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Welocme to Vampire Dating!

We are a 14-18+ Dating server that's trying to get an active group of people!

The rules are pretty simple but here are the important ones.

- No Catfishing
- Respect others
- Keep nsfw stuff in nsfw
- No trolls

There are more rules in the server and make sure to read them! I guess that's it for now, cya in the server! <3
Welcome to bunch o weebs my guys. We’re just a small community for now but we’ll sure get bigger over time. Our main objective is to have a community of people we’re we can talk about upcoming anime, upcoming games, and just to have a fun chat with everyone on the server. Hope you’ll join us and we’ll be sure to give you a warm welcome 💜💜💜
a small server looking for people to join and have fun to talk, game, debate, etc. come join for a good time with chill people, pc players and console, small streamers, and nerds lol
Koi’s Pond is a new server, where you can meet different kinds of people to make friends. Start off as a common goldfish and work your way up to a golden koi fish.

↳ Self-assignable roles
↳ LGBTQ+ friendly community
↳ Tons of bots
↳ A (gay) fun owner
↳ and more!
Hey!! Welcome to HangZone Community!! It is a new server created by [Owner] BoltMicFlash! We allow any kind of person! Brony, Furry, Loli, etc! (No limits! ~~Hopefully~~) We provide every channel you’ll need to talk and such!
-auto-signs roles! (Without mods)
-Raiders not a problem!
-Balanced mods and admins!
—*much more!*
Hope you have a blast! As well, lets see this server grow threw out 2019!!
Join us and find new friends, and just have a Place to Exist and be accepted in. Most of us are weebs so if you're looking for a place to talk about anime and/or manga, then feel free to give this server a try. We're looking forward to you ^^
🤖 BOTS 🤖
▬▀▬▬▀▬▬ ⋘♕⋙ ▬▬▀▬▬▀▬
●The I W C is the home of our beloved Anime news Server and we are up to date
and also a community for anyone that is looking for a fun place to hang out! ●

● Para pecinta anime, otaku, gamers, dan semuanya dipersilakan untuk bergabung ke sini!●
▬▀▬▬▀▬▬ ⋘♕⋙ ▬▬▀▬▬▀▬
▀ Diskusi Seputar Anime

▀ Obrolan yang menyenangkan

▀ Staff yang aktif dan ramah

▀ Ranks system based on how active you are

▀ Special roles for contributors

▀ Berbagai macam Role spesial

▀ Bot bermanfaat

▀ Berita Seputar Manga dan Anime

● Sedang mencari staf yang aktif
You're welcome to come join me. We're a friendly community and we welcome everyone! [We have support] and we're lgbtq+ friendly. You will feel loved here... I promise. This is also a growing server. It would be cool if you could help :) we have other things besides emo shit. Like really, check it out. We're here to help so don't be shy. We have events and active voice channels. This isn't a dating server but you could always find someone you love in here, it has happened before so maybe give it a chance. There are also optional nsfw channels. Come on in! :^)
💛 Welcome to Naruto Fans! A place where you can hang out and talk about your love for Naruto. You can discuss new episodes and who your favorite characters are! This server is a chill place to make friends, voice chat, and just chill in General! We hope you join and enjoy your stay! 💛
Come join us in Brawlhalla weebs, Chill out, have a good time and see if you can find a game in our server. Most people are in the Australia and South East Asia region. If you need help with any weapons or help with mentoring, we can hopefully help you out!
We are a bunch of weebs and game lovers who want to talk to people and help people. Anyone is welcome to join ^u^ .
Looking for friendly ppl that’ll stay active!
This is a new server looking for some epic basement dwellers! What do we do on this server? We play games of course, discuss latest video game releases, play online, and much more! (●´ω`●) enjoy!
Seeking a place to share your thoughts & creations? Creative Thoughts is all about collaborating, sharing, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community.
Join Now!
To describe the community: We got Gamers, Weebs, Bookworms and Movie Junkies
What we offer: 18+ section - Mental health section - self promo section - venting section - pokemon bots - movie suggestions and events - a year long calendar with listed events
Trying to build a community of Anime & Geek related stuff, join and find new people! ^^
We are a happy server and someone that photoshops
Hey everyone!~

so this roleplay server is basically for everyone- introverts and extroverts!

feel free to join and self-assign your own special roles and create your own character! it would mean alot if we could make this server grow, and I would also love to see all of our beautiful faces in there! so what are you waiting for? join the server and become part of the mafia (that's how it works) or be an ultimate weeb! it's all up to you here at...Loanton academy for the everybody!
This is my cozy little Kafe/Kamp, this server has a variety of chats and bots to play with. As well as memes, emoji suggestion, and NSFW channels and a few more
A place for weebs, autists, and degenerates to discuss games, weeb stuff, incel culture, music, and more.
A server for all weebs! We have cute weeby (not a word, I know) roles for all of your needs and many anime chats! Keep in mind, this server is still in progress so bear with us!
This server is a place to talk, send memes, make new friends, or find new twitch streamers to watch/follow. We just chill and talk here mostly. :3
THIS IS A SERVER ABOUT ANIME... we are here to make sure u have fun and have the best experience out there! Have a great time.. and we hope to have you in our server!
we're just a couple of weebs who like to play games and shit