend to God Teir and enter the Medium in style!!
Welcome to BlackMoon Academy!
Join if you want to add a student or teacher, and if you want to rp and have fun~
Make sure to read the rules and lore!
You can also join if you just want to watch. There is a watchers role that will be given. Just when you join just go to the ooc talk and @ me or one of the admins if you want to be a watcher! or a Roleplayer!
Thank you and enjoy~
We want to get as many hoomans as possible and try to beat the world record of how many hoomans are in a server (250,002)
Can we beat that? MAYBE :>
Azazel's War

Bot Stuff!
Friendly People!
Looking for: Moderators, Roleplayers, Partners

Once, in Stratosphere, and in the Underworld, there had been peace. The skies above and under Texas had been fine.The Demons ignored the Angels and their peaceful ways, the Angels ignored the Demons and their hateful ways. They kept to their own and did as they wished... Until... The Riots. That day would forever be called Peace Day, to honor the three angels to fell by cause of the Demons. The Demo, specifically their Leader, had been waiting for a day where Fallen Angels rised up for their rights, united in themselves. They took and stole and killed all for the fun of it, and they provoked the Angels. Now, stuck in the coils of war, who is to win? The Humans? The Angels? The Demons? The Fallen Angels? And what side are you even on?
So here's the basic idea I came up with, so since it's established there's multiple realms, it made me think of something I intended to use on a story years ago, the concept of there being an in between, a space completely outside of the other realms yet still intrinsic to their existence being the "dimensional pool" all realms float around in, an uncharted place shrouded in mystery that houses many dangers
JOIN we a cool server inviting everyone just dont be toxic and a pedophile ;)

A futuristic world where dragons and humans live together in a small city secluded from the world in fear of the wild. Humans and dragons holding a grudge against each other for the recent war that had just come to an end. Little people and some of the reptiles wish for equality among both species but need to work their way up.
Meanwhile, outside of the city a great deity of massive power and ancient dragons lurk in the shadows, awaiting the chosen to come to them and bring back the world they used to know before the long and terrible war that devastated both humanity and dragon-kind.

- friendly staff!
- multiple locations to rp in!
- open to all!
Like neko's, kitsunes or dragons. In this server u get to live life as an animal-human or a hybrid.
The Baneful is a open server to any person who loves roleplaying with Wolves, Humans, Dogs and Cats. There's ranks to Pack and Clan leader's up for grabs plus second in command as well and always people to interact with! We are always happy to have anyone to come and have fun with us!
We have 3 different "Races" Demons. Vampires. And Humans. Demons take the forms of weapons that are used by Humans. Vampires have normal weapons but gain a Special Power that aids them in combat. Humans are trained with demons and wield them to fend off the vampires. join us if you want.
This is an Wolf Shifter Rp where your wolf and human form are separate but merged together. Your wolf form speaks to you in your mind and takes control when you shift. Also your human form doesn't have a wolf ears and tail so don't worry. Also, make sure to check out the lore WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT IF U WANT TO UNDERSTAND and rules. Also once you make your wolf and human u can choose what pack they are in react roles channel. Anyway pleas enjoy and have fun here! Thank you and I hope u join this server! ALSO NO FURRIES. YOU MUST HAVE A HUMAN AND WOLF FORM. SEPARATE BEINGS, LIKE A SPLIT PERSONALITY LIKE THING.
Have fun meet new friends and enjoy~
+~ Hell's History ~+
Hell is mainly lead by the Demon Queen, and then the Demon King. The Queen is the "mother" of all the other Demon's, she gave life to them all, including her own King, this meaning that all Demon's are related through the Demon Queen. Demon's can cross over into the human world and seek a mate, or stay in hell and seek a mate, either way works out fine. Demon's or to be more specific, Succubi can take the shape of any being to please their mate(s), in The Human World Demon's would normally take the form of a human, or simply just making them look more human by making their tail, wings, horns and whatever other body feature they might posses that human's don't.

+~ Human's History ~+
Human's live on earth, they are a simple yet complicated race, they are not completely aware of Demon's unless a Demon reveals them self to a human. They are basically your average day human.

+~ Neko's History ~+
Neko's are a race of feline-ish human's, they are pratically humans but with catlike cat ears, whiskers, and sometimes paws or a tail. Neko's also live in the human world along side the humans, they are a common thing for humans in this world so they don't really take anyone by surprise when a human see's them walking along the street. Neko's also make for loyal and caring mates.

You can roleplay, create your own pack and much more! you can be whatever you want so long its a wolf, no god powers and no powers, only shapeshifting or no shapeshifting depends on what you want. :)

we also have human lands, you can hunt on wolves to tame them, kill them (only if the owner of the oc wants it) and much more!
This new RP server is about Vampires, Humans, and The Cross. Which one is evil? Well in truth all of them. But in there own ways. Please join Vampire RP for an enjoyable RP experience with lots of nice staff.
Welcome to Fantasy RP!
We have many things for you such like many roleplay channels, oc maker, musical channels and such members to talk with.
If you have a problem with something, don't be scared to ping me.

You can choose the side, humans or monsters. Humans and monsters live in peace too.

We have:
▶Self assignable roles
▶Nice Staff
▶Fun Bots
▶Rainbow Roles
Years ago, a lethal virus spread across the world, wiping out most of humanity and allowing vampires to enslave the human race. From there, children under the age of 15 are treated as livestock, only being allowed to live for their blood. Despite most believing life outside these vampire cities is all gone, the Japanese Imperial Demon Army — Japan's only hope against the vampires — exists outside, slaying and hoping to put humanity back on the world map.
This server is just a dragon RP based in a city. There are dragons and humans and all that stuff. So, join if you want to.
Welcome to Dragon University, at college we may learn but after classes, explore the city, or hang around in your room in a frat house! Make new friends or be a loner, either way we hope you have a great time! Hope to see ya there!
Welcome to New Exodus! a Roleplaying server about mages attempting to survive humans trying to kill them at every corner! In New Exodus, You can choose from a variety of different types of mages. Each type of mage has its own sets of abilities, allowing the mage to survive being hunted by human "Mage Hunters".
On the opposite end, you can also choose to be a human, or one of the Mage Hunters! The goal of Mage Hunters is to hunt down and kill any mages they find. Warning: Mages, Humans, And Mage Hunters are not allowed to attack eachother in purgatory, a small neutral tavern inside all of the major cities!
If you have any questions, You can ask one of the Advisors or Coven Leaders for information! We'd love to have you!