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You're welcome to come join me. We're a friendly community and we welcome everyone! [We have support] and we're lgbtq+ friendly. You will feel loved here... I promise. This is also a growing server. It would be cool if you could help :) we have other things besides emo shit. Like really, check it out. We're here to help so don't be shy. We have events and active voice channels. This isn't a dating server but you could always find someone you love in here, it has happened before so maybe give it a chance. There are also optional nsfw channels. Come on in! :^)
4 minutes ago
Hi! Pocky Cafe is a friendly discord server for anyone and everyone!
if you'd like to talk with weebs and crazy people join this server uwu
What we have to offer:
-Friendly people
-a lot of weebs
-Self assignable roles
-an art channel where you can post / discuss about art
-offensive memes
-more trash ono

we actually have nothing to do with pocky's or coffee, i just had no idea for a good name lol T-T
42 minutes ago
A server that we hope to be full of people from tons of different fandoms!

Want to show of your art?
Want to express yourself?
Want to roleplay?
Want to be yourself?

A friendly community based around art, roleplay and gaming. Talk to people like yourself, make friends, play games, enjoy yourself.
2 hours ago
This safehouse, built in Japan in 2018, was made to withstand a direct blast from a ICBM. Now that the idiot Trump Donald has destroyed the world, this is one of the last parts of humanity, but this bunker isn't ordanary, this bunker was made to shelter pure otakus and weeaboos from the dangers of Radioactive fallout! So join today, and make the world a better place for weebs!
7 days ago
Small RP server based on any time past, present or future. It's the user's choice hopefully, in the future, this server can grow and become not the best but be successful in its purpose.
Any suggestions just DM me or go to the 'Mayor's Receptionist' text chat. - Mayor Orakami
18 days ago
We are an small server thats continuously trying to grow. We allow anyone, weeb, gay, whatever you are, come and talk to us, we're pretty cool. Just don't go pinging like a tard.

What we have:
- Many channels
- A Welcoming community
- Protection of Lolis
32 days ago
This server is for everyone to enjoy and have fun in :3 Anyone is welcome and join us!
Have fun with all of us heh :p we are still working on it and will have different events coming up during the summer time! Join us and have a good time :3
35 days ago
:sparkles:WELCOME TO GRAND|NATION! :sparkles:

Do you like anime? What about all this...human interaction stuff that you need to do? Well guess what! Forget that last thing I mentioned, this is discord and you don’t need to worry about that stressful “talking” stuff! What you do need to worry about is life joining this here link! Have some fun and just relax!

Now you may ask ur-self..”why would I join just because a random person online asked me to do so?”

Well that’s why we have... *drumroll*

10 reasons why the fidget spinner is... wait wrong one ><


1. ANIME! what else do ya need am I right?

2. @nn0y1n9 p30p13 wh0 wr173 1ik3 7h1s!

3. A nice place to spam, chat and mess around with bots!

4. GAMING ofcourse! Every type of gamer is welcome!


Whatcha waiting for? Oh right.. For me to finish with this description...
35 days ago
Hey Leute,
Ihr sucht korrekte leute und seit weebs?

Dann seit ihr hier komplett richtig ihr könnt über jedes Spiel reden jeden Anime und jede Sache! (ausser Fortnite).

Derzeitig auf unserem Server:
-Leveling u. Music Bot's
-Minecraft Server
37 days ago
Hello! This is my Aesthetic server~

🥀 Gore

✨ Tumblr Aesthetic

🤗 Any other aesthetic

🤬 Swearing

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 People

🗣 Still growing ;;

👍 More things ^0^

👌Join our growing server today!
45 days ago
Welcome to the bar! Here’s some things you may find interesting,
*Active owner
*Looking for some staff members.
*Adult content if you have the certified adult role.
*Teenager chats
*Bots will be joining a lot.
*Events when we reach 20-30 members.
*Waiting room chat
*Self assignable roles.
59 days ago
It's just a place to exist.

-Lots of Otakus but non Otakus are just as welcome here. Feel free to check us out!

-Hentai (Of course..)

-Pretty nice and social people

-Active staff and we never had a downtime yet, so let's keep it that way!

-And last but not least, a chill place. But keep in mind that it's not anime only
64 days ago
This is a discord for all you weebs out here. Joins us and have fun while chatting with members or admins. Get a free role when you joins.
95 days ago
All female owners, single and ready to mingle! Come chill with us. Porn channels, nudes, thots, we have it all!
96 days ago
Come,chill with us! We have Pokemons for you to catch them all, badges, gyms fight, pokemon trades and sales! League players welcomed also!
We're Innocent Dominance,here you will also find people from all around the world!
142 days ago
Ishaans nissans was an inside joke and (for some reason) it was turned into a social discord. Not that much rules, and you can do pretty much anything
144 days ago
Family Friendly Discord server for anime weebs and Gamers please come join us! :D

Gamers | Anime | Family
This is a server that loves anime. Pretty much do anything here. From Rp to the average general chat. BRAND NEW. People who are active are even more welcome and trusted people get mod